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RUSH: Last week on this program a young man of 13 years old called. A young boy called from Wilmington, Indiana. He was a very, very bright, articulate guy who called here to tell me that he finally had proven to himself that global warming was a hoax. He’d gone to his local library. He’d researched it and he had found it, and he told me why he thought the left and liberals don’t recognize it as a hoax is because they don’t want to. So I offered the young man an iPad. I said, “Somebody like you could really put one of these to use. You can search anything in the world right from it.

“You don’t have to go to your library. It’s portable, it’s light, you carry it with you.” That incident — that phone call, and the fact that I gave this young man the iPad — you would not believe how on fire that story is out there on the Web and has been all weekend. I didn’t know it, until people started sending me all the different links to various blogs and websites. They were all outraged, and they were all really worried about this kid and how they were gonna get hold of him and get his mind right.

It was, “How in the world has this happened?” and how unfortunate it was that this kid listened to me, and who were his parents, and how did they lose control? To which I could say, “Hey, he’s just a product of community education. I’m just pretending the kid’s mine. He listens to me every day, and he’s following my instruction. Deal with it.” (interruption) He was articulate. Well, here’s the thing. Over the course of the years of this program, there have been occasions where something seemingly innocuous to me happens on the program, and I learn later that it’s caused a bonfire out there.

Now, one such thing used to be whenever education came up as a subject. All it took was one comment from me, or one phone call, and that was it. The rest of the show would be nothing but calls on education and what was wrong with it. It just blew up. There was something like this that happened within the last three months, and I can’t remember what it was. But it was just innocuous, not… (interruption) Well, that was a big one, too, but I’m not thinking of the apologizing. Oh, that did light up, too. That is a good example.

I had this story that I delayed for three days (and I finally got to it on Friday) that said apologizing shows weakness. You should never do it. Never, ever apologize. People that don’t apologize are happier. That caused our phone lines and my e-mail to blow up. To me it was a rather innocuous, entertaining, humorous little thing. There were a couple of other examples like that the past three months. I can’t remember them, but they do happen, and they surprise me.

This little incident with the 13-year-old boy and the iPad and global warming has caused the equivalent of a panic out there. I could choose from any one of 15 or 20 blogs and Web links. They’re people you’ve never heard of, but they’re all over Twitter. It’s out there if you look. See, I don’t follow myself on the Internet. I don’t have any Google News alerts or whatever they are to keyword search me. But there are people who do, and that’s how they found out about this stuff. (interruption)

That’s exactly right. “They don’t want even one kid to escape their clutches.” The fact that this 13-year-old doesn’t believe that manmade global warming is happening, that is Panic City for them, and they’ve got to find out how it happened and get to the bottom of it. If they can, they’ve gotta get to this kid and change his mind. I’m just gonna give you one example here. I’m not even gonna mention the website, because I don’t want you going there. I don’t want this place benefiting from a mention. I don’t want it getting a bunch of hits. I’m just gonna read it. It’s a woman.

“Despite the majority of scientists agreeing that global warming is occurring and is largely man-made, conservatives are now using a 13-year-oldÂ’s library research to validate their opinion that climate change is a hoax. Alex, from Wilmington Indiana, received temporary fame on Fox News on Thursday, when they reported about the 13-year-old Rush Limbaugh caller who ‘schools liberals’ on global warming. Limbaugh offered to send him an iPad to aid him in continuing his important research. The child called the Rush show to discuss a recent debate heÂ’d had about global warming. He spoke like an indoctrinated pro, telling Rush how easy it was for him to visit the local library and find evidence against climate change:

And they quote the kid. “‘I just wanted to say, at 13 years of age, I have done a speech on this, and it was really easy for me to find this evidence, really easy; and I believe the reason that the liberals do not have the evidence is because they do not want the evidence. They donÂ’t wanna hear that it is wrong.’

“He went on to speak about his trip to the ‘health food store’ the other day where he overheard a conversation between two liberals who were confused as to why it could be so cold outside if global warming is occurring, demonstrating, by his belief that the meaning of climate change is increased temperatures, that he has grown up on a healthy diet of conservative misinformation, prejudice, and denial.

“Of course, Rush ate it up, gushing that it was ‘heartening’ to know that evidence against climate change could be found in a public library, and praising the boy, who, when asked what caused him to doubt people who believe in climate change, stated heÂ’s heard lots of evidence on the radio that global warming is a hoax. ‘Over the radio, we listen to different thingsÂ… ThereÂ’s so much evidence that global warming is not man-made,’ he said. It’s disturbing to be reminded that there are people who would strive to prevent a child from learning facts and formulating his own opinions. Hopefully when Alex receives his iPad, he will be able to expand his range of research beyond the backwards ideology heÂ’s been force-fed, and maybe even view an internet article that was not hand-picked and vetted by his mother.”

That’s just one. So, you see, this is a woman who would be totally comfortable with snatching this kid away from his parents, until his parents did the right thing and educated him the right way. His parents are guilty, I’m guilty, and of course this woman’s an absolute idiot. Nobody is making up that global warming is a hoax. It is a hoax. It has been admitted to and discovered by virtue of examination of e-mails between the so-called scientists who end up being the hoaxers. It’s not even arguable, and yet we have these wizards of smart out here on the left. These sanctimonious, smarter-than-everybody else in the room idiots who think they know it all.

They live in a closed mind — oh, yeah, the polar bears, yeah, they see a picture of a polar bear on a three foot square piece of ice and think the climate is warming and glaciers are melting. Talk about people that are force-fed propaganda and don’t question it, it’s these people. Anyway, the point is, they are not comfortable with an alternative point of view. They don’t know how to deal with it, and rather than engage this kid, they want to try to find a way to either discredit the people he believes in or the articles that he believes, or, short of that, they want to get hold of him and browbeat him into forgetting what he thinks he knows.

If you want to see all this, you know, our man in Washington, from my TV show, Marc Morano has a website called Climate Depot. The left hates it. They literally despise it. And what Marc does is simply collect every bit of data that is available all over the world via the World Wide Web, and he links to it, and one of the latest links, ClimateDepot.com, UK Telegraph, headline: “Global Warming: Time to Rein Back on Doom and Gloom? Global temperature lull raises the possibility that carbon dioxide may be less potent than has been thought in heating the planet.”

Now, this has only been out there for ten years. The warmers themselves are starting to question it, but the true believers — the Cossacks, the people that are 10% as smart as they think they are — are out there totally unaware of the latest developments. They don’t expose themselves to anything counter to what they believe. They’re not interested in intellectual inquiry. Global warming is simply the latest bean sprout of their political ideology, and, as such, it’s undeniable. There can’t be any alternative.

So whenever they hear anybody exposed to an alternative in a pervasive way, they panic. But there were 20, at least, links, and by the way, I’m not gonna link ’em. I’m not gonna post ’em, ’cause I don’t want these places getting hits. I don’t want you all going there and shutting down their servers. I really don’t. I don’t want to give ’em that kind of attention. I don’t want give ’em that satisfaction of having all that traffic. I don’t know. I guess it’s just the closed-minded stupidity coupled with the sanctimony of these young useful idiots that I admit sometimes just gets to me, folks.


RUSH: Yeah, something else that blew up out there is when I said that the country was dying. That blew up right along with the 13-year-old iPad comment. They’re upset with me because I was exploiting a 13-year-old, and yet these are the people that drag out their own four- and five-year-old kids to speak in favor of same-sex marriage, and they do it on television, but I was exploiting. What else did I say? I felt ashamed of my country. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I felt ashamed of my country for the first time. That blew up out there, too. I mean, these things are blowing up big time. I mean in the deep, dark inner confines of the beast, in the intestinal area is where this stuff is blowing up, not on the surface. And it’s causing these people gastric distress.


RUSH: This is Joseph in Flint, Michigan. Hi, Joseph. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Great to be with you. I’m 19 years old, I go to the University of Michigan, and I think you hit it exactly on the head when you were talking about education. Except I don’t really call it “education.” I call it “indoctrination.” For example, I’m a nursing major, and I only need two classes to further my education. The rest is just indoctrination.

RUSH: Like what?

CALLER: Like, for instance, we learn that we were at the crossroads of equality and liberty and that we must accept equality over liberty.

RUSH: Wait. Tthat is applicable to nursing how, Joseph?

CALLER: It’s not.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: That’s my point.

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

CALLER: It’s ridiculous. These kids, they eat it up. They think they’re being rebels. They think they’re being revolutionaries. If you want to talk to a real rebel on a college campus, you talk to a pro-life Christian or conservative, and that’s just my stance on it. But I think our indoctrination system has just gotten out of hand.

RUSH: It has. That’s exactly right as to what’s going on. But it’s that indoctrination that sets people up for accepting such things as gun control legislation, because it’s being offered by caring, compassionate people — and then that sets up limiting your IRA. Nobody needs that much money! President Obama said that nobody needs more than $205,000 a year in retirement. You don’t need any more than that! So an IRA with anything more than $3 million in it, he wants to confiscate via taxation.

Because he says nobody needs more than $205,000 a year in retirement. Who is he to determine that? Who is anybody to determine what anybody else needs? In a free society, that judgment is not permitted. That judgment’s laughed out of existence in a free society. It’s not even given partial consideration. But today, people hear that, and say, “Yeah, yeah! I don’t need any more than that. Nobody needs any more than that.” Of course, Obama couldn’t survive one day on $205,000. Not the way he’s living!

He couldn’t survive one day, much less a whole year, on $205,000 in retirement. But Barack Obama, with no practical experience in anything — who has no idea the difference between automatic, semiautomatic, machine gun, magazine, clip. He nor anybody else in Washington, for that matter, in elective office has the slightest idea what they’re talking about. Same thing with health care. Same thing with running businesses of any kind. But they’re the ones in charge. They’re the ones that know better how to fix health care.

They’re the ones who know how to manage guns. They’re the ones that know how to manage food. And who are they? Nothing but a bunch of power-mad Democrats with no practical experience running anything. The thing that they do run is out of control in debt: The government. The thing that they do run is a massive bureaucracy that is impossible to navigate. The thing that they do run is run so badly, you wouldn’t hire them to do anything in your business. Certainly not run it.

But they are more qualified to run the oil business. They are more qualified to run hospitals, insurance companies. They’re more qualified to run gun manufacturing companies, food-processing plants. They’re more qualified to run schools than anybody else. I mean, the sheer audacity of these people, coupled with their sanctimony. I mean, if they had succeeded at any of this, that would be another thing. But they haven’t. They are glaring failures at everything they undertake.

Well, Obama does have expertise at upsetting people. He is an expert agitator. He does know how to divide people. He does know how to pit groups of people against each other. He is an expert at that. He is a pretty good expert at getting people to willingly give up their freedom. I have to give him that credit. But he’s also very, very good at seeing to it that none of what he does ever attaches to him.

Again, there’s a New York Times story today (I gotta mention this again), talking about “the fine line” he has to walk now with Congress back in town. That’s right, folks! Obama’s got a very fine line to walk. What they mean is, he’s got a find a way to avoid the blame for all that’s gonna go wrong when it comes to deficit reduction, gun safety, and amnesty. He’s also gotta walk a very fine line in seeing to it that whatever does happen doesn’t have his fingerprints on it (i.e., the Limbaugh Theorem).

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