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RUSH: You shoulda seen Snerdley’s face when I told him that there was some scuttlebutt on the blogs that the IRS scandal is actually a bunch of Bush holdovers and that they’re in there and they’re sabotaging Obama. And the look on Snerdley’s face, he’s angry, “Oh, come on, that’s ridiculous!”

I want you to listen. Moments ago, there was a press conference, major, major Democrat politician, officeholder, on Capitol Hill.

PELOSI: Has anybody mentioned that the director who left, and therefore we have now an acting director, was a Bush appointee? And that Miller is a career – heÂ’s a career. So these are not Obama appointees. But it happened on their watch. I mean, the IRS — those are three scary initials to most people.

RUSH: Forget the liberal blogs. That’s Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the House: it is a Bush scandal. These are Bush appointees. Now, you’re sitting there and you’re saying, “Ah, that’s crazy.” Remember who her audience is. The low-information crowd is gonna eat this up. She’s simply confirming what they are already telling themselves on these blogs. So, folks, we are not gonna have the satisfaction of people turning on Obama. People who voted for him are not gonna say, “Gosh, you guys are right.” It’s not gonna happen. I don’t think the point here is to nail Obama. He’s done, this is it. This is liberalism, folks. This is the opportunity we have. This is what happens, out of control liberalism on parade. Everything that’s going wrong in this country, liberalism.

You know, if you want to say socialism, if you want to say statism, if you want to say big government, whatever, but it’s liberalism on parade. This is what you get. You get economic failure. You get morass. You get malaise. You get a national funk. You have people afraid of their government. You have the IRS targeting people because they are political enemies. This is liberalism. Liberalism is a minority of the population of this country, but yet we’re being governed by them.

A story. Spend some time with this today. Snerdley, you’ll love this. UK Daily Mail: “Men who are physically strong are more likely to have right-wing political views. Weaker mean are more likely to support the welfare state and wealth redistribution,” and feminism. Weak liberal men. Physically strong men, you can count on ’em. They’re gonna be conservatives.

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