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RUSH: Here’s Arthur in Dallas as we head to the phones. Arthur, great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi. Great to be on the show, sir.

RUSH: Great to have you here.

CALLER: I wanted to call. I’ve been listening as I drive around today and you had mentioned with RU-486 being legalized, there is no point anymore to, uh, birth control pills has been the systematic thing for the last I don’t know how many years, didn’t mention a time. Birth control pills do not just greatly decrease the chance of pregnancy, they also help balance hormones and help alleviate the stresses of menstruation at least, as I’ve been led to understand.

RUSH: How many 15-year-olds know this?

CALLER: I’m sorry?

RUSH: How many 15-year-olds know this? You can buy the morning-after pill now over-the-counter when you’re 15. They don’t know anything of this stuff. It’s a birth control measure, is expressly what it’s for.

CALLER: You know, I can agree on that point, but I have to ask then, why aren’t we doing more to sexually educate our young people beyond abstinence only? Why aren’t we willing to have real conversations about —

RUSH: I thought we had sex education. What would you tell them?

CALLER: What would I tell them?

RUSH: Outline it for me, what would be a responsible sex education program?

CALLER: A responsible sex education. Well, if we approach it from the idea that if it’s going to happen, it should at least be safe. We would probably cut down on the amount of abortion and these kinds of problems if we actually said it beyond, what is it, this abstinence only ideal of never do it and — well, it all needs to be serious.

RUSH: I know it’s old-fashioned, but the problem is, you know, abstinence works every time it’s tried. Every time it’s tried, it works. And I don’t know what kind of common sense there is in encouraging 15-year-olds to be going out there and having sex like they’re minks. I just don’t understand it.


RUSH: So we had the guy from Dallas say, “You know, I heard what you said about the morning-after birth control pill for girls being made available now over-the-counter at age 15, no prescription.” His point was, “Well, you know, sex education, we need to improve it. We need to make it responsible.” Wha? I thought sex education started in kindergarten in this country. He said, “We can’t just make it abstinence.” I didn’t think it was. I thought abstinence had long ago vanished, except in responsible places.

The thing about abstinence is it works every time it’s tried. (laughing) It just does. But, see, that takes the fun out of life. You know, abstinence establishes a guardrail, and the left doesn’t want any guardrails in society. They don’t want any limits, and they certainly don’t want us setting them. That bugs ’em more than anything. So did you hear this guy? “Look, they’re gonna do it anyway. We may as well make it safe and clean.”

I remember taking phone calls from Long Island parents back in the mid-nineties when the concept of free condoms in high schools came up. The thinking back then was… I actually had mothers from Long Island called here and say, “Well, I’m going to make a room available in our home for my son and his girlfriend. I’d rather them have sex in there than in the car ’cause it’ll be cleaner.”

I’ll never forget this. I said, “Well, are you gonna provide the cigarettes on the night table for afterward?”

“Well, no! They can’t smoke.”

“Why not? They’re gonna smoke. You can’t stop ’em from smoking. You can’t stop ’em from having sex,” which makes me think.

In school, why don’t we start teaching gun safety instead of just the fact that guns are bad? Well, I’m just saying. Let’s use the same parallels that the left tells us about sex education and transfer it to guns. “Kids are gonna do it anyway, okay? They’re gonna have guns anyway. We can’t stop them! Kids are gonna have sex anyway; we can’t stop ’em. So we need to make it safe. Kids are gonna get hold of guns. You can’t stop it, so we’d better make it safe. We know kids are gonna get guns anyway. Why not teach them to use guns safely?”

“Oh, no! We can’t do that. We’re not gonna teach guns. Guns kill people!”

“So does abortion.”

Ah, but I’m not supposed to go there. By the way, if you’re just joining us and you missed the first hour, it’s impossible to repeat the whole thing, but there was earth-shattering news in the first hour. It’s that tetracycline… Well, the earth-shattering news is related to the fact that scientifically studied men melt in the presence of women they consider beautiful. When men are around a woman they think is beautiful, they just lose all reason, they lose all rationality, and they do things they otherwise wouldn’t do.

They say things they otherwise wouldn’t say. It is posited in this piece that men make their gravest life mistakes in the presence of a beautiful woman; that they do things that any other time in the day or their life they would never do. So the story said there’s help for this, and it mentioned an antibiotic, tetracycline, which is an acne pimple zit medicine. If you take tetracycline, it supposedly ratchets up your rationality and combats the effect on men of a beautiful woman.

Now, when I heard that, I said, “Do you realize the angst that we could have spared our culture? If we would have just known this back in the late sixties and started prescribing tetracycline for men, we would never have needed feminism. There wouldn’t have been a problem. Beautiful women would not have had an advantage over others and therefore we would not have needed feminism.” It’s Undeniable Truth of Life number 24, and it is made obviously true by this discovery of tetracycline.

My Undeniable Truth of Life number 24: “Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.” You can get mad at me, you can feel threatened, you can start throwing your underwear and bra at the radio. I don’t care. It’s practically undeniable. So here we are. We have 15-year-old girls now legally able to walk into a pharmacy or the corner pharmacy in a department store anywhere and tell the pharmacist that she wants — or he wants — a morning-after pill.

Can a guy pick some up for his girlfriend?

I don’t know.

But a girl can. Without her parents’ knowledge or permission and without a prescription. This is obviously going to become Birth Control 101. This may eliminate the need for the pill. Why mess with that and whatever side effects it has? Just go to town out there, have sex all you want, really irritate the conservatives. Then head to the pharmacy and pick up the morning-after pill the next day. In fact, pick up a stash of ’em. This was discussed this morning on the Fox News Channel.

Martha MacCallum had on one of their doctors there, Manny Alvarez, along with a Democrat activist. To show you that this is political — which is the point I’ve been making intensely the last two weeks, but the history of this program been an attempt to illustrate to everybody that everything the Democrat Party does is political, everything it does. So here you have supposedly something that’s a medical decision.

A 15-year-old girl is able to walk into a pharmacy, ask for the morning-after pill without a prescription, and get it. So the Democrats send somebody — a feminist, political activist — to talk about this with Dr. Alvarez. Dr. Alvarez was hot. He was over the top. We have three sound bites on this, and we’re starting with this one. Question from Martha MacCallum: “If you’re 15 years old, you can walk into any retail outlet that has a pharmacy and you can do something that’s going to dramatically change what’s going on in your body.”

ALVAREZ: I have a 14-year-old daughter. She’s a teenager. She’s a child. She has a lot of growing up to do. It is my responsibility and my wife’s responsibility alone to bring that to fruition. Not the federal government, not the president, not anybody else! All of a sudden now some judge from New York questions that; everybody runs for the hills! Nobody wants to make the hard decisions, and all of a sudden now it’s 15 years!

RUSH: Now, what you didn’t hear is that Manny Alvarez was barely able to contain himself because he was responding to Jehmu Greene. Jehmu Greene is the former president of the Women’s Media Center. She’s now just a Democrat television analyst, strategist, whatever they call ’em, and she was making the case for this. Women’s freedom! Women’s freedom! Women’s liberation! Women’s sole decision!

Manny Alvarez says, “We’re talking girls, 15-year-old girls! I have a 14-year-old daughter, a teenager. She’s not a woman. She doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s going on with her body. It’s not up to the governor, it’s not up to the mayor, it’s not up to the president, it’s not up to some judge! It’s up to us parents, and we’ve just been aced out.”

Poor Jehmu was sitting there trying to frown appropriately and trying to edge her way back in the conversation, but not trying too hard because Jehmu was being juked almost out of her dress here by this. So after Dr. Alvarez said, “Nobody wants to make any hard decisions,” anymore. Nobody wants to tell anybody, “No.” Nobody wants to say, “No, that’s not good for you.” Nobody wants to assume responsibility for their own kids anymore, he kept going…

ALVAREZ: So what?’s going to happen two years from now? Somebody is going to make another argument and they’re going to say, “You know what, maybe it should be from the moment they are born.” Come on. That?’s politics interfering in healthcare and to me there are side effects, and I’m going to be talking about it. I’m going to be telling the American public, this is a medication, and parents should be aware exactly of what is going on. This is the insert. It reads like the Constitution. There’s so many possibilities, probabilities, percentages. You’re going to tell me a 15-year-old girl who could even buy it and give it to a 14-year-old or 13-year-old, is going to understand all the potential side effects and what they should do after if they have any of the symptoms.

RUSH: Doesn’t matter, Dr. Alvarez, that’s not the point of this. The reason — and make no mistake, folks — the reason the left, the political movement that harbors liberalism, the reason they want to do this is precisely to bust up the traditional notion of what is a family. The more they bust that up, the more they steer people to Washington for guidance, dependence, what have you. A lot of people on the left look at you and your family, parents, with contempt. By definition, you don’t have the tools to make the best decisions in life. You’re not smart enough to do what’s good for you. They have to control these circumstances.

You’re a good person, you’re just inept. You’re just not capable. They have to control you. They have to do what they think is best for you. And young girls are gonna have sex, folks, you can’t stop it. Pregnancy is a disease. And we’re losing ground politically on abortion. So let’s make the morning after pill an abortion pill per se, let’s just make that legal so we don’t have to worry about this anymore. We’ll figure out a way to compensate Planned Parenthood on the down low so they don’t suffer too much, but we’ll deal with that in ways that you won’t even see. The bottom line is, you are too oppressive as a parent. You want to deny your daughters a full life. You just can’t tell kids “no.” It’s not fair. You were a kid once. You know how you felt. I can’t tell a kid “no.”

Who are you to tell your kid “no”? So we are gonna tell your kid “yes.” We liberals, we of the federal government, we of the Democrat Party, your kid wants to do something, we’re there to say, “You do it. We’re behind you. And then we’ll help you deal with the consequences, because your parents really don’t know what’s best for you, and your parents don’t understand you, but we do.” That’s what’s going on here. Well, if you disagree with that, stop and think for a moment. What possible interest in something like this could the Democrat Party have?

Is this not an illustration of what I say I do every day? I get up. I’m minding my own business. I’m not bothering anybody. I check out the news, and I look at all the things I hold dear, the traditions, the institutions, the morality, the behavior, the people that I hold dear under assault. I come here and I defend it. I’m called divisive. So I got up today and I learn that the Democrat Party finally secured the idea that a 15-year-old can now walk into a pharmacy, get a birth control pill, after the fact, morning after birth control pill. If you think I am a little off center on this, ask yourself what possible interest is this to the Democrat Party?

Why do they care? And if you face that question honestly, if you start trying to honestly answer that, then your mind will open up to other possibilities and other things because, seriously, when it comes to having sex, getting pregnant, taking a pill to get rid of the pregnancy, what the hell’s that got to do with Democrat Party? And then when you learn it has everything to do with the Democrat Party because it is about securing financial contributions from the militant feminist groups and female votes and portraying this absurd notion that there’s a Republican War on Women, then you might better understand what is really happening here.

It’s not about women’s health. It’s not about female liberation. The Democrat Party is pushing this. Why? One more sound bite. Jehmu Greene here gets a shot. Martha MacCallum said, “After these two sound bites from Manny Alvarez that you just heard,” Ms. MacCallum turns to Jehmu Greene, says, “Any of this concern you?”

GREENE: What concerns me is that not all young people, not all teenagers have the relationship that probably Dr. Manny has with his daughter. For those young women who do not have that opportunity to talk to their parents, get their parents involved in this decision, we can’t leave them out there in the cold, and who else has been left out in the cold are all women. When you have the ability for them not to get this over-the-counter, there are barriers by pharmacy hours being, you know, not open at all times, pharmacies not in as many locations for women. This affects all of us.

RUSH: Do you believe this? So Jehmu Greene said (imitating Greene), “Well, what do you mean? Not every family has a responsible parent like Dr. Manny. And so we must take over. We are gonna be the parents. We’re the ones who care ’cause most kids don’t have responsible parents, A.” We can’t leave such kids out in the cold just like we can’t leave illegal immigrants in the shadows. They’ve been left out in the cold. All women, she said, have been left out in the cold. When you have the ability for them not to get this over-the-counter because of pharmacy hours not open all the time, pharmacies not where these women are, you see how unfair this country is? This is obscene, folks.


RUSH: Get this — I just heard the story, a mother has a 15-year-old daughter, ninth grade. In some places that’s High School. In other places that’s still the last year of middle school. She’s not allowed to have — get this, now — not allowed to have a bottle of Advil in her possession without some sort of a note from a doctor. Now, Advil’s over-the-counter, but she’s not allowed to have Advil in the purse without a note from a doctor or parent or something, and is not allowed to administer it herself, even if she’s got the note legally saying she can have a bottle of Advil, ibuprofen, still has to go to the school nurse to take it.

But this morning-after pill can be in her purse, it could be anywhere, and the schools can’t say anything about it. The Democrat Party wants it that way. Why? What could possibly be the interest of the Democrat Party in something like this? Now, I know the answer. I’m asking simply because I want people to start thinking of it this way. This is not the result of some gigantic health study that’s predicated on what best can we do for our young daughters. This is a Democrat Party agenda. This is an agenda of the militant feminists. Why is it crucial that 15-year-olds have sex and then be able to go to a pharmacy and get a pill to make sure there’s no pregnancy, or that if there is one, it doesn’t go any further? Think about that. And we’ll come back and we’ll start on the phones and continue with all the rest of it.

RUSH: Jay Carney has weighed in on the 15-year-olds being able to get legally, over-the-counter, morning-after birth control pills. Ed Henry at Fox News said to the spokeskid, “I believe in December of 2011, the president was in this room and spoke pretty emotionally. I think he mentioned his own daughters, and he said that a 10 year old or an 11 year old should not be able to go to a grocery story and buy this [morning-after birth control stuff] alongside, quote, ‘bubblegum or batteries.’ So are you saying the president is comfortable now with a 15 year old buying this pill next to bubblegum or batteries?”

CARNEY: I didn’t talk about this particular issue with him. The FDA has made a decision based on an amended application by a manufacturer that stipulates, uh, that it would be made available to, uh, teens 15 and older, and the — as you cited the president, he — he referred to younger girls and I believe so did Secretary Sebelius. But, you know, in terms of the — the — the assessments made about this decision, I think you could go to HHS to get the secretary’s views. Uh, because, again, the president was speaking in support of a decision that Secretary Sebelius had made at the time.

RUSH: So again it’s the Limbaugh Theorem. “Obama’s got nothing to do with this! Don’t ask me about 15-year-olds, and birth control pills. Go ask the secretary of Health and Human Services, and go talk to the manufacturers. They’re the ones that wanted this.” Well, of course they do! But Jay Carney, you’ve got kids about 15, 16. I wonder. I would love to ask him: What if your daughter runs and gets a pack of these things, Jay/ What will you feel about it? “Well, Health and Human Services says it’s okay! Kathleen Sebelius says it’s okay, and manufacturer says it’s okay, and the president said, ‘Go talk to them about it.'”

Let’s go back, March 29th, 2008, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. This is Obama at a town hall meeting.

OBAMA 2008: Look, I’ve got two daughters, nine years old and six years old. I’m gonna teach them, first of all, about values and morals. But! If they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16. You know, so it — it — it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.

RUSH: And “information” now equals a morning-after pill. ‘Cause he wouldn’t want them “punished.” “I’ll ’em morality and all that but I don’t want ’em punished with a baby.” Well, pregnancy is a disease. I mean, feminists have been teaching this for decades.


RUSH: Here’s Elizabeth in Atlanta. Elizabeth, glad you waited. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. It’s nice to speak with you.

RUSH: Pleasure’s mine.

CALLER: Thank you. I am getting completely frustrated by the notion that parents have nothing to say regarding keeping their children out of sexual activity until they’re married or until they’re full-grown adults who are smart enough to make that kind of serious decision.

RUSH: Well, who do you think is doing this? Who do you think is promulgating this notion that parents don’t know what they’re doing, don’t have their kids’ best interests at heart, and if you leave kids with their parents, that the best things for ’em are not gonna happen. Who do you think’s putting that out, who do you think believes that?

CALLER: Well, I really believe a lot of parents are lazy, and they’re like the low-information voter. It is not difficult, and with my children we started young. It’s different for boys and girls. With our daughter, we demonstrated modesty. I would show her pictures of Katharine Hepburn and say, “Isn’t she beautiful? Look how beautiful –”

RUSH: Okay, let me ask you a question. I got about a minute. I want to ask you a point-blank question. As a mother, do you think it is impossible today to raise a chaste daughter?

CALLER: Absolutely not. My daughter, through High School we did not allow serious dating. They dated, but not one on one, committed relationship. Now, she’s a college freshman, and when she started dating her current boyfriend she just let him know, “If you’re interested in a sexual relationship, you’re with the wrong girl.”

RUSH: Well, I’ll tell you this. The Democrat Party disagrees with you. The Democrat Party thinks your kid is gonna have sex no matter what you do, and therefore we must talk to them about it and we must teach them about safety. Now, when the subject is guns, we can’t do it. You can’t say, well, kids are gonna grab kids, shoot ’em anyway, we better teach gun safety.

No, no, no, no, we’re gonna get that gun out of the house and out of the country and we’re gonna make it illegal. Sex, you can’t stop ’em. They’re gonna do it. In fact, we’re gonna help ’em. We’re gonna teach ’em how, and then we’re gonna give them the morning after birth control pills so there’s no consequences. You parents can’t be trusted. We are the Democrat Party. That’s who’s behind this. I’m telling you, the family is one of the last obstacles in the way of the left’s being able to gain control over your kids.

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