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RUSH: Here’s Kevin, Columbus, Ohio. You’re next as we head back to the phones. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Great to talk to you today.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Beautiful day in Ohio. Well, you had the story earlier about the character of the United States. I heard over the weekend the interview with the terrorist suspects, quote suspects, mother, “Where’s the evidence? Where is the evidence?”

RUSH: That was an aunt.

CALLER: Oh, okay. An aunt. Well —

RUSH: And I kind of like that babe.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: I mean, I kind of liked her. She’s out there, she’s fiery, she’s defending her relatives, “Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence? I think this is all made up.” She was fired up. She was good television, as they say.

CALLER: Right. Well, this is obviously gonna be prosecuted in federal court. And you were just speaking a while ago about all the defenses and all the strategies for this guy’s defense. And it’s plain as day they’re gonna stand up and say, “This is the United States government. How can we believe them when you take in account Benghazi, the Black Panthers cover-up, Fast and Furious, and all the unanswered truths of what’s going on in the government.” How’s anybody gonna believe the government prosecuting these two —

RUSH: Well, those are all valid questions, but you have to find a lawyer who is going to make the case that way.

CALLER: I understand, but I’m talking directly about the character of our government looks so crappy to the world. I mean, we got a guy that’s supposed to be leading us who can’t present the truth about anything.

RUSH: Well, look, it’s an interesting question. Okay, so we go to court, and Dzhokhar is accused of the Boston bombing, along with his brother, and a lawyer says, “Wait a minute, this is the same government that did Fast and Furious. This is the same government that’s not telling us anything about what happened in Benghazi, lied about it. The guy that supposedly did the video, still in jail, by the way. The same government that didn’t prosecute voter fraud among the New Black Panther Party.”

CALLER: The same government that could not vet Obama when he was running for president.

RUSH: Well, I have to tell you, a lot of people are gonna be outraged by this, but the Obama administration itself has helped make these claims plausible. I don’t know that you’re ever gonna find a lawyer. Dzhokhar’s not gonna get a lawyer to do that, but it could well be that a lot of citizens will be thinking this.

CALLER: I mean, think what the other nations around the world think when they look at the United States. We can’t come clean with anything. Now, how do we know they’re telling the truth about bombing suspects?

RUSH: Well, because Bush isn’t president. Remember the world hated Bush, loves Obama, and everything’s hunky-dory now.

CALLER: Exactly.


RUSH: And since we’re not trying the young man as an enemy combatant, we didn’t waterboard him, he’ll be fine.

CALLER: (laughing) I have to believe you.

RUSH: Sad, isn’t it?

CALLER: Great to talk to you, Rush. Peace.

RUSH: Courage. Thank you, Kevin. Great to have you on the program. It could be said in this trial — in fact, Reverend Wright, I can see him in sermon: “Obama’s Cheeeechens have come home to roost.”


RUSH: The Justice Department is saying that statutory charges against Tsarnaev will authorize the death penalty or life in prison upon conviction because he is being charged with the use of a weapon of mass destruction and malicious destruction of property, which resulted in death. Someone has just read the entire complaint. There’s no mention of the word “Islam.” All the complaint seems to be based on the photographs, at least for the bombings. They also have the hijacked driver’s claim that the older brother told him that he did the bombing. And remember, they let the carjacked driver go because he wasn’t an American. Pressure cooker bombs are now weapons of mass destruction.


I don’t know if there were any pressure cookers in Iraq. What does that have to do with anything? There were no reports of pressure cookers in Iraq when Bush was president. This is new. This is new. The pressure cooker, if used as it’s designed, is only a weapon of mass destruction for whatever’s in it.


RUSH: Here’s Matt, Pleasant Grove, Utah. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir. Thanks much.

CALLER: I just wanted to point out, as you mentioned a while ago, the Boston bomber is not gonna be tried as an enemy combatant the reason that was given was because he was a US citizen. Now, you can’t have this both ways. I’d just like to point out the hypocrisy in the fact that this is the same president that says he reserves the right to kill US citizens with drones if he thinks that they’re dangerous, and agree with the drone statement, agree with it or not, and agree with, you know, trying the bomber as a US citizen or an enemy combatant or not, the hypocrisy of the two statements is so blatantly obvious, I just don’t understand why people aren’t catching on to this.

RUSH: We are talking about a 19-year-old child.

CALLER: (laughing) A 19-year-old child who made a decision.

RUSH: You want this kid to get droned?

CALLER: No, I don’t want him to get droned, but, hey, if the president says —

RUSH: You want him tased? Just joking. Go ahead. Sorry to interrupt.

CALLER: Yeah, I mean, the president, his reasoning is he’s a US citizen so he has rights. Well, what about the rights of these people that the president would kill with a drone?

RUSH: Look, the president does not believe in military tribunals. The president does not believe in any of that. The Fort Hood guy, workplace violence. This is gonna be a civilian trial. Being Mirandized means you don’t have to answer any questions. No, can’t waterboard him, can’t waterboard him. Not that we would anyway. What would the world think?

CALLER: That’s exactly the point, you gotta ask why. Why the flip-flopping on this issue, you know, why one way with drones and another way with a person who is obviously a terrorist, you know, whatever reasoning behind his actions —

RUSH: Well, ’cause the drone is a way to get somebody you can’t otherwise get. We’ve got this guy, and they weren’t gonna drone Boston. And you gotta be real careful. We don’t know that he’s a terrorist yet. See, that hasn’t been established or proven.

CALLER: No, he’s still a suspect, right?

RUSH: He’s an alleged bomber.

CALLER: And he’s 19, and as other people, you know, it’s probably because his brother couldn’t get citizenship that, whatever his reasons were, he made a choice, he’s responsible, he needs to pay for it, and I don’t care if he’s tried in the military court. I just don’t understand why some people say, you know, the president says, hey, if I feel like that person’s a threat, I can drone him. But this guy that I know is a threat because we have him in custody now, we’re gonna let this play out in the civil courts. It’s just craziness.

RUSH: Yeah, I understand, but he is here in America. Which we can drone Americans. He’s in custody, there’s no reason to drone the cops in order to get this guy. It’s what you’d have to do. I understand the point of hypocrisy that you are making. By the way, an interesting little side note here, the Times Square bomber had just been granted his citizenship when he drove the van into Times Square. He had just gotten his US citizenship before his attack, too. Now, maybe it’s just a coincidence. Or maybe they do this to try to get civilian trials so they can use the publicity to continue the jihad. Remember, initially we were gonna execute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. We were gonna execute him and he wanted to be executed. All of a sudden, no, we’re gonna do civilian trial.

And Obama couldn’t wait for it, and Eric Holder couldn’t wait for it. It was gonna cost $200 million a year for security alone in that trial. Everybody knew that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — we did a parody. Grab the parody song. Grab the parody song, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as Sinatra. He was looking forward to the trial because he would have an unfettered opportunity to bash this country in an American courtroom in New York City, and nothing could stop him. And every citizen, “What in the world, Eric Holder, are you thinking?” They must want this to happen. But the reasoning we were given was this would show the world how fair we are. This will show the world we’re not afraid of what these people say about us. This will show the world that we are fair and nonjudgmental and not racist, sexist, bigot homophobes. What the hell.

So when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed found out that he was gonna avoid execution and instead get the trial, he said, “I need to go to the recording studio here at Club Gitmo and put down a track.” And they said, “We can’t stop you,” and this is what came out of that recording session, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed here.

(playing of song)

It’s the EIB Network.

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The Rush Limbaugh program.

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White comedian Paul Shanklin.

(continued playing of song)

As Khalid Sheikh Mohammed does Sinatra here at the EIB Network.


RUSH: I think we need to maybe rerecord that tune because in the lyric line, if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed had been released, he would not drive a cab in New York. He would be given a professorship at Columbia. Well, they’ve got a former bomber on the staff there now. Bill Ayers is teaching at various universities, think tanks.

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