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RUSH: Breaking news. Breaking news, ladies and gentlemen. John King, CNN’s Newsroom, Wolf Blitzer says, “I assume you don’t know the suspect, if it’s an American, if it’s a foreigner, anything along those lines.” Apparently there’s some department store video, Lord & Taylor, department store video the authorities have seen that has given them a lead. Here’s John King at CNN.

KING: A physical description was given to me of the suspect. Wolf, I want to be very careful here because this is very sensitive information, but the description given to me, once again, itÂ’s a dark-skinned individual. And I want to just stop there. Further descriptives were given by this source —

RUSH: Uh-oh.

KING: — but it was a background conversation.

RUSH: Uh-oh.

KING: They’re not willing to discuss it on the record right now. Given the sensitivity, while they to get into these things.

RUSH: Uh-oh.

KING: You heard Governor Patrick saying yesterday it’s so important that the people of Massachusetts, and the country for that matter, in his words, turn to each other, not against each other.

RUSH: Uh-oh.

KING: It was described to me as a dark-skinned male individual that was shown in the video.

RUSH: Uh-oh. Did you hear what John King said? Folks, he said here: “A physical description was given to me of the suspect. Wolf, I want to be very careful here because this is very sensitive information, but the description given to me, once again, it’s a dark-skinned individual.” Well, I guess that’s it for amnesty. That’s it for gun control. We beat ’em back, folks. The perp is a dark-skinned individual. The Salon.com writer, remember, he was hoping, liberals are hoping the perp here is a white guy, ’cause if it’s not, immigration and gun control are in trouble. Well, it’s a dark-skinned suspect. (gasping) So I guess we beat back gun control and amnesty, hmm? According to the left.


RUSH: Grab sound bite 27 again. I don’t want to play the whole thing, but I want to take it to just shortly after “the dark-skinned individual.” Remember, we had earlier today the columnist at Salon magazine, a guy named David Sirota. Liberals were just hoping, praying that the perp was a white guy. It had to be a white guy! If the perp in Boston wasn’t a white guy, that would imperil every item on the liberal agenda — and, oh, no! It doesn’t appear to be a white guy.

(replaying sound bite)

RUSH: Stop the tape. We’re not profiling here! We’re talking about a murderer. Could you liberals get rid of all of this prejudice and profiling guilt that you’ve got? Just for 30 seconds, could you get rid of seeing people by skin color? How absurd! This guy at Salon magazine (paraphrased), “It better be a white guy! Gosh, we hope it’s a white guy, otherwise the liberal agenda is imperiled”? You claim that it’s conservatives who are racists, and you dare write a piece like that, David Sirota, hoping it’s a white guy?

Because if it’s a “dark-skinned” perp, your agenda is imperiled? And we somehow are the racists? Here’s John King saying, “Well, it’s a dark-skinned individual. Ah, ah! But I — I — I’m gonna stop there. It’s very sensitive information.” We’re talking about a murderer here. It’s very sensitive information? “Further descriptions were given by this source, but it was a background conversation. I’m not willing to discuss on the record right now.” Ah, somehow I suspected this.

Remember I asked the question, “If some liberal finds out that it’s not a white perp, will they withhold the information?” Folks, this is sick. This is just sick. John King said that a reputable law enforcement official told him the suspect was “a dark-skinned male,” and he added, “Some people will take offense at that, so we’ve gotta be very careful, Wolf.” Some people are gonna take offense that it’s a dark-skinned male? We’re talking about a murderer here! We’re not talking about profiling somebody who’s innocent. Jeez!

All right. All right. To the phones. We’re gonna start Charleston, South Carolina. This is Chris. I’m glad you called. Great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call, Rush. I read the Salon.com article, and I was so frustrated. But what that showed me was the mainstream thinking of the left in a nutshell, and that combined with the Benghazi attack — in which they did everything they could to not have it be a terrorist attack and push it off on a video, which we all know wasn’t true — gives me zero confidence that they are really looking for the right person.

RUSH: I know what you mean — “If they find out that the perp was not a white guy, are they gonna be reluctant to take it any further?” — and you’re right. In Benghazi they went backwards and forwards. They bent themselves into pretzels!

CALLER: They even told the victims’ families during the funeral, “We’re gonna get the guy that did this video.”

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: That’s how far they would go!

RUSH: I recall. I know exactly what you’re talking about. It is just flat-out absurd.

CALLER: It’s so frustrating. I look at that Salon.com, and at the time that I saw that article they even had, like, a soft-focused picture of Osama Bin Laden in the upper right-hand corner, like it was almost like a dedication to him.

RUSH: Well, yeah.

CALLER: It was really strange.

RUSH: In fact, you’ll remember this when I jog your memory on it. Whenever they rolled videotape, B-roll of Osama — whenever there was discussion of him — it was always of him walking with his walking stick like a shepherd with his sheep, with his flock in the field. He’s just an innocent little guy!

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: I’m just gonna tell you: How are we supposed to find somebody if we can’t be told what he looks like? If we’re gonna be scared to death of what the perp looks like, how are we supposed to find these people? They’re out there. Look, I don’t want to mischaracterize what authorities tried to go, but they’re asking people for tips. They’re begging people for tips, and then the media is making it look like you gotta be very careful if a perp is dark-skinned.

If it’s anything other than a white guy, we got a problem here. So while they’re begging for tips, they’re also frightening people against coming forward with information which might offend people. We’re not talking about profiling somebody who’s innocent here. We’re trying to catch a murderer.

RUSH: An arrest has been made in the Boston Marathon bombing. The latest information, it was a dark-skinned — (whispering) — dark-skinned individual. Now, David Sirota at Salon. Headline: “Let’s Hope The Boston Marathon Bomber Is A White American.” By the way, this guy Sirota, he’s not a lone wolf. His piece here, I’m sure, is echoed by many leftists. He has captured their feelings as well. Leftists are leftists, they believe certain things. This is something they would hold in common. They’re all hoping the Boston Marathon bomber’s white. They’re all hoping he’s Tea Party. They’re all hoping he’s an extreme conservative. But it looks like he’s dark-skinned.

And the author claims — here’s why they hope he’s white — the author claims that if the bomber turns out to be anything but white, it’ll set back the cause of liberalism, that is, amnesty, gun control, national security. If the perp is a person of color, it’ll set back liberalism, that’s what this guy is saying. So let me make a prediction to you. If indeed John King’s reporting at CNN is correct, if the person who’s been arrested is dark-skinned, the left is going to have to make a quick move here, a quick adjustment. What they’ll have to do is still find a way to blame a white group, conservative group, for what the dark-skinned guy did, no matter what happens. Since we’ve got this piece, “Let’s Hope The Boston Marathon Bomber Is A White American.” I guarantee you, if they can write that, they can come up with some convoluted explanation of why a white American is actually to blame for it.


If the dark-skinned individual is Al-Qaeda, how are they gonna blame a conservative or white group? All of the defamation of Islam that conservatives do, all of the insulting of the Koran, Club Gitmo, Bush, white guy. There’s any number of ways. Remember, they don’t have to make any sense, and they don’t have to be logical. Their audience is low-information. I’m telling you, don’t ask me. I know these people like the back of my hand, but I’m telling you here that they’re hell-bent on the perp being a white guy. So if the perp’s not white, they’re gonna have to find a way to say that some extremist conservative group nevertheless is ultimately to blame for what the dark-skinned perp did.

If he’s a journalist, even more, frustrated, conservative media. I can come up with any kind of scenario you want to throw at me, where they’ll come up with a way to blame the Tea Party or some other conservative group that they think is extremist for inspiring or pressuring via frustration or whatever the perp for doing what he did. And don’t forget the Limbaugh Theorem. Obama is not attached to anything that happens in this country. So even if the perp comes out and says, “I don’t like what Obama’s done in the Middle East,” doesn’t matter, they’ll find a way to distance this. Look, I don’t need to go there with Obama. The point is they were hoping desperately that the perp is white, conservative, Tea Party. That means they will find a way to make that case.


RUSH: Okay. The suspect has been arrested. He was ID’d in videos. One of the videos came from the Lord & Taylor department store in Boston. Now, Fran Townsend is a former Bush administration national security official. She now works at CNN. Fran Townsend is essentially the person who broke the arrest story. Fran Townsend says that she got the information from a law enforcement official. The arrest was based on two videos. Wolf Blitzer asked her if she knew anything at all about the arrested guy, and she said, “We have to be very careful.” And she refused to tell him anything more. She says that she’s got information that she is refusing to share. Now, these people are supposed to be reporters. There is a fear or a reluctance to identify who this is. John King let the cat out of the bag, dark-skinned individual, gotta be very, very careful. What are we doing here?


RUSH: There may be some hope for Salon.com. There may be some hope for Salon. Remember David Sirota at Salon wrote, “Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber is a White American.” Let’s go to Fran Townsend at CNN with Wolf Blitzer this afternoon.

Blitzer said, “You yourself,” Fran Townsend, CNN, “at least you can’t tell us, or maybe you know information that you don’t want to share right now.” All we are is a news network, but there’s no reason that you should tell us what you know. We’re a news network, after all. We’re a network of reporters, and you’re out there, Fran, and you know things that I know you can’t tell us. I don’t even know why we’re on the air here at CNN.

So I want to bring you in here, Fran, so you can tell us what you can’t tell us; so you can tell us what you know that you can’t impart. Is that right? “Is that at what I’m hearing?” that there has been an arrest made, and you’re not sure it’s exactly precise given the “sensitivity of this suspect”? That’s actually what he asked her. You don’t want to “share” anything, Fran, “because you’re not sure it’s exactly precise, given the sensitivity of this suspect.” Ladies and gentlemen, may I offer a common sense-based opinion?

May I?

If they had news that the perpetrator here was white, we would have had height, weight, clothes, and facial hair. We would know everything. We would know what radio show the guy listens to, what TV network he watches, what publications he reads. We would know everything there is if the guy was white, wouldn’t we? I mean, that’s just me, but is that a safe assumption to make? But Wolf says, “The sensitivity of this suspect,” and John King at CNN earlier said (paraphrased), “He’s dark-skinned,” but that’s all he could say. He couldn’t say any more. “He’s dark-skinned, Wolf, but I can’t say any more! Don’t ask me. I can’t say more than ‘dark-skinned.’ It’s very, very sensitive. He’s arrested, he’s heading into court, and we’ll get him a lawyer before he speaks up.”

Here’s how Fran Townsend answered Wolf’s question…

TOWNSEND: Yeah, Wolf that’s exactly right. As I say, I’m gathering — we are all working to gather — additional information. But we have a responsibility to feel confident before we do that. So, yes, I’ve got some information that lends (sic) me to believe it — they’re thinking is may be more domestic related but I… Wolf, we don’t have enough yet to be confident of that.

RUSH: So there’s still hope for Salon, right? ‘Cause Fran says they’re thinking it “may be more domestic related, but, Wolf, we don’t have enough yet to be confident of that.” So I can’t tell you what I’ve been told. I can’t tell you what I know. So it’s domestic, but I can’t say that. John King says “dark-skinned,” which is very sensitive, and then Wolf said “the sensitivity of this suspect,” whatever that means. But again, the EIB Network news has confirmed an arrest has been made, and we’re just now waiting for somebody in officialdom to tell us who and what and somehow massage through the “sensitivity.”


RUSH: CNN’s walking it back. NBC News is walking it back. There may not have been an arrest. Homeland Security said there hasn’t been an arrest. The networks say there have been. And now CNN’s got people saying it was a brown-skinned individual, not dark-skinned, but it’s still very sensitive. And now we go to Chris Cuomo, CNN’s Newsroom just moments ago, discussing the arrest.

CUOMO: Everybody wants to know who did this, it’s so terrible, it’s so wrong. However, an arrest does not mean guilt, necessarily. We’re hearing about one individual right now, one arrest, no understanding, really, even though this vague description of brown skin, whether foreign or domestic, whether they’re part of an organization or lone wolf, we don’t know any of that.

RUSH: Could be innocent, yes, an arrest doesn’t mean guilt! When’s the last time you heard that? Seriously, folks, an arrest doesn’t mean guilt. We’re hearing brown skin, but it’s just an arrest, doesn’t mean guilt. That’s why it’s sensitive, folks. It’s sensitive because it’s a person of color and they’re all scared to death over it. This is flat-out amazing. Knowing what we know and it’s only what we’re being told by the Drive-Bys who have a record of getting everything wrong, and it’s important to point that out. After Colorado, after Newtown, all that stuff about Sandy Hook, remember all that stuff that was wrong? So there’s a caveat to all of this.

John King first said, “Dark-skinned, very sensitive.” Fran Townsend said (paraphrasing), I can’t go any further. It’s dark skin. It could be domestic. I can’t go any further.” Chris Cuomo, “Brown-skinned individual, but an arrest doesn’t mean guilt.” We’ve gotta be very, very careful. An arrest doesn’t mean guilt. It still could be a white guy. It still could be the Tea Party. It doesn’t mean anything. Folks, these people are — I don’t know. They’re embarrassing.


RUSH: I wish these people could get it straight. Now there’s no arrest. Michael McCaul, who’s chairman of the Homeland Security committee in the House, the FBI’s told him there’s no arrest. CNN’s walking it back. My question is, they say that the perp can be seen with the bag in the video and he’s on the phone. They’ve done their magic with cell phone towers. The guy was on the phone at the time of the explosion, carrying a bag, they know who the guy is. Well, they don’t know who he is. They say the perp can be seen on video. My question is, is he black, brown, dark, olive, off white, what is it? My point, aren’t we glad we live in a post-racial America, thanks to Obama? Think about it. The fate — seriously, folks — the fate of Obama and the Democrats’ agenda depends on the skin color of the Boston bomber.

If somebody wrote a fiction book they’d be laughed at and turned down, at least in the good old days. Mark Knoller, CBS News, just tweeted: “This is the kind of story in which being right sometimes takes a backseat to being first to report a development.” Duh. It’s embarrassing. There was an arrest. Now there’s not an arrest. Dark-skinned, can’t say any more, very sensitive. Brown skinned, very sensitive. May not be guilty. Arrest doesn’t mean guilt. There hasn’t been an arrest. May I ask a question? I’m serious. I know we’re being jocular here, but a serious question. If the suspect were white, would they be going through all of the pretzel moves, would they be taking this much care?

If the suspect were white, would any of this be happening? You tell me. I don’t know. I’m throwing it out there. Well, they screwed up Richard Jewell, I know. Boston police just tweeted: “Despite reporters to the contrary, there has not been an arrest in the marathon attack.” So if there hasn’t been an arrest, maybe there isn’t a dark-skinned guy, either. If there hasn’t been an arrest, maybe there’s not a brown-skinned guy.

But stop and think of this. The fate of Obama and the Democrats’ agenda depends upon the color of the Boston bomber’s skin. Salon.com today: Let’s hope the bomber is white, otherwise liberalism suffers a setback. And they tell us, folks, that we are the bigots and the racists and the sexists and the homophobes. This is just ridiculously embarrassing. The once great American media has become a caricature and a joke. And boy, if it’s a person of color, they got problems. Obama’s agenda in trouble. The Democrats’ agenda in trouble.


RUSH: Man, oh, man, oh, man! The new CNN is just like the old CNN. What a massive screw-up. But Fox was in there, too. Fox had their crawl. “Fox News Confirms Arrest.” But there’s no suspect in custody; there’s no arrest. Can you imagine if talk radio had led with this? Can you imagine if talk radio had said, “There’s an arrest! It’s been done. The suspect’s in custody,” and turned out to be not true? Can you imagine what would be said? “He was dark-skinned!” Oh, yeah, and if talk radio had put out that he was dark-skinned, and it turned out none of it was true?

Can you imagine?

Oh, I shudder to think.

We would never hear the end of it.

Fran Townsend on CNN is now suggesting there has been a misunderstanding in the law enforcement community about whether an arrest was made. It wasn’t CNN. It was a misunderstanding in the law-enforcement community. Folks, “arrest” is pretty clear. “Suspect in custody” is pretty clear. “Dark-skinned” is pretty clear. Now AP, breaking news: “Federal officials deny the Boston Marathon bombing suspect is in custody.” If this guy’s not in custody and has been paying attention, he’s just been told they know who he is.

So he’s been tipped off. Well, he was caught by Lord & Taylor. By the way, you got the people all lined up on the sidewalk watching. Then there’s a fence, the barrier, and the bag is on the street side of the barrier in one of the Boston ABC videos. The bag is not with anybody. It’s just by itself, on the other side of the barrier, on the street side of the barrier. So we’re bouncing off the point from the guy from Utah.

There was no way this bag — well, not “no way,” but if it’s somebody’s bag, they put it on the wrong side of the barrier. You look at this bag and you’d say, “What’s that bag doing there?” is my point. It’s out of place, and it turned out to be one of the bombs. Anyway, folks, for what it’s worth, I apologize for passing this stuff on. I should know better. I really should. They get nothing right in the early moments of any big event. They don’t. None of ’em do.


RUSH: Here’s the latest, folks. The suspect is being described now as a dark but light-skinned heavy-set thin with brownish blonde hair with dark roots, a young-old person, bisexual, transgendered female who is sometimes male wearing a backwards cap who looks like a white male. And we will see you tomorrow. Adios.

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