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RUSH: Now, about John Bolton thinking this could be the “hinge point” that would bring down the regime. Folks, you don’t bring down a regime unless the media gets on board, and I don’t see that happening. I don’t see ABC, CBS, NBC getting on board with some movement to take this regime out like they tried with Reagan and Iran-Contra; like they succeeded with Nixon. There were plenty of reasons to try to take the Clinton administration out after Lewinsky. There were calls for his resignation, but the media didn’t do anything but circle the wagons. They’re gonna do that here.

In fact, I just got an e-mail during the break: “Rush, how long are the Democrats gonna try to protect Hillary on this? You would think by now, Rush, they might be sick and tired of trying to pull Hillary’s bacon out of the fire.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to tell you that nowhere in the Democrat Party is there any thought of throwing Hillary Clinton under the bus. Nowhere in the Democrat Party is anybody tired of pulling her bacon out of the fire. The Democrats do not throw their own people overboard. Democrats who fail end up with more stature than they had during whatever success they might have enjoyed. They don’t throw their people overboard like we do. They don’t discard their people.

The idea that Hillary is becoming baggage, an embarrassment, might bring down the regime… no, no, no, no. Hillary Clinton is going to be the next president. She’s gonna be the first female president, and she’s gonna have the same insurance policies that Obama has as the first black president, i.e., you can’t criticize her or we’ll call you a sexist and a bigot. That’s how they are dreaming of continuing to advance their agenda with no opposition. They’re not worried about Hillary being baggage. All they’re trying to do is continue with Obama’s philosophy of eliminating all opposition.

They don’t throw people overboard. They don’t throw people under the bus. Mrs. Clinton is still owed. And I’ll guarantee you, the energy right now at this moment in the Democrat Party is trying to find a way to embarrass these whistleblowers. The focus right now is how to destroy these people coming forth who would harm Hillary. That’s how they look at it. They’re not gonna throw Obama overboard. They’re not gonna throw Hillary overboard, pull her bacon out of the fire or any of that kind of thing.

You can’t look at these people and analyze them with the same rational way you look at any other group, business, population, what have you. They don’t behave in the rational way that you analyze yourself and other people. They are devoted. They’re true believers and they’re not gonna give us anything. They’re not gonna give us a victory on anything. And can you imagine what a victory it would be to throw Hillary overboard? Forget that, folks, isn’t gonna happen.


RUSH: Steve in South Windsor, Connecticut. Great to have you the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, Rush. You know, I think there’s actually a third scenario possible here. No matter what Hillary Clinton did or didn’t do, I say it goes right to the top, because Obama owns Libya. He went into Libya without congressional approval and committed US troops and bombed Libya. He owned it. Hillary I don’t think is that stupid to make that kind of call without Congress, and then to make the call and not doing anything, and that’s why they have to circle the wagons around her. They absolutely, to your point earlier, any other secretary of state would have been marched out. But if it wasn’t her call and she knows it and everyone in the inner circle knows it, they’ve gotta protect her because not that she would ever sing like a canary, ’cause that would definitely ruin her —

RUSH: Wait, wait just a second. I want to make sure I understand what you’re saying. You’re saying that it wasn’t her call, it was Obama’s, and since Obama clearly didn’t want to do anything, she wasn’t gonna do anything, and therefore you can’t really blame her, because she was just being loyal to her president?

CALLER: Absolutely. Why would she not make that call? I mean, there’s absolutely —

RUSH: She had her own counterterrorism people. She’s got her counterespionage people. The State Department has its own intelligence unit. They’ve got its own espionage. They’ve got their own version of the CIA. It’s much smaller, but those people were telling her what’s going on. Obama checked out at five o’clock. Obama told Hillary Clinton and Panetta, “You take care of it.”

CALLER: Yeah, but, Rush, when it came to Libya, I just think it’s a different scenario, because who wanted to go into Libya so bad and get out Khadafy? Was it Hillary?

RUSH: Well, look.

CALLER: I don’t think so.

RUSH: In every one of these circumstances you can say it always goes to the top. Clearly it does. Obama clearly indicated to everybody he wasn’t that interested. He just said, “You take care of it.” He didn’t issue any specific orders. But she did not make any phone calls. She did not do anything. Yet she claimed that she did everything she could to save lives. Of course there’s always the president and you can say that Hillary was being loyal and this kind of thing, but this is her turf. This is the consulate. This is the embassy. This is under the purview of the State Department.


RUSH: Arlene, Chicago, Illinois. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Thank you, Rush. I want to take you back to the day that we saw the funeral for our ambassador and our fallen heroes on television. When I saw the president and Hillary shaking hands, my first thought was, “What was that all about?” My second thought was, I’m surprised their hands didn’t stick because of all the blood that they have on their hands.

RUSH: You mean shaking hands with the family members of the deceased?

CALLER: No, they shook hands in front of the family members at the funeral.

RUSH: Oh. You mean this was at Andrews Air Force Base —

CALLER: Correct. Absolutely.

RUSH: Hillary and Obama shook each other’s hands after their memorial speeches?

CALLER: That is exactly right, and my second thought was, wow, I’m surprised their hands didn’t stick with all the blood on them.

RUSH: Well, why shouldn’t they shake their hands?

CALLER: No, they were shaking each other’s hands.

RUSH: I know. Why shouldn’t they do that?

CALLER: Why shouldn’t they do it? My thought was, why didn’t their hands stick when they have all that blood on them. As far as I’m concerned, I hope this investigation will show the truth finally. I hope for the health of all these people who are going to be testifying because I believe we were lied to, again.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, let me share with you a concern that I’ve heard. I don’t know that I share it, but there are some who are questioning whether or not the testimony that will be given tomorrow should have essentially been leaked or provided or given in the previous days because that will then allow the Democrats prep time to dispute it or disqualify it or to discount it in one way or another. I hadn’t even thought of that ’cause I’m assuming the testimony is truthful and factual, and then I remembered it’s Washington we’re talking about where that may not matter. But there are people who are very, very alarmed.

Maybe the Republicans got a little bit too confident here, but it wasn’t the Republicans. The whistleblowers showed up on TV first and testified, essentially, there. But there is no question that the Democrats on the committee have had time now to prep themselves for however they want to deal with this. And, believe me, the Democrats on this committee, they’re going to circle the wagons around the president and Hillary, make no mistake about that, one way or the other.

So we’ll see how that all manifests itself. But I don’t know. Maybe I was remiss in not thinking of that, but there are people that brought that to my attention. Now, Hillary and Obama shaking each other’s hands after their speeches, that’s easily understood, “Good job, Mr. President. Good job, Hillary.” That’s how they were acknowledging each other’s terrific performance at the ceremony.

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