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RUSH: “Who’s Bill Ayers?” It’s a good question. People may not know who Bill Ayers is. Bill Ayers is a resident of Chicago. Bill Ayers is widely thought to have introduced Barack Obama to the powers that be in Chicago that enabled his political career to begin. Such introductions, parties, took place at Bill Ayers’ house, which was in Obama’s neighborhood.

I think Ayers and his wife babysat the Obama crumb crunchers. Bill Ayers’ one-time girlfriend, Diana Oughton, “and one other member in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion, while constructing anti-personnel bombs intended for a non-commissioned officer dance at Fort Dix, New Jersey.” “[I]n 1969, Ayers participated in planting a bomb at a statue dedicated to police casualties in the 1886 Haymarket affair,” dedicated to police casualties. Bill Ayers in 1969 was part of the sixties generation that hated the cops, called ’em pigs.

Bill Ayers celebrated, memorialized efforts to kill cops and actually planted a bomb at a statue dedicated to police casualties. “[T]he blast broke almost 100 windows and blew pieces of the statue onto the nearby Kennedy Expressway.” “Ayers participated in the bombings of New York City Police Department headquarters in 1970, the United States Capitol building in 1971, and the Pentagon in 1972…” “Some media reports and political critics have suggested that Ayers, Dohrn or the Weathermen were connected to the fatal 1970 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing …”

So that’s why I say Bill Ayers got his start this way. Bill Ayers now is a leading figure in American education, textbook design, creation, authorship. Bill Ayers. In fact, I have a story in the Stack today about Ayers saying America’s days are over — and that’s good! My only point is that it’s yesterday’s terrorists who are today’s heroes to the left — and got their start exactly this way, exactly this way as happened in Boston on Monday.


RUSH: Well, the quest continues to find out just what happened in Boston at the marathon, who did it — and, of course, the ever-present, “Why did they do it?” Now, I mentioned earlier in the program in the first hour that this is how Bill Ayers got his start. This is how Bernardine Dohrn got her start. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn are now accredited educators in America. They occupy lofty positions at universities, think tanks, and so forth. Bill Ayers blew up the Pentagon and police departments in New York City.

Kathy Boudin (I’m not sure how she pronounces it) is a professor at Columbia University. She’s a terrorist who has killed a person. I’m not kidding. She’s a faculty member at Columbia, an adjunct professor or some such thing. So whoever did this might someday be teaching your kids on a major American University College campus. I have a story here. “Bill Ayers to University Students: America’s ‘Game Is Over’ and ‘Another World’ Is Coming —

“Bill Ayers spoke at the University of Oregon last week on the subject of teaching and organizing for ‘social justice.’ His speech was not free of the radical sentiments he is well-known for espousing (especially in the company of America’s youth). Case in point: He spoke of the end of America, a new world, and what our role ought to be in all of it. Almost as interesting as Ayers’ speech itself, perhaps, was how the leftist radical was introduced by the university students.

“One girl, who described herself as a doctoral student at the university, spoke of the privilege they would have with their honored guest, in an ‘evening [of] radical imagination.’ Two others, an associate professor at the university and a graduate student, remarked: ‘Most of us have in one way or another acknowledged the sovereign authority of the US government — or the state of Oregon — in order to be here tonight, either admission to the university, applying for a job, or just paying the parking meter.

“‘We have not, however, asked permission of the (Native Americans) whose ancestral home this is, and to fail to acknowledge that this remains disputed territory would in effect be taking sides, (and) reinforce the erasure of indigenous history and indigenous peoples.'” Do you want me to read this to you again? This is an associate professor at the university and a graduate student talking about the privilege of having a terrorist — Bill Ayers, who got his start doing what happened in Boston on Monday — speak to them.

“Most of us have in one way or another acknowledged the sovereign authority of the US government — or the state of Oregon — in order to be here tonight, either admission to the university, applying for a job, or just paying the parking meter. We have not, however, asked permission of the (Native Americans) whose ancestral home this is,” meaning the land the university is on, “and to fail to acknowledge that this remains disputed territory would in effect be taking sides, (and) reinforce the erasure of indigenous history and indigenous peoples.”

So these people are sitting there fretting and wringing their hands that, while they’re at the University of Oregon and in the company of Bill Ayers, they’re also occupying land that isn’t theirs. It’s the Native Americans’ land, and it was taken away from them, and they feel guilty about it because they are there. They have therefore erased indigenous history and erased indigenous peoples, and they’re feeling guilty over the fact that they’re at the University of Oregon in the state of Oregon.

Because it wouldn’t be there had the Indians not been dispatched. “When Ayers spoke, it was largely of how the ‘American Empire’ is over, and what this means for her citizens (though there was a fair amount of ‘the wasteful American’ theme throughout as well): ‘The great challenge for our generation [is] to find a way not just to live differently as individuals, but to find a way to think differently about what work means, to think differently about citizenship means, to think differently about what it means to be a “citizen of the world.”

“‘One of the great dangers that we live in right now, is I don’t think there’s any question, and I don’t think any of you would question, that the American Empire is in decline — that economically, and politically, and in some ways culturally, that we are in decline.'” The difference is, he is happy about it. Bill Ayers is happy about that. That’s what he’s been working toward. One of his best friends is Barack Obama, and I agree with him. We are living in a decaying country. We are living in a dying country.

The difference is, I cry about it.

The difference is, I cringe deeply over it.

Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and these students think it’s a good thing that America is in decline. But then Ayers said despite all this, “[T]he United States remains the most powerful, weaponized military system the Earth has ever known.” He’s not happy about that. So while we may be in decline, we still have a lot of decline left to effect. We still have a lot we have to destroy. Ayers said that this decline while still being “the most powerful, weaponized military system the Earth has ever known,” is “a treacherous combination.

“A declining economic power, and an expanding military power. And we are going to have to find ways to re-imagine what it means to live in this coun– in this world. And here we are 4% of the world’s population, 4.5% of the world’s population, consuming vast amounts of natural resources, consuming vast amounts of finished goods, and no politician will say that the empire is declining and that the game is over. Well, it’s over. Now what?” So here comes this nonsense again rooted in guilt.

We’re 4% of the population. We are using 25% of the world’s resources. That makes us guilty and evil. That makes us thieves, you see? We’re stealing, we’re purloining, we’re commandeering, we’re conquering, we’re taking everything from everybody and we’re making the rest of the world poor while we’re enriching ourselves! Now we’re paying the price because we’re in decline, but our military’s getting bigger, and we gotta rethink this. Whoever blew up the Boston Marathon may as well be Ayers.

It’s exactly how Ayers got his start.

Today, Bill Ayers — who did the same thing as happened yesterday in Boston — is a celebrated figure on college campi, a celebrated figure in “the American academy.” For those of you in Rio Linda, that means the universities, where there is supposedly intellectual inquiry going on. There’s no intellectual inquiry going on. There is propagandizing going on, and worse. So there you have it.

“[W]hat does Bill Ayers see for our future? ‘And that means, for me that means, that it’s our responsibility to fight here and now for a little more democracy, a little more participation, a little more peace, and keep putting our shoulder on that wheel because the opposition is fighting for — you know, another world is definitely coming, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a better world, and itÂ’s our responsibility to jump in.'”

So this former terrorist, and now expert at education and corrupting America’s youth, shows up on a college campus to decry America, to rip America, to say America’s bad. We’re in decline and that’s good. We deserve to be in decline. But our military is getting too big. It’s a new world. We need to find out how we’re gonna be citizens of it, because we’re no longer really gonna be satisfied to be Americans, ’cause America’s in decline.

That’s what’s celebrated today on the American left.


RUSH: Look, I don’t want to make too big a deal out of this. Bill Ayers didn’t blow up the Boston Marathon, but somebody like him did. Somebody like him did, and that could mean that whoever did this could someday be celebrated in this country if things don’t change. Whoever did it could end up being on the faculty at Columbia University. Just last week Bill Ayers finally confirmed what Obama has always denied. Obama has denied knowing Ayers other than as some casual acquaintance from the neighborhood.

Bill Ayers confirmed what Obama has denied, that Ayers held a fundraiser in his living room for Obama. It was in an interview last week with The Daily Beast. Ayers recalled the fundraiser: “We were friendly, that was true; we served on a couple of boards together, that was true; he held a fundraiser in our living room, that was true.” It was all true, everything that was said about Obama and Ayers back in 2008 that was denied is all true, and Ayers has now admitted it, because what’s to lose? America’s finally in decline, everybody’s getting what they want, nobody can do anything to Obama now, so what the hell, why not admit it? And Ayers did.

By the way, Ayers was awarded visiting scholar status at Minnesota State University just last month. “School officials at Minnesota State University Moorhead have selected left-wing radical and admitted terrorist Bill Ayers as the 2013 College of Education and Human Services ‘visiting scholar.’ … Professor Steve Grineski, who helped select Ayers for the award, said, ‘He’s somebody who’s written a lot through his teaching in the area of social justice,'” which, “social justice” is plain BS. It’s just code lingo for advancing socialism, pure and simple.

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