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RUSH: Following the announcement of the death of Margaret Thatcher, tens of thousands of purely depraved people took to the streets in various enclaves and cities of the United Kingdom to celebrate her death.

UK Daily Mail: “Dancing On Maggie’s Grave: How The Left ‘Celebrated’ Baroness Thatcher’s Death With Smashed Shops And Anarchy In The Streets. Two women arrested for burglary after being found inside a shop. Barnardos shop front smashed in Brixton, south London. One policeman seriously injured after being pelted with bottles in Bristol.

“Hundreds took to the streets as macabre ‘Thatcher death partiesÂ’ were held late across the country last night, organised by critics of the ‘Iron Lady.’ In Bristol, seven police officers were injured – one seriously – as violence erupted at a street party of 200 people and officers were pelted with bottles, cans and rubbish.” They had to send out the riot cops.

Now, folks, Margaret Thatcher saved that country. Margaret Thatcher, I’m gonna give you a little historical perspective. Margaret Thatcher took over the leadership of Great Britain at a time when that country was in almost an identical situation as we are in this country today. Liberalism seemed to be empowered forever. There wasn’t any opposition leadership to speak of. There were no efforts to curtail the Labor Party and its march. The economy of Great Britain stunk. The unemployment rate was sky-high. Tax rates were sky-high. It was an absolute disaster. She took over that country and she reversed it and she turned it into an actual competing top-five worldwide power, economically.

Now, in the process, one of the things that she did was to bust a bunch of unions. And that provides, I think, the ammo, if you will, for these… what kind of meaningless life must you have — I mean, Margaret Thatcher hasn’t been in office over 20 years. Margaret Thatcher hasn’t been a factor in anything in 20 years. If Margaret Thatcher ruined these worthless, endless parade of human debris’ lives, then why haven’t they improved in the last 20 years? Why haven’t these people’s lives gotten better in the last 20 years since she’s gone? You would think that if she’s the reason their lives are so miserable (she hasn’t been in power for 20 years) sometime in this 20 years their lives would have improved.

But no. They continue to be miserable, unhappy, mired in disappointment and squalor and whatever else dominates their daily existence. So she dies, and they take to the streets to celebrate this with all kinds of parties. Must have a lot of free time. Must not have very many responsibilities. They must not matter much, in Great Britain, if all these people can go on this kind of a so-called celebration, blaming her, blaming her for whatever misery their pathetic lives have become. I mean, you would think if you look at the videotape and read the account of these “death celebrations,” why, you would think some dictator had just been dispatched. You would think that somebody who came in and seized power and put people in prison had just died.

But it’s just the opposite. A great liberator. A woman who literally saved Great Britain from the abyss. She turned that country around and made it a world power once again. They celebrate her passing? And if it hadn’t been for Meryl Streep they’d hate her even more. Meryl Streep bought her some good vibes, you see, people like Meryl Streep. Meryl Streep portrayed Lady Thatcher in a movie that was an abomination, but still, it was a good portrayal, and so people said, “Ah, she couldn’t have been too bad. Meryl Streep didn’t mind being her for two hours on screen, so she couldn’t have been that bad.”


You laugh? That’s how they look at it. Well, Thatcher couldn’t have been that bad if Meryl Streep agreed to be her for two hours, but nevertheless. We’re looking at people celebrating her death, their lives utterly meaningless, in ruins. They’re blaming her. She hasn’t been around in 20 years. So long after she’s gone, these people… can you fathom the kind of hate people like that must be harboring? Can you understand that? Can you imagine the hate that these people have to be holding onto, that has to be festering, effervescing, coursing through their veins and arteries and limited brain cells? Her death gives these people a reason to celebrate. My gosh. How ultra-miserable. Who’s been running that country for the last 20 years? Why in the world is there such misery? Hasn’t the Labor Party been running this country for the most part, for the last ten, anyway?

They accused her of creating “grand, international larceny for the rich.” The greatest case of international larceny in history, far harsher than even Ronaldus Magnus’ economic policies. They say that Thatcher destroyed whole industries in places like Wales and Scotland, just to be rid of the unions supported by those industries. She destroyed whole industries in places like Wales and Scotland. Got rid of the unions. All she did was save the British economy. But this, folks, is an illustration right there for everybody to see.

This is what happens with a brainwashed young population, which we’re dealing with in this country. The same kind of brainwashing, same kind of poisoning of the mind has taken place. Everything seems 180 degrees out of place. But I just want to reiterate: She took over Great Britain at a time when that country was in a similar circumstance to what the United States is in today, and members of her own party didn’t think she had a chance at winning. She told them when she was running — and she was dead serious.

They asked, “What are you gonna do when you lose?” “I’m not gonna lose,” she said. “I’m gonna win.” “What are you gonna do when you win?” As though it was irrelevant. She spelled out what she was gonna do, and then she went and did it. The point is she had people in her own party not thinking it was possible, people in her own party thinking it was a pipe dream, people in her own party thinking that it could not have been done, and there was no reason to try.

They’re the same kind of people then as exist now. Do not do anything to make the media mad. You know, don’t do anything on Monday that’s gonna make the media hate you on Tuesday. Don’t do anything on Tuesday that’s gonna make the media hate you on Wednesday. The same kind of people that she was dealing with in the Conservative Party in the UK exist in places here. She didn’t care, and she revived that country.


RUSH: Can you imagine what woulda happened if a bunch of people had taken to the streets in this country to celebrate the death of Ted Kennedy? If they had engaged in violent civil disobedience and started throwing death parties, can you imagine the reaction?

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