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RUSH: Joe in Louisville. Great to have you on the program. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Great. You know, this is only the second time in my life I’ve ever really felt a need to call you because of something I felt passionate about. The first time I couldn’t get through. Being a Marine it really bothers me that our State Department has dwindled down the amount of Marines that are attached at embassies, because there’s only 1,200, at 130 different embassies, and if you had just the ten Marines that should have been there, those ten Marines, I’m sure, could have responded.

RUSH: I know, this is all — look, it’s inexplicable. It’s really curious. We have a consulate in an area of the world which is dramatically dangerous, where we are not loved, although I’m sure Obama and his gang thought we were because we had dispatched Khadafy, but still, how do you have this ambassador in a consulate with no security or little security and then under attack not only did you not let defense forces in, you tell the people who are there to stand down. Whoever they were, they were told to stand down. Now, three Americans are dead, they didn’t stand down. They went over to help.

But I can’t explain it to you. You’re like the third or fourth person to call here today wanting to know why in the world this happened. I can’t tell you, other than incompetence. It makes no sense to me why there was no effort made to defend those lives. I can’t tell you. That’s really what the hearings are about. People want to find out what the heck happened. You do have Marines at these embassies. Now, the embassy was not where the consulate is. The consulate was in Benghazi; the embassy, I think, is Tripoli. But you had a CIA station. There were many installations over there. So A, you don’t have proper security. Look, this whole thing doesn’t make any sense. You have the attack. They lie to us out of the box telling us that it’s a ad hoc protest based on a video.

Folks, I wish I had the answers for you. I can only use my intelligence guided by experience to come up with guesses, wild guess theories. And, you know, even some of the Benghazi security, we have learned, was handled by locals. We farmed it out to independent contractor security personnel, native Libyans. Some of them might have been terrorists, for all we know.

Paul in Denver, you’re next on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Maha Rushie, I’m crossing 1A off my list of things to accomplish is to talk to you. 1B is to have dinner with you, so maybe we can work on that after the conversation. If we can fly a B-2 bomber round trip from Missouri over North Korea without refueling, how come we can’t have a fleet of F-16s responding in — I mean, we could have P-51 Mustangs responding in the amount of time it took for them to do something about this.

RUSH: Of course.

CALLER: It’s an outrage.

RUSH: We had troops and forces in Italy. We had C-130s. All we had to do was make some noise in the sky and it might have scattered them. That’s all we had to do. I know, I don’t have the answers. I didn’t devise the policy. All I know is that I’m the one causing the trouble by raising the questions and asking for answers. I’m the problem, and so are you. We are the problem. We are purists. We’re troublemakers. We’re stirring the pot here and we’re making it uncomfortable for everybody. We have to understand, death is a part of life.

CALLER: I saw a bump sticker, Rush, that said “End term limits, Obama 2016.” How terrible is that?

RUSH: Oh, believe me. There are all kinds of people who want to get rid of the 22nd Amendment. Who would love for Obama to seek a third term. And then we’re told, “Nah, don’t worry about it, Rush, the job’s so beneath him. He’s so, so, so smart that this job actually bores him. There really isn’t enough in this job to challenge Obama, Rush. So don’t worry about him wanting a third term. Just isn’t going to happen.” Appreciate the call, Paul.


RUSH: Now, some people are asking a question. I’m gonna answer the question that people are asking about the security, Marines, why didn’t they have people there. Some people have said… Nobody knows, folks, is the point. Some people have said that it was Hillary Clinton’s decision not to post Marines at Benghazi. You have to… Folks, I know. This is so hard, because all of this sounds unreal. The left — the Clintons, especially — are known, from their days in the White House on this.

They think that posting uniformed military people is “intimidating,” and it makes them uncomfortable. Some people say that it was Hillary’s decision not to post Marines at Benghazi. It’s “provocative.” They see the military in a totally different way than you and I do. When they’re at the Super Bowl and they see jets in a flyover start of the game, they’re threatened by it. They see the agents of war. You and I see freedom flying over.

The sound of those jets, that equals freedom to you and me. It’s our the defense. To them it’s provocative and might make people mad. So Mrs. Clinton not wanting Marines there, as I understand the way she thinks, makes perfect sense. I shouldn’t tell this story, but I want to try to come up with an analogy to explain this. My father went out. He loved flying. He loved aviation. He flew P-51s in World War II. He scrimped and saved and found a way to finance the purchase of a little Cessna 182.

My mother was afraid that it would give people the wrong idea, that they would think that we were economically situated in ways that we weren’t. Well, that’s the way Hillary is with the military — only in Hillary’s case, it’s not a protective thing. To them, the military’s provocative. So they think other people would look at it that way. Mrs. Clinton is… When I talk about incompetence, it’s entirely possible that she could think that the presence of Marines in uniform would make things more dangerous.

Now, I realize how hard that is to understand.

I realize that to a lot of people that just sounds crazy. But you have to understand the way these people (by “these people,” I mean huge leftists) think. Any rate, Mrs. Clinton is said by some to have made the decision not to post Marines at Benghazi. It was a Big Government story, some colonel who made that statement. Also, we haven’t heard much about this, but there are people who told these whistleblowers to keep quiet. But we haven’t heard much about who told them to keep quite.

They have been threatened, these whistleblowers have. Gregory Hicks did say that he got a call from Cheryl Mills, who was very upset about them talking to lawyers. Now, that’s not a direct quote. It’s my memory of what Hicks said. Cheryl Mills wanted to know what had been said to him. So there have been some people very uncomfortable with this testimony. Cheryl Mills is Hillary’s top aide. She was once Bill Clinton’s deputy White House counsel during the impeachment hearings.

At the time of her call to Gregory Hicks, she was Hillary’s chief of staff and legal counsel. Hicks said, “Cheryl Mills called me very upset.” She was very upset. She wanted to know why he was gonna testify and why he was getting lawyers. So there has been pressure applied on these people not to testify. It hasn’t been threats per se. They have just let it be known that they’re not pleased. People at the highest levels are not pleased with this.

No doubt there have been efforts to silence these people, or at least intimidate them into saying very little. But I can’t tell you why other than what this colonel says in this Big Government story that it was Mrs. Clinton who didn’t want any Marines there. Well, I only told you what I think could be a possible reason based on how I understand these people. “Yeah, well, if we post Marines there, that could provoke people into violence or it could intimidate ’em.

“It could provoke them into hostilities, and we don’t want to do that. We don’t want to send the wrong signals so we don’t want to do that. We’ll show that we don’t intend them any harm. We won’t have uniformed Marines there. That will show ’em we don’t intend ’em any harm, and that will make them leave us alone.” It’s Conflict Resolution 101 kind of stuff. Dusty in Morgantown, West Virginia. Hi. Great to have on you the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I was calling about another aspect of this whole Benghazi story. I think its’ worth mentioning the fact that when the administration and the State Department decided to use this whole video — online video — as a scapegoat for what happened in Benghazi, additional protests broke out all over the world after we decided to apologize for it. As a result of those protests in Yemen and all over the Middle East, there were over — I believe the reports I read — 75 people who died, and almost 800 people injured. And I don’t think that those protests would have happened had the media in the United States and the administration not used the video online as the reason why Benghazi happen.

RUSH: You know, that’s an excellent point. Nobody had seen this video, and then the president and Hillary and the media started talking about this really offensive video that’s out there. That, in turn, did create a lot of protests in the Muslim world.


RUSH: That’s a great point you’ve got there, Dusty.

CALLER: Thank you.

RUSH: You bet. I’m glad you called. Thanks so much.

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