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RUSH: This is a new tumbler. I’ve got this tumbler here that people see on the Dittocam and they’ve been asking me, “What is it?” And it’s a new tumbler. I use this glass all the time now. We’ve got it at the tea website, but it’s “America’s Anchorman by Day and Rush Revere by Night.” So you’re looking at the Rush Revere side right there, and then this is me in my suit and tie, and this is Rush Revere. It’s hot and cold, but the great thing about this is the glass doesn’t sweat. Well, I cannot stand getting a drink of any kind and having the thing sweat and drip all over me.

So I’ve been using these tumblers for I don’t know how long, and we just decided to get some made up for the tea, and they came in the other day so we put them up on the tea website, and they’re cheap, like $12.99. I think they’re 12 ounces or whatever, but I use these things at home. I’ve been using these things for years. Ice doesn’t melt as fast, so whatever you’re putting in there doesn’t dilute as fast. It doesn’t sweat. It’s insulated, there are actually two containers. One’s on the inside, a very narrow gap between the two, but it keeps it from sweating. I don’t know about you, but that bothers me. You dress nicely and go to a restaurant in the summertime and they bring a glass of water, you pick it up and it drips all over your tie, your shirt, and, you know, it’s a pain in the butt to have to hold a napkin under a glass when you’re taking a drink.

Well, this thing you don’t have to, and I’ve been using these things for years, so we looked into it. We’ve got the tea logo on one side and El Rushbo on the other. I’ve had it here on display, people have seen it, and asked, “What is that?” So that’s what it is. They really are the coolest things and it’s only $12.99. So that’s what it is. It’s at TwoIfByTea.com if you’re interested in it.

Everybody has their pet peeves, and mine is a dripping, sweating glass. And I’m telling you, South Florida with the humidity as high as it gets and the temperature, you take this thing outside. You can mix your favorite adult beverage over rocks or just put a Diet Coke or whatever in there, whatever you want with ice, and it’s not gonna drip all over you. It’s not gonna get diluted. Plus, ours are classy looking. TwoIfByTea.com website is where you can see ’em.

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