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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a singer out there, a Grammy award-winning singer by the name of Lauryn Hill, and she has been given three months in prison for failing to pay about a million dollars in taxes over the last 10 years. She blames slavery for it. She said, “I am a child of former slaves, who had a system imposed on them. I had an economic system imposed on me.” So she’s saying her parents were slaves and she shouldn’t have to pay taxes because her parents were slaves. Well, if she’s gonna say that she’s a child of former slaves…


It’s what? Well, I’ve got the whole story here. Snerdley’s telling me it’s kookier than even we can imagine, and I don’t doubt that. Wesley Snipes shoulda tried it. He got a year. She only got three months. So the slavery excuse… (interruption) Oh, she paid the money. I know she paid the money. That’s the thing, three months, almost a million dollars, but she sat there, she blamed slavery. She attempted to get out of paying it saying (paraphrasing), “The reason I didn’t pay it is because I shouldn’t have to. I’m the daughter of slaves. I had a system imposed on me. The system’s not mine, it’s yours. I shouldn’t have to pay any of this.”

But that’s not the point. She’s a multimillionaire. She’s a Grammy award-winning singer in the United States of America, and she’s trying to portray herself as some sort of prisoner. Who’s putting that kind of stuff in her mind? The Democrat Party. All the people she hangs around with in the music business, all the leftists and the liberals, all this constant talk about what a racist country this is. This is what happens. That stuff doesn’t just happen in a vacuum. You have these impressionable young people that don’t know beans anyway because their education was worthless. So here she is a multimillionaire, loved and adored by millions of people, her music is purchased by tens of thousands of people, and she thinks she’s a slave, or either using the excuse will somehow get her out of having to pay what she owes. It’s just another sign of the cultural rot and decay.


RUSH: Let’s see. If Lauryn Hill is the child of former slaves, she must be like 130 or 140 years old, the mid-hundreds, if she’s the child of former slaves. She used to be in the Fugees. She’s earned a lot of money in this slave-infested, racist country — and because it’s all been imposed on her, she shouldn’t have to pay taxes.

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