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RUSH: This is kind of funny. Yesterday, when CNN was covering events in Cleveland, they had a split screen. On the left side of the split screen, as you were watching your TV, was the infobabe Ashleigh Banfield. On the right side of your split screen was Nancy Grace. CNN indicated that they were connected via satellite link, that they were in two different spots. It turned out they were in the same parking lot.

People eagle-eyed the coverage and saw the traffic drive behind Ashleigh Banfield and moments it appeared behind Nancy Grace. Now, as you looked at your screen, you had Ashleigh Banfield on the left half and Nancy Grace on the right. But in truth they were in the same parking lot, and Nancy Grace was just a little bit to the right of Ashleigh Banfield. Because you’d see whatever — a car, delivery truck — in the background of Ashleigh Banfield, and seconds later the same car in the background of Nancy Grace.

Yet they wanted you to think they were in different places. It was like when Cokie Roberts put on a trench coat in the studio because it was really cold out there and made to look like she was outside on Capitol Hill doing a report. She was in the studio bundled up to make it look like it was cold front of a backdrop. Okay, so that’s one thing. So CNN is now complaining about the media scrum outside of the girl’s house where she’s returning home after 10 years in Cleveland.

It’s just mildly amusing the phoniness that is so much a part of television these days.

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