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RUSH: Last night on the syndicated TV program TMZ, we have a portion of the executive producer Harvey Levin, he’s a good guy. Harvey Levin and his staff talking about Jay-Z and his open letter rap tune about his trip to Cuba and Obama.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE STAFF 1: So basically Jay-Z rapped about his recent trip to Cuba.

LEVIN: He’s saying Obama did something shady that got him to Cuba. This is not a good thing for Obama.


LEVIN: But here’s the problem.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE STAFF 1: Harvey, Jay-Z has a song where he says, “Welcome to Havana, Smoking Cubanos with Castro in Cabanas.” Do you think that Jay-Z has ever smoked a cigar with Fidel Castro in a cabana?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE STAFF 2: I wonder if he also had 99 problems.” (laughter)

ANNOUNCER: Yeah, but a bitch ain’t one. Seriously, look at her. Still, whether there’s some truth to all this or it’s just some lyric, it’s press the White House don’t want.

RUSH: Do you realize what you’re hearing here? You are hearing on TMZ, a McLaughlin Group style discussion of whether or not Jay-Z told the truth in his rap tune about having cigars with Castro. Castro doesn’t smoke cigars anymore, at least not in public. He gave it all up publicly. They’re debating the impact on Obama here, and it isn’t good. I mean, this is no different than the Fox All Stars every night at six o’clock on Special Report with Bret Baier, except it’s TMZ and a serious — for the low-information audience — discussion of the impact of Mr. Z’s latest rap tune on Obama. And they weren’t through. They kept talking about it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE STAFF 1: If you’re Jay-Z you have to think about it. You can’t be like, “Oh, let me start running my mouth and saying something about Obama getting impeached.”

LEVIN: Because everybody knows they’re close.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE STAFF 1: He constantly brags about his relationship with the president, though.

LEVIN: So why would he do this to screw up the president, because everybody is talking about this now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE STAFF 3: Because he’s talking down to the media crazies who are going so wild about this. He is condescending to us.

RUSH: It’s great. It’s a wild moment there. They’re all assuming that this is not good for The One. By the way, the UK Daily Mail — I’ve got it here in the Stack — official research shows that the vast majority of young people are much more concerned with nukes out of North Korea than they are with Jay-Z. I kid you not.

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