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RUSH: Folks, I’ve got this tumbler. I mentioned this last week just in passing. It’s my all-time favorite cup to drink out of. Now, remember, I love sharing my passions with people. It’s my all-time favorite glass, 16 ounces, to drink out of. It’s a tumbler. It’s made by Tervis, and it’s insulated so that — and you’re coming up on summer — nothing sweats in it. You put ice and whatever beverage in there and the glass does not sweat and it does not drip and the ice stays frozen longer, it does not melt as fast.

We have people over to the house and we’ll serve them their adult beverages in standard cocktail or highball glasses and I’m running around with my tumbler. I’ve got tumblers that say Steelers on them, tumblers that say Patriots on them. When Patriots people come over, I don’t want the grief of having a Steelers tumbler. You don’t need a coaster. You don’t need napkins or any of that. It’s efficient. These are the little things in life, little details that I pay attention to. And I’ve used it so much. I had my Steelers Tervis tumbler, New England Patriots, people said, “You need one of your own.” And so that’s what we did.

We have now the latest and greatest product at the Two If By Tea website. It’s the Rush Revere tumbler. It’s got me in my broadcast suit and the Golden EIB Microphone on one side and the Rush Revere character on the other side — and it is superb artwork; it is classy. The illustration of me right here at the Golden EIB Microphone, and on the back is the illustration of Rush Revere on my trustee horse saving the day. It’s quality, really. You’d be amazed, for $12.99 it’s just absolutely amazing. Keeps drinks cold or hot, ideal for both. So if you’re looking for something perfect, unique, and high quality and non-breaking, it’s unbreakable, dishwasher, microwave, anything, for loyal Rush fans or for yourself — $12.99 per tumbler, and it comes in a really great tan burlap bag. You won’t believe this, for this cheapo price that we’re charging for this, and you can see it at TwoIfByTea.com. You will not be disappointed in the slightest.

Now, we gotta take a brief break coming up. I know time coming out of this break. When we get back at the top of the hour, I’ve got this stack on the media and the Democrats’ reaction to the Obama press conference yesterday. I can’t wait to share this with you, because it’s gonna validate so much, and then there’s other stuff, too. Like I said, I’m not gonna be able to get it all in today, but we’re gonna try so sit tight. We’ll be back in just a second.


RUSH: Look, folks, you know me. I get sort of squeamish — it’s not guilt, but, you know, when I start telling you about my own stuff, but I’m telling you, this tumbler is awesome, and it’s one of the things in life that I use every day that I like just because it’s efficient. I first ran into one of these, I was fascinated how it worked. Why doesn’t anything sweat? Why do I not need a coaster? So we’ve made them up, and it’s quality, and it’s class, and it’s got me and Rush Revere on it. It’s just the best of its kind that you can find. It’s at TwoIfByTea.com website.

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