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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Santa Monica, California. This is Nancy. Thank you for calling. Great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you. Well, I was listening every day, and today I just can’t take it anymore. If Obama is complaining that you, Rush, are stopping everything in Washington — or everything happening that he wants to have happen — then Obama is not the most powerful man in the Free World. You are.

RUSH: Well, I see your point. I actually understand what you’re saying. Here’s the president of the United States, who finds his agenda blocked — thwarted, stalled — and his stated excuse and reason is me, a radio talk show host.


RUSH: So I can see where you would think that I have become problematic and perhaps on the same level of power, if not more so, than the president.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: And what is he also saying about the Republicans? What a bunch of cowards they are. That’s what he’s saying. They’re afraid of me.

CALLER: Well, and he’s crazy if he thinks that they’re just gonna turn everything over to him because he got elected the second time. He’s just nuts.

RUSH: That’s the way he thinks. That’s the way he thinks. Look, his modus operandi, Nancy, is to eliminate all opposition. One of Obama’s signature moves, by the way, is to find secret documents on opponents that are embarrassing and that are sealed and find a way to release them. He won two elections that way. One over Bobby Rush, and another in his Senate race in Illinois. See, his modus operandi is to simply eliminate all opposition. He doesn’t debate people.

He doesn’t sit down in the arena of ideas and try to prove the premise of his ideas. He tries to eliminate the existence of other ideas and the people who have them. The idea here that most powerful man in the world is thwarted because of me is pretty stark stuff, which is why I’m offering to help the president and advise him on a way out of this impasse. I don’t need to repeat it again, but at the very opening of the program I offered to make myself available to hash this out.

He’s got plans. He thinks what he wants to do is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to this country or it’s very important, and I’m in the way. (interruption) I don’t know.
Mr. Snerdley is asking me if it’s ever happened in American history where a president has identified a private citizen as the reason things can’t get done. It may have happened before. Well, Bill Clinton in that phone call to KMOX in St. Louis on Air Force One, he did complain.

He told the host at KMOX that there was no “truth detector,” that he’d do things and then I’ve got three hours on the radio, and there’s nobody here to counter me, and there’s nobody to tell people how I’m lying, and there’s no truth detector. So it’s not unprecedented, but I think President Obama has probably moved the ball the forward in this context. But Nancy has a point. She does.

Here’s Phillip in Salado, Texas. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi. How you doing, Rush? Pleasure to talk to you. I just had a comment on that same point. In conjunction with your Rush Limbaugh Theorem, I think the president has to continue to keep himself external from the problem. He’s obviously done it a number of ways. In the first part of his administration, it was the Bush’s problem; then it was the Republicans in the Congress couldn’t get together.

By association now he’s pointing out you. So in order keep himself outside the problem just like any dictator currently does or has done in the past, he’s gotta create the external threat to the country or to his group. So what better way to gather the liberals together than to point out, “Hey, there’s a threat that’s out there that’s a problem for us, and we have to band together.”

RUSH: That’s exactly right.

That is exactly it.

That’s why he does this in the homes of loyalist fundraisers and donors and supporters — Hollywood people — who he thinks have a lot of influence. He’s basically tell ’em, “You know, this guy Limbaugh’s my problem. (Wink, wink.) Is there something you can do to help me diminish him? I mean, you guys in Hollywood have the ability to influence the country. Is there something you can do?” But it is — he’s right — the Limbaugh Theorem. It’s Obama distancing himself from what’s really going on, an external threat that nobody can do anything about — in this case, me.


RUSH: Here’s Cindy in Hughesville, Pennsylvania, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you so much for taking my call, and thanks for everything you do.

RUSH: I appreciate that. Thank you so much.

CALLER: I just want to say that, um… I don’t want to give out too much information because I don’t want to be audited by the IRS. But I just want to say that President Bush should probably call and thank you because now this takes some of the heat off of him.


CALLER: Because now they can blame you for the next three years, after blaming him for the last five years.

RUSH: Yeah, except they’ve been blaming me, too. Now, not as fervently as they blame Bush, but this is something the president’s been doing since his second week in office, is holding me out as the obstacle. Don’t forget, folks. The second week in office he had a meeting with congressional leaders in the White House, and he looked at Republicans in that meeting and said, “Look, you guys have gotta stop listening to Rush Limbaugh. That’s just not how things get done in Washington.”

So this is nothing new what he said at the fundraiser at Harvey Weinstein’s house yesterday when he basically told Justin Timberlake and his bride, Jessica Biel, and the designer Tommy Hilfiger this. He said he knows the Republicans want to agree with him. The Republicans want to join him in his agenda for America, and he thought that his reelection in 2012 would “break their fever.” He thought that his winning reelection in 2012 would make the Republicans basically see the light and cave in and agree with him.

But they don’t because they’re afraid of me.

I’m the obstacle.

I’m the guy that’s preventing Obama from getting what he wants, doing what he wants.

Anyway, I appreciate the call, Cindy. Thank you.

Karen in Mahwah, New Jersey. Welcome to the program.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: That’s great. I’m happy to speak to you. I have so many things to talk to you about today. The first one is: You, meeting with Obama to try to help him out, is not gonna be good. It is so great watching him flounder up there and go, “Uh, uh, uh,” and not knowing what he’s talking about. It’s been the best time I’ve had in the last 4-1/2 years!

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: Number two: Obama thinking that the Republicans would do everything that he wants them to do if it wasn’t for you. The Republicans would do everything that Obama wanted them to do because they fawn all over him like schoolchildren, and they make idiots out of themselves. They do everything. They’re so gentleman-like. They never, ever, ever do the right thing. They always seem to be, let’s say, “kissing butt.”

RUSH: Well, let me stop you there because you have raised an interesting point. I’ve had some e-mails during the program today, “Rush? Rush, I don’t understand. Why’s he singling you out? Mitch McConnell opposes him, and Boehner opposes him. Why is he blaming you?” You know, and I write back: “It’s a great question. Stop and think about the answer.” There’s an answer to that question, because it’s true. There are Republicans who criticize Obama. There are Republicans who defy him. There are not many. There are some who do, but he never singles them out. He singles me out, and there’s a reason for that.

CALLER: And what is that?

RUSH: Well, I do more than oppose him. I define him. I tell people who he is, what he is, and what his ultimate plans are. I don’t deal with Obama as just the latest Democrat who we oppose because we’re Republicans and he’s a Democrat. I recognize Obama as the Alinskyite that he is, the community organizer that he is, and the guy who really doesn’t like this country as founded.

CALLER: You know, that’s right.

RUSH: Republicans don’t talk about him that way, but I do.

CALLER: Well, I also have something else to say.

RUSH: Well, I gotta take a brief time-out here. So you hold on through the break and we’ll come back and we’ll get to your final point that you wanted to make right after this.


RUSH: Back to Karen in Mahwah, New Jersey, what is the next thing you wanted to comment on?

CALLER: Okay, Rush, hi. With the Benghazi cover-up, with the IRS corruption, with the DOJ spying on the AP, with the health care law that is going to be a train wreck, I think it’s time that the Republicans — forgive my political incorrectness here — go for the kill. I think it’s time that they come out strong, they come out bold, and they let the entire country see what these Democrats are all about.

RUSH: I don’t think that’s going to happen.

CALLER: I know. I know. Don’t get me upset.

RUSH: There is one — maybe more than one. I mean, two or three Republicans who are dealing with Obama on the wholesale level. Most Republicans will limit their criticism to Obama the retail way. What I mean by that is, they just treat it, “Okay, he’s the latest Democrat, and his policies are whatever they are, and we oppose them, and we’re trying to stop them. The wholesale level of dealing with Obama is, “Okay, we’ve got a real statist here, gang, and what this guy’s trying to do is transform this country and turn it into something it has never been. He is trying to do everything he can to change this country from the way it was founded.” No Republican talks this way. Maybe Ted Cruz, maybe Rand Paul now and then, but no other Republican does this.

He’s just the latest Democrat. The Republican consultants: “He’s just the latest Democrat. We really gotta get these Hispanic voters, and we really gotta get these independents,” and they’re missing the boat on what’s really happening to the country. Maybe they’re not missing the boat. They just don’t want to go there verbally in discussing it. There’s nothing special about this regime. It’s just the latest Democrat regime. You and I, Karen, know full well there’s nothing typical about this Democrat regime. This one’s make or break, as far as the country and its founding is concerned and what kind of country we’re gonna have and what kind of future individuals are gonna have, what kind of opportunity they’re gonna have.

I think that’s why the president singles me out, if you want to know the truth. ‘Cause there are plenty of Republicans that do criticize his policies. McConnell has said our objective is to make sure Obama’s not reelected. But Obama’s never out there saying that Mitch McConnell is the reason his agenda is thwarted. He’s blaming me. And there’s a reason, there’s a reason he’s blaming me. And it is that he does consider my position here to be of sufficient power to influence others to oppose him in ways they otherwise wouldn’t. That’s what bothers him. If I may be so bold and honest as to say, he believes that if it weren’t for me, the vast majority of Republicans would just roll the dice and go with him, take the path of least resonance, not say anything that’s gonna get people criticizing ’em, not saying anything that’s going to get the media mad at ’em.

But I won’t let ’em get away with that, in his mind, therefore I’m the obstacle. And that’s why, if you’re just joining us, I’ve offered, seriously, in the first half hour of the program today, since I’m the problem, I’m the guy standing in the way of his agenda, I’ll be glad to meet with him and hash it out. I’ll be glad to advise him on how to move the country forward. Not his way, but I’ll be glad to talk to him about it. I’m the obstacle. I’ve made that offer. I extended that invitation in the first half hour of the program today. He’s telling all these donors and everybody that I’m it. If it weren’t for me…

Folks, he’s salivating over the possibility that just one Republican would come out and denounce me. Oh, that would make his day. He thinks that would be the end of me. That you would leave me. That you would leave the program, and that that’d be the end of me if just one Republican would do it. And that’s what he’s trying to egg on. Because he knows they’re not gonna stop him. Bottom line, he knows the Republicans — he can look at ’em, he can see that they didn’t run a serious campaign against him in 2012, did they? They had all kinds of chances to run a serious campaign against him. They didn’t. They treated it as just the standard, next campaign, next election. We got a Republican versus a Democrat, and let’s raise our money and let’s go buy our ads and see what happens.

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