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RUSH: Even wounded and even dead, these two guys accomplished a lot after what they accomplished in the bombing. They then shut the city down for a day. As it turned out, a wounded 19-year-old hiding under a tarp in a guy’s boat in the backyard that was only discovered because the guy is an evil smoker, had people locked in their homes, cowering in the corners. The authorities saying, “Don’t go outside. Don’t venture out. Stay at home. Don’t leave the hotel. We’re gonna cancel the hockey game and the baseball game. Stay where you are.”

So these guys accomplished quite a lot. And while all this was going on, elected officials were gathered in Washington with another scheme to take even more action on gun control against law-abiding citizens. It went down to defeat, but all those things were happening, simultaneously. And, by the way, new immigration procedures were being discussed, open border amnesty, while the city of Boston was effectively shut down. Now, this Ruth O’Brien, the New York University professorette, this is classic, folks. You realize how far ahead of the game we could be if we could simply instruct citizens into understanding that when they watch the news they’re just watching the liberal agenda.

All weekend long — I was in Kansas City for a funeral on Friday. A good friend, Joan Frey, passed away of cancer. She was George Brett’s gal Friday. She did everything. George was called up at age 20 by the Royals. He met Joanie and Joanie took over all the things in his life that would allow him to stay focused on baseball, and she became a good friend to everybody. Joanie, I met her even before I started working for the Royals. These are my peon days, and Joanie had no reason to give me the time of day, but she did. And if you were a friend of one of her best friends, you were her best friend. You automatically were trusted, and you were welcomed in. I met people I wouldn’t have met had I not met Joanie. She was just classy. Funny, she had quirks that everybody was remembering and laughing at at the memorial, which was Friday afternoon in Mission Hills, Kansas.

We all went out to dinner Friday night. We were gonna play golf Saturday. It was a little chilly, so we went to a hole in the wall called The Peanut for BLTs and then went out. There was a barbecue — what do you call it, contest? Championship, whatever, near Overland Park. Seventy-eight teams entered, friend of George’s, Meat Mitch, M-e-a-t, MeatMitch.com. This guy entered in the barbecue championship. We went out, saw his tent. It was amazing. Seventy-eight teams had been there all night Friday, barbecuing, preparing their submissions to the judges.

Now, Mitch works for TaylorMade golf. Barbecue stuff is his hobby. Anyway, during this whole weekend — and it was among the best barbecue I’ve ever tasted, by the way — during the whole weekend people were asking me, “Rush, are you watching any TV?” And folks, I honestly didn’t. I didn’t have to, cause I was gonna be told what people were seeing. But something’s happening to me and cable news. I just can’t watch it. I just know I’m watching the liberal agenda on cable news. I can’t avoid it here at the studio. I have it on the monitors as part of show prep.

Some network, I don’t even know which, had some doctor on today. Guess why bomber number one did what he did? Because he might have suffered brain injuries while boxing, and that might have led him to terrorism. And this guy’s all over cable news. Now, it just happens to coincide with the NFL and everybody being concerned about concussions and altering human behavior and whatever people do is not their fault anymore. It’s always some outside reason, some extracurricular activity, in this case the kid boxed now and then and he might have suffered brain damage. I’m sorry, I can’t stomach this stuff. I don’t even want to. I will gather what I need to know from trusted accredited sources on the Internet.

I just can’t. It’s becoming more and more frustrating to watch, particularly CNN and PMSNBC. I just can’t do it. So, no, I didn’t watch TV this weekend. Why do I want to be frustrated, sit there and shout at the TV every five minutes. Anyway, it’s nothing more than the liberal agenda on TV, and folks, do you realize how far ahead of the game, if we could just convince another 10 million people that what they’re watching is not news anymore. Do you know what the news on this — let me just tell you. The news, quote, unquote, on MSNBC and CNN all last week and into the weekend was oriented on how can we make sure this does not taint Obama and his agenda? How can we make sure that whatever conservatives think isn’t proven true. That’s really what it is.

That is really the purpose of mainstream media today, is to make sure that whoever’s watching is convinced that whatever conservatives think about something isn’t true. It is an ongoing, 24-hour, seven-day-a-week effort to discredit conservatives, conservative theory, Republicans, you name it, while at the same time advancing the liberal agenda. It can be reduced to that. It certainly isn’t news gathering. “Mr. Limbaugh, what are you talking about? I watch what happened with the Boston news coverage, and it was nothing but news.” Yes, yes, of course it was news gathering, yeah, but with an agenda in mind, to make sure that whatever you learned was positioned in your mind the proper way.

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