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RUSH: Business Insider has a story: “Outraged Liberals Say Obama Is About To Screw Over The Very People Who Got Him Elected.” I’m gonna give you a pull quote from this: “‘It’s really a slap in the face to Democrats who knock on doors and volunteer for campaigns,’ DFA spokesman Neil Sroka told Business Insider. ‘It hits at the very foundation of what it means to be a Democrat, and you’re going to see primary challenges emerge. Any Democrat who votes to cut Social Security and Medicare is not a progressive Democrat, and they should be prepared to feel the ire of the progressive base.'”

“Liberals descended on Pennsylvania Avenue Tuesday to protest President Barack Obama’s decision to include entitlement cuts in his upcoming budget, delivering 2 million petitions demanding the White House back off its support for the chained CPI. As [Business Insider] reported this weekend, liberals have been seething over the inclusion of the chained CPI in Obama’s budget, which they see as a huge betrayal by the Democratic president.” Linking things to inflation is how Obama’s justifying his cuts, and they don’t like that chain, that link.

“This week, progressive groups, including MoveOn.org, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Democracy for America, have mounted ’emergency’ online campaigns against the proposal, accusing Obama of turning on the very supporters who helped re-elect him to office. MoveOn.org, PCCC, and Democracy for America are also threatening Democratic lawmakers against supporting entitlement cuts. Politico reports today that the three groups have sent ‘strongly worded letters’ to Democrats in Congress warning that they could face a primary challenge from the left if they back Obama’s proposals.”

Now, I don’t know if this qualifies, but remember what I said to frustrated callers who wanted to know, “Rush, we’ve tried everything! We’ve tried every television show, every radio show. We have knocked them out of the park logically. We have won the debate on every issue, and yet low-information people still don’t get it. What can we do? Besides take over Hollywood and the music business and the book business and the TV business, what can we do, Rush?”

I said, “It’s gonna take an event that we don’t cause, that just happens,” and I joked. I said, “Something like Obama dissing Timberlake’s latest CD or something to really tick ’em off.” Well, I don’t know that this is it, but this is the first time in five years that activist liberal groups have been publicly livid with Obama and threatening him. These groups are publicly livid with Democrats and threatening them, and you’ll notice something else. I must put this within the context of the Limbaugh Theorem. Remember what that is.

Obama is not seen as governing. Obama is not seen as having any responsibility for what is happening to the economy, to the military, to the banking business, the culture. Whatever is happening in the country, he’s seen as still trying to fix it. He’s seen as still fighting what’s going wrong. He’s seen as still campaigning against all this bad stuff and trying to stop it and reverse it. Now he submits a budget with entitlement cuts. They see his fingerprints on Social Security and Medicare cuts, and they are livid. And it’s real.

Now, he could put ’em to bed very quickly with a personal appearance. I don’t think this is a tipping-point event, but it is the first time. As an isolated event, it’s not gonna matter. But if it is part of an ongoing series of events, such as more and more Democrats admitting that Obamacare is impossible, Jay Rockefeller is the latest, that’s coming up in a minute.

Business Insider: “It is not clear if liberals have the resources or political will to back up these threats,” that they’re making against Democrats who might vote for entitlement cuts or Obama. But they are still livid, and they are angry, and they’re being public about it. The Business Insider piece has three pictures of individuals upset with Obama. And one of them here is just classic. It’s a woman practically in tears standing up against a red wall in her house with pictures that you can’t identify, and she’s holding up a — I mean, this woman is probably about 50, 55. She could be 90, hell, I don’t know, brunette, glasses, eyes are pained in a crown, lips are pursed. She’s really in pain here, I mean, really, really suffering. And her little sign says, “President Obama, I supported you, and now you should support me. No cuts to Medicare and Social Security,” and puts her name on it here. I’m not gonna mention her name.

Then there’s another guy standing by his car in his affluent suburban neighborhood. The picture was taken recently because there aren’t any leaves on the trees, wearing a white T-shirt and a blue lanyard around his neck like it was a press pass to get into a convention. “I worked for your campaign because I support Social Security. No cuts.” And he’s got a “Virginia for Obama” sign on the windshield of his car. And he’s mad.

The third picture is some smarmy looking female in a hoodie, the hoodie’s down, gray hair, parted on the right, kind of a butch haircut. She’s got a very sanctimonious look on her face, “I supported you because I support Social Security. I flew to Nevada to knock on doors in Spanish for you, and you won. No cuts.” She’s from Berkeley, California.

So the outrage in Obamaville is real and they’re angry. The interesting thing to me is the reason why. Obama’s fingerprints are on this. These are not Republican budget cuts. These are not Republican cuts in Social Security. And what these people don’t understand is what Obama’s doing. Obama’s trying to rope Republicans in with meager little, practically nonexistent cuts to get them to totally cave on their principles, but they don’t see that. These are people that are totally, totally dependent on government. They’ve got nothing else. A dime cut anywhere threatens their daily life. So they don’t care about the subtleties of what Obama may be trying to accomplish here politically. All they see is he’s offered cuts to these entitlements, and they are not happy.


RUSH: By the way, folks, it’s not just the threatened Social Security cuts that has all these Obama die-hard groups upset. This charm offensive that was reported that Obama was engaging in, reaching out to the Republicans. That ticked them off like you can’t believe. Totally out of character. The Limbaugh Theorem again, Obama is not attached to anything going wrong. Obama is only attached to good things. And the good things could be just the desire that things get better, Obama has that, he’s trying to fix things.

Now Obama, as far as they are concerned, has attached himself to Medicare cuts and Social Security cuts, and he’s out making nice with the Republicans. And do not doubt me when I tell you how literally ticked off they are, these trolls that make up the extreme Obama voter base. They’re out there trolling all these websites, and they’re plastering comments all over Twitter, and they’re everywhere. They are in the tenements. They’re at Berkeley, they’re on campus. Every place this country where nobody’s working is where are they are. That’s who they are. Everywhere nobody’s working. That’s who these people are. And they are livid.

Now, the thing about this is, it’s all theater. There aren’t any real cuts. This linkage to the Consumer Price Index inflation, there isn’t any inflation. There aren’t any real cuts here. The stories like the one in Business Insider, they’re really crying crocodile tears. There aren’t any real cuts to Social Security. Cost-of-living adjustments under Obama have been nothing. And this cut’s gonna be nothing comparatively. This is Obama once again in a PR blitz. He knows where the majority of the country is on this. He knows that people like us want entitlement cuts. He knows that Republicans want it. So this is all part of a spin game.

Obama’s not gonna cut Social Security. Now, he did cut Medicare in Obamacare, he did do that, but that didn’t stick. At the time it happened, we couldn’t make any Democrat voter believe it. In order to keep Obamacare’s magical, mythical price tag under a trillion dollars, there was a $712 billion cut in Medicare, and it was real. They pretended they were spending it someplace else, which they weren’t. They double counted it in a budget move, but back then we couldn’t make it stick because Obamacare was gonna happen and it was great.

But now it’s sticking, when there aren’t any real cuts. They don’t understand what he’s doing. They can’t afford to understand. These are, again, people whose entire existence depends on a check or a debit card or some form of assistance from Washington. Pure and simple. And now when they hear about Obamacare blowing up, that’s going to be another.

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