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RUSH: Now, last night was the TIME 100 Gala where they honor the 100 most influential people that they claim made up the past year. I was invited. I made the list one year. I was invited this year. I didn’t go. I was invited as the circus act. The point of having me there is to see what kind of fireworks would happen. I didn’t go. I never intended to go. But Vice President Bite Me did. And, to me, this is funny, in a sad way. It’s not really funny. It’s typical Biden.

The vice president at the TIME 100 Gala in New York praised America’s resilience. He said, “If the purpose of terror is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston.” Excuse me, folks. “If the purpose of terror is to instill fear, you saw none of that in Boston,” he said. “The only way terrorism wins is if we change our way of life, if we yield. And our message to terrorists is: You cannot break us. You cannot change us. We will never yield. We will not be intimidated.”

Now, the question is, was the vice president a little bit overindulgent in adult beverages, or was he joking? I don’t know what time the speech was. That might not be a factor anyway, but we watched a major American metropolitan area of more than one million people on lockdown. A million people were told to stay home from work, stay home from school, to shelter in place. Do not go outside. Boston’s subways, buses, cabs, even Amtrak service, was halted. They canceled a Bruins game. They canceled a Red Sox game. I saw a lot of lives changed.

What was Biden watching? They shut down an entire city.

These two terrorists had the city fathers telling everybody, “Don’t go outside. Stay in there. Don’t you dare go out. Don’t answer the door.” They had people cowering in fear in the corners of their own homes. And the vice president says (paraphrasing), “The only way terrorism wins is if we change our way of life, if we yield. And we didn’t yield, and we didn’t change our way of life, and they didn’t break us, and they didn’t change us, and they can’t, and we will never yield.” What was he watching? I saw a lot of lives being changed. If it wasn’t for a guy who was forced to go outside to smoke a cigarette by his wife, violating the order to stay inside, who knows where we would be today.


RUSH: Here’s Joe in Waldorf, Maryland. Hi, Joe. Great to have you next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. I’m a first-time caller, and I’ve listened to your show a long time, and I just had to make a comment on what Vice President Biden had to say about not changing our lifestyle and showing fear. Well, obviously he has not flown on a commercial airline lately. Ever since 9/11, which was a terrorist attack, it caused us to have to enact the TSA, which now we have security check-ins that can last hours, wherever you’re going, and —

RUSH: Joe, Joe, Joe. Let me jump in and help you out here. You’re right, of course, but Biden would look at all those things as great, positive results. Those are not things that make life more inconvenient for Americans. That’s your government working very hard to keep you safe and your grandmother safe and keeping you and your grandmother off the airplane and making it much harder while Dzhokhar and Tamerlan sail on by. But, look, the vice president at the TIME 100 Gala, which is what Joe’s bouncing off here (imitating Biden), “We’re never gonna yield. They’re not gonna change the way we live.” That’s just pure politicking. Everybody in that room, whether they want to admit it or not, knows full well that two young men shut down a city of over one million people for a full day, maybe longer, shut it down. They did exactly what they set out to do, and exactly what Biden said didn’t happen. He knows it.

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