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RUSH: Now, Mayor Doomberg and the police commissioner in New York are saying that the two bombers intended to go to New York City, Times Square, and blow it up.

Now, yesterday that wasn’t the story. Yesterday the two bombers were gonna go to New York and party. They told the guy whose car they hijacked that they were going to New York. That news got out, and the conventional wisdom in the Drive-By Media, “Well, of course they weren’t gonna bomb New York, these are just a couple of –” what did Biden call them? They were knock-off jihadis. Did you hear that? Biden had called ’em “knock-off jihadis.” Did you hear that? That means they’re not real jihadis. They’re just a couple of amateurs. They’re just the scrubs on the bench, knock-off jihadis, like the fake Rolex that you would buy on a street corner on Fifth Avenue. They’re just knock-off jihadis, not the real thing.

So after they successfully blew up the marathon, yeah, they said they were going to New York, but we know they were just going to party. Well, today for some reason Mayor Doomberg and the police commissioner said, “No, they weren’t coming here to party; they were coming here to blow us up.” I’ve got Biden saying it somewhere, stick with me here, folks. Number 10. Biden yesterday, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT, at the memorial service for the police officer there Sean Collier, this is the vice president of the United States.

BIDEN: They can never defeat us, whether it’s al Qaeda central out of the Fatah or two twisted, perverted, cowardly knock-off jihadis here in Boston.

RUSH: Knock-off jihadis. Does that mean the injured are knock-off injured? Are the injured not really injured ’cause these are knock-off jihadis? They’re not that bad, is the point. These are a couple pretender kids, nothing to worry about here. Well, I know they were successful. The fruit of the boom bomber was not. I’ve got a sound bite here from somebody, five successful bombers during the Obama regime. Might as well go to sound bite 11 here. This is the mother who I just heard, but this is the mother today in Dagestan. Her name is Zubeidat. Zubeidat Tsarnaev, mother of the knock-off jihadis. She held a press conference, and we have about 21 seconds of what she said.

TSARNAEV: Why did I even go there? Why? I thought America was gonna like protect us, our kids. It’s gonna be safe for like any reason. But it happened, the opposite. America took my kids away from me. Only America.

RUSH: Folks, this woman, wait a minute, now. Wait a minute, everybody on the other side of the glass is having a conniption fit. This woman is very smart. This woman’s blaming America. So the media love her. The Democrats love her. She blaming America. America took her kids. (imitating mother) “We sent our kids to America to be free, and look at what happened. They turned into knock-off jihadis because they came here. For like any reason, but it happened, the opposite. America took my kids away from me, only America.” Well, isn’t that what the view of America was under Bush? Isn’t that what they told us the world thought of us?

This woman is crafty smart. She now has the sympathy of everybody in the media. Do you think the media reacted the way you just did in there? Snerdley’s in there blowing a gasket. Dawn’s blowing a gasket. The media, oh, no, “We must listen to this woman. We must listen to more of what she has to say.” She’s either naturally smart instinctively or she’s got good consultants and advisers. Yesterday, this mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, said on CNN, “If you’re gonna kill him, I don’t care.” She’s talking about her son, Dzhokhar. “If you’re gonna kill him, I don’t care. My oldest one was killed, so I don’t care. I don’t care if my youngest one is gonna be killed today. I want the world to hear this and I don’t care if I’m gonna get killed, too, and I will say Allahu Akbar. I will say Allahu Akbar. You know what I think? You know what I think? I think now they’ll try to make my Dzhokhar guilty because they took away his voice, his ability to talk to the world. They didn’t want the truth to come out.”

So, as far as mom knock-off jihadi is concern, the country of America did this to her kids. She sent her kids here. Dagestan was too dangerous, Chechnya too dangerous, she sent her kids here to be safe, and look what this country did to them. You — (laughing) — all right, do me a favor. Watch CNN later this afternoon, tonight, MSNBC, and you see if there isn’t great sympathy for this woman because she’s got a point. You do it. See if I’m not right.

Now, back to Mayor Doomberg. Mayor Doomberg on Monday, we mentioned this but I want you to hear him say it. This was at a press conference talking about America after the Boston Marathon booming.

BLOOMBERG: We live in a complex world where you’re gonna have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will, and our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution I think have to change.

RUSH: Yeah. We’re gonna need more security. More than we needed back in the old days when the Constitution was written. Those guys had no clue what was gonna be happening to this country, revolution, they had no idea it was gonna be this bad so we’re gonna have to change the way we interpret the Constitution, Mayor Doomberg said. This morning on Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel they had as their guest their own judicial analyst, Andrew Napolitano, and they were talking about Doomberg’s remarks about changing the way we interpret the Constitution, and Judge Napolitano had a little conversation along with Brian Kilmeade.

NAPOLITANO: The mayor is profoundly wrong. The whole essence of humanity and the reason America is a great piece is because the government respects human freedom. A very famous radio voice agrees with me on this.

RUSH ARCHIVE: When you trade your freedom for temporary security, when you’re not in charge of your security, when you have no control over your security, when you have no control over your economic circumstances, what kind of a thin thread are you hanging by? You’re depending on the performance of other people that don’t even know you. Politicians in a distant capital who on a whim could cancel whatever program that you depend on.

RUSH: That was Fox & Friends this morning — I said that yesterday — replaying it, about quoting Ben Franklin and the notion, trading freedom for security. I made the point, why would you trade your security or economic circumstance for people you don’t even know, people that don’t even know you, couldn’t care less about you, what kind of a thin thread are you hanging by? And Napolitano loved it. Sound bite number three.

NAPOLITANO: That is so profound it could have been uttered at the time of the American Revolution. The problem is when the government takes freedom away from decent people like us — these monsters don’t care if they’re on camera. Cameras were there and they did it anyway.

RUSH: Judge Napolitano characterizing what he heard on this program as profound, so profound it could have been uttered at the time of the American Revolution.

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