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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, just to illustrate our open-mindedness and fairness here, which are our hallmarks, open-mindedness, fairness, a burning desire to get things right. Believe me, there’s nothing in it for me to be wrong. I mean, to lie about something just to further something I believe. That’s phony and doesn’t accomplish anything. I don’t make things up, lie, purposely get things wrong. The other side does that. I do not. ‘Cause there’s nothing in it. There’s nothing to be gained by it, not long-term, not substantively gained by it. So sometimes I step back and take a deep breath and try to remember to catalog all of the things our government is doing right.

For example, in Boston, the terror attack on the marathon, let’s trying to keep in mind, not forget, what our government did right. Always looking for silver linings here. The welfare program worked as one would hope because it helped the alleged terrorists get on their feet and feel deep gratitude to American taxpayers. Wait, nope, sorry, didn’t do that. They didn’t apparently have any appreciation for the welfare payments they received.

The immigration law. I mean, let’s be honest, the immigration law successfully helped these alleged jihadists assimilate into the great American family. No. That actually didn’t happen. That’s not entirely accurate. They became citizens, but that didn’t matter. They actually ended up not assimilating.

Well, one thing’s for sure. When the older brother traveled abroad and the Russian government repeatedly warned us that he was a dangerous guy, our Homeland Security officials, they ran with that information and… what? It was ignored? Oh. Okay, strike that.

Okay. Well, our schools, universities engaged these two men, inspired them to appreciate the opportunities in this country, inspired them to appreciate the greatness, the uniqueness of our Constitution and free markets. No, that didn’t happen, either.

Well, how about this. We can all agree, we can all agree, folks, that strict gun laws and laws against bombs in public places kept the public safe. Ah, that didn’t happen, either, sorry. I’m trying to find silver linings. I’m trying to look at successful things the government’s done.

Well, there’s this. While Boston was in the martial law type lockdown, the Feds found the suspect. No. No, sorry. My memory is that the city was taken off lockdown and the smoker left his house and found the suspect in his boat. I’m trying to catalog and remember the things that government did well and does right so we can properly appreciate — let me get back to you on what President Obama’s celebrating regarding the Boston terror attack, ’cause he and Biden are out there talking about all the wonderful things that went right. I tried to keep an open mind about it. I went through the list.

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