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RUSH: Folks, we are being told that Lois Lerner’s seemingly out-of-the-blue admission about the IRS tax-exempt waivers was carefully planned. The question that evoked her admission was planted as part of prepared strategy for the IRS to release this information to the public, and that’s according to the outgoing IRS commissioner, Steven Miller. He said it in testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee this morning.

So Lois Lerner’s out-of-the-blue admission about the IRS tax-exempt waivers, that was orchestrated to get that in official testimony. So this would seem to show that they wanted the IRS stuff to come out right at the point where Benghazi was starting to gain traction. That’s the point of this. There were some people who laughingly suggested that the lid was blown on this IRS thing last Friday right when Benghazi was starting to heat up.

I remember a number of people called the program here and sent e-mails. They said, “Rush, this is an attempt to cover-up what’s going on in Benghazi ’cause that’s the real problem,” and it is. The IRS thing, though, is easily understandable. The IRS thing, it’s abuse of power. That’s government overreaching. A lot of people can understand that. The Benghazi thing is still kind of murky, and it’s a tougher sell to try to convince the American people that an administration didn’t care about the lives of four Americans.

That’s a real tough sell.

It’s a real tough sell to suggest to the American people that the regime was incompetent, because everybody in this country thinks that the president of the United States, first and foremost, is concerned with defending America, saving Americans’ lives, and is indeed competent to do so. I dare say that most people, low-information voters especially, think it’s just automatic that every president is profoundly qualified to run the military. They just accept it. They can’t conceive of anything else.

Such is the lofty image of the presidency itself.

It’s not so much the lofty image of Obama; it’s the office. So the Benghazi situation, that’s a tougher sell. Bob Woodward is out saying that the talking point controversy of Benghazi is comparable to Watergate. He said, “I have to go back 40 years to Watergate when Nixon put out his edited transcripts of the conversations … [I]f you read through all these emails, you see that everyone in the government is saying, ‘Oh, let’s not tell the public that terrorists were involved, people connected to al-Qaida. LetÂ’s not tell the public that there were warnings.'”

Bob Woodward said this on MSNBC today. He said, don’t dismiss this Benghazi, this is very serious, and he compared it to Watergate. He compared this to Nixon. I dare say (and I want to remind you again) that in all the e-mails that have been released, not one reference to the video, folks. Not one reference to it! In all of those e-mails, there hasn’t been one reference whatsoever to the film, to the video, to the thing that irritated Muslims and so forth.


RUSH: Stephen Hayes. “What About the Video? — So, what about the video? The White House last week released nearly 100 pages of emails detailing some of the discussions within the Obama administration that resulted in major revisions to talking points about the Benghazi attacks drafted by the Central Intelligence Agency. From the beginning, there have been two big questions about the [regime]’s deceptive spin on Benghazi: How were the talking points whittled down to virtually nothing from the CIA’s original draft?

“And how did a previously obscure YouTube video gain such prominence in the [regime]’s explanation of what happened in Benghazi?” Hayes said he’s looked
at all these documents. There’s nothing in there about the video. They can’t find it. Where did this come from? Two big questions: Where was Obama during the heat of the moment of Benghazi attack, and where did this video excuse come from?


RUSH: David, Export, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Major dittos from western Pennsylvania and formerly Stockton cauliflower. Hi, Rush. By the way, we already have robots. It’s simply an acronym for progressive liberals. They’re everywhere. My question to you, Rush, is — hopefully you’ll expound on this — is why is it seemingly so much energy is being spent trying to uncover the Benghazi — uncover the cover-up of the Benghazi affair? What will it prove? They lied about a video. Oh, gee whiz.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, hold, hold, hold it.

CALLER: We already know that.

RUSH: Hold it just a second. I’m not sure I understand your question.

CALLER: I mean, so much energy is being —

RUSH: Energy by who? Energy by who? Republicans? Media?


CALLER: Congress, seemingly all these questions are being directed about the cover-up. Well, why are doing that? Shouldn’t we be going after the initial causes, what led to this in the first place? Isn’t that where the true culpability is?

RUSH: Well, that’s why. The cover-up is an attempt to cover up why the right thing wasn’t done.

CALLER: It’s a deflection, Rush, it’s a deflection. I mean, it’s a low-concocted deflection. It’s the cover-up of a stupid video. What does that prove? It doesn’t prove a darn one thing, whereas if we uncover —

RUSH: Okay, then tell us how to do it.

CALLER: Well, if we go after what happened in the first place, what happened before the attacks, the neglect of responsibility, if they go after that, it will prove why the cover-ups even took place in the first place, but if you prove that there was a cover-up, what does that prove? Nothing. That’s in my opinion. And I was hoping you would elaborate on that.

RUSH: Well, you can’t get to what’s being covered up until you dispatch with the cover-up. I know what you’re saying. You think the regime is very cleverly and craftily focusing everybody on the cover-up to hide what really happened and then once they unravel the cover-up they’ll stop going any further because they think they’ll have had success in establishing that the Obama administration covered something up.

The cover-up was done for the same reason that there was no security before the attack, and that was to help Obama get reelected. Everything was about Obama getting reelected. The cover-up, the fact that there’s no security, are one and the same, if you ask me. The reason there was no security was to make sure that — they trying to prevent what happened. They’re liberals, remember.


Let’s go back to the beginning. What really started this — we’ve gotta go back to Cairo. We know pretty much what happened here. The embassy, the State Department embassy issues an apology on the early afternoon of 9/11, 2012, before anything has happened. Nothing has happened. That apology apologizes for a video, incidentally. Two days prior to 9/12, 2012, the grand mufti of Egypt was rabble-rousing in a mosque, and he happened to, incidentally, mention a video that had been produced, that he had seen, that made him mad. It was a casual, almost throwaway portion of his main rabble-rousing. The embassy apologized. We were told it was a rogue employee who simply was overzealous and trying to prevent a protest. That’s not all. The regime, the Obama administration knew there was going to be a protest. They apologized for themselves in that video in advance hoping to stop it. They believed if they just showed contrition, they were nice people, that the protest wouldn’t happen.

The Obama administration did not want a protest. They didn’t want an attack. The Obama administration’s running for reelection. The Obama administration has told everybody that Al-Qaeda is on the run, bin Laden is dead, Obama has effectively beaten terrorism and the country’s loved again. They don’t want any evidence to the contrary. So they apologize in advance before anything has happened. Romney goes out, makes a statement, a presidential statement condemning this apology. “Why are we apologizing for our country again? We haven’t done anything.” The media then immediately launched into Romney and how un-presidential and how uncalled for it was and how presumptuous it was, Romney’s not president, he’s just a stupid, feeble little candidate, who the hell does he think he is. Then all hell broke loose in Cairo. And you had the protesters saying, “We’re all Osamas, Obama.” Well, then Benghazi happened, a planned, coordinated terror attack, which they all knew.

We know everything, David. We know everything. The purpose of the Obama administration cover-up is to try to get us to disbelieve what we know. The purpose of everything they did over there — Benghazi was lied about to get through the elections. The IRS thing, lied about to get past the elections. Stevens went to — ambassador went to Benghazi on a goodwill mission, they couldn’t admit that they needed heightened security, they couldn’t knit that it was a war zone. Remember, we had just kicked Khadafy out of office, supposedly Libya loved us, they couldn’t admit that there were terrorists in Libya, Obama had defeated ’em.

What really happened in both Cairo and Benghazi was a blatant illustration of how wrong — dangerously wrong — Obama is, how dangerously wrong Democrats are, how dangerously wrong leftists are, how dangerously wrong these pacifists who get in charge of the US military are. They are dangerous. They are so wrong, Americans died. The truth about Cairo and Benghazi, it was oriented toward one thing: protecting Barack Obama.

If you doubt me, take a look at any media story from back, “How is this going to affect Obama?” Any media story. “How is this going to be affect Obama? How is this going to affect Obama’s reelection? How is this gonna affect Obama’s policy?” Not “Oh, my God, four Americans are dead. Does this regime know what it’s doing?” There wasn’t any coverage like that. The coverage was, “Oh, my God, how’s this gonna affect Obama? How can we help that this not hurt Obama?”

That’s why people are looking into this. There was blatant incompetence. There was political maneuvering. Four Americans dies to preserve an Obama campaign lie, and the cover-up was done to keep that from coming out before the elections, and even after. Four Americans died to preserve the Obama campaign. We know this. They are covering that up and trying to keep that hidden, and so the effort to uncover it all so that average, ordinary Americans understand it, is what’s going on.

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