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RUSH: Dylan Byers at The Politico is reporting that the regime this afternoon held an off the record briefing with reporters on Benghazi. No idea what was said at the briefing, obviously, because it’s off the record. But I think we can make a pretty educated guess what’s going on. The regime is telling these reporters that ABC got it wrong, that Susan Rice had it right. I guarantee you that the regime is trying to head this off at the pass by rallying and rounding up their accomplices in the media. No question about it. Speaking of which, this is interesting. CNN this afternoon said that they were standing by for Jay Carney and the White House press briefing to address the latest Benghazi news at 1:45 this afternoon.

CHRIS CUOMO: What we’re monitoring here mainly is this expected White House briefing where administration spokesman Jay Carney is expected to address new questions being raised about the Benghazi attack. How was it handled? Did we know there was an attack coming or was it random? These iterations of talking points, some 12 iterations, why so many, what do they mean, was this about putting politics over what happened to the real people there on the ground? Those are hard questions. When he comes up to take them, we’ll bring it to you live.

RUSH: Wow. Was this about putting politics over what happened to the real people on the ground? Wow, the real people. Anyway, Carney was supposed to come out at 1:45 and answer these questions. It is now 2:49 and Carney has not appeared, and the White House just announced that he will appear at 3:15 Eastern. Translation: Jay Carney will appear in the White House press briefing room to answer these questions 15 minutes after Rush Limbaugh goes off the air. Originally scheduled for 1:45, now moved to 3:15. Now, this off the record briefing with reporters, obviously there will be some reporters not there. I wonder if they might be offended. They can’t bring everybody in for this off the record briefing, so the people not there, I wondered if they’re gonna be offended?

I’ll tell you what’s happening, folks. They’re preparing for a Friday afternoon document dump, the old theory being drop your documents at the end of the day on Friday when there’s no news, and even if there is, the low-information people are already drunk in advance of the weekend and they’re not paying attention to anything and you get away with it.

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