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RUSH: I checked the e-mail during the break, and people say, “What do you mean? You’re talking about the definition of these words.” I’m talking about the definitions that the left corrupts. Environmentalism. What does it mean to you? Environmentalism means “stewardship.” To the average, ordinary person, you throw out the word “environmentalism,” and it means protecting and preserving and being responsible about it. But that’s not what it means to the left.

Environmentalism is… It’s not even code language anymore. Environmentalism means that we are destroying the planet and the climate and therefore we have got to use government to get bigger, to limit people’s freedoms — ’cause it’s people’s freedoms that are doing the destroying. It’s people’s freedoms! They’re buying the wrong cars. They’re using the wrong fuels. They’re irresponsible with their home thermostats. That’s what environmentalism means now.

Environmentalism simply gives the left another excuse to invade your life and grow government to tell you what you can and can’t do. My point here is that every faction of the Democrat Party is a battering ram today. They’re out to destroy the institution of marriage. They want to destroy the notion of borders. They are destroying education. They’re destroying private sector health care. Private property, ditto. They are destroying the Constitution and free markets.

The bottom line here is, folks… This is not even arguable. Statists, big government types, the left, they don’t build anything. They dismantle. They destroy. They tear down. They pillage until nothing is left. Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Detroit! Wherever you go, wherever they are unchecked, you find destruction in the name of emancipation or improvement or enlightenment. Terms like “voter fraud” mean nothing if the Department of Justice will not prosecute it. Voter fraud is something that doesn’t happen.

Voter fraud? We laugh at that. That’s just a bunch of paranoiacs making an accusation. But when voter fraud is rampant, elections have no meaning, either. “Shovel-ready” jobs? What did that mean? It did not mean shovel-ready jobs. Stimulus? What did that mean? Shovel-ready jobs? There weren’t any. Stimulus? Nothing was stimulated. What shovel-ready jobs and stimulus mean is slush fund and crony capitalism. Media, doesn’t mean media anymore. Media means propaganda.

Governing doesn’t mean governing.

Governing means campaigning.

The Jobs Act? Obama’s Jobs Act did not mean jobs. It meant bigger government. It meant another commission. But it didn’t mean jobs. So everything the left does is a battering ram. Everything the Democrat Party does today, they’re battering every institution and tradition that they can see to break it down. Because for whatever reason, they consider themselves out of it. They think they don’t fit in traditions, as they exist. Here’s another example. This is not new. We’ve had this before, but there’s no push-back.

Manassas, Virginia. This is CBS News out of Washington. A waiter or waitress, “server,” male or female. (I’m not sure which. It doesn’t say.) A waiter or waitress, a “server” at a restaurant called Buffalo Wild Wings… Have you ever been to one of those? It’s a chain. “A server at Buffalo Wild Wings refused to serve Prince William County police officers because they had their guns displayed. The Manassas Park Patch,” which I guess is a local newspaper, “reports that the employee wouldnÂ’t serve them despite the plain-clothes officers showing him,” I guess it was him, “their badges.

“The server reportedly told the officers that it was a gun-free establishment.” I can just hear this. This guy is out of the New Castrati, and he’s part and parcel of the culture. This is the kind of behavior that the left and the media cause with all of these never-ending frenzies and crises. It’s how you can get a kid thrown out of school for a Pop Tart shaped like a gun! You have an accident that occurs. It is assumed that it will happen everywhere now because the country’s flawed.

You know, you take Columbine or you take Sandy Hook, and you assume that that’s the natural. That’s the natural state of affairs in the country because of the Second Amendment, which is another thing that is being battering-rammed right now, in addition to our borders. So you’ve got this little New Castrati guy out there who’s probably looking at his tweets and he’s watching television or whatever and he’s hearing all of this, the danger posed by gun-shaped Pop Tarts and whatever.

So these two cops, plain-clothes cops come in with weapons. (New Castrati impression) “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! but, uh, uh, this establishment does not serve people with weapons. No, we just don’t do it,” and in fact, there was no such policy. “This is a gun-free establishment, and we are not going to serve you!” CBS: “Scott Lupton, general manager of the Manassas Buffalo Wild Wings, apologized for what happened. ‘There is no reason why those officers should have been asked to leave…”

It wasn’t that they were refused to be served. This little server kicked them out of the restaurant! Am I the only one…? I read this and this sent me to the moon. This ticked me off so much, ’cause I can just see it. I can just see this little New Castrati guy in there who has been influenced by all of this panic and crisis and frenzy about guns. Here come a couple off-duty cops, the gun’s visible, they show the badge, and the waiter says, “This is a weapons-free establishment, officers. We don’t allow ’em in here and you must leave.”

The cops, not wanting to cause any trouble, left. The cops didn’t even push back. So the general manager apologized. He said, “‘There is no reason why those officers should have been asked to leave Â… police officers are always welcome in my establishment and even though we do have a no gun policy, as a company that excludes off duty police officer. ‘As a company we are community oriented. We appreciate everything that police officers do for us.’ Darryl LaClair, who witnessed the incident, said this never should have happened.

“‘For this to have happened at all is just absurd.'” No, it’s not absurd. It’s standard operating procedure! This is exactly what you get. Now, we’ve had stuff like this before in the 1960s. You know, when the leftist crowd hated the cops, “the pigs.” We’ve had stuff like this before. What’s different now, in my view, is that there’s no effective political opposition. There is no push-back. The rejection of the Constitution is in full force, and there’s no push-back. So there aren’t any real principled alternatives.

So without principles and push-back and a firm and stable legal construct, we have the unraveling of the country, where some little New Castrati “server” can take it upon himself to kick a couple of off duty cops out of a restaurant — and feel righteous, by the way, and probably go to Twitter or Facebook or wherever he goes and tell the story. He’s a hero. It’s just another in a long line of never-ending assaults on decency, goodness, institutions and traditions which are for the protection of everybody.

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