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RUSH: We have an update here from Jay Carney, another one, on the IRS scandal.

There are now, I figure, eight or nine different versions of what happened. The White House has had four or five shifting versions of why it happened, who did it, who knew about it, who knew about it and didn’t tell the president about it, who knew about it and didn’t tell anybody else about it. Every day it’s a new thing, and here’s the latest from the spokeskid, Jay Carney. At the daily press briefing, a reporter said, “Okay, Jay, who did Treasury talk to here at the White House? Who is it? Who did the Treasury department tell here what was going on in Cincinnati about targeting the Tea Party groups?”

CARNEY: It was Mark Childress, uh, deputy chief of staff.

REPORTER: And the president was not made aware of this notification?

CARNEY: Absolutely. He — he — he was not, and I think we made that clear. Some people have suggested that was, uh, unwise. I think people in the know and people who understand, uh, why it’s important to maintain distance from these kinds of things for a White House understand that that was the right call, in our view.

RUSH: Okay! So the White House didn’t tell Obama about the IRS because it was a wise thing to do to keep him in the dark, and so now we have a name. Mark Childress, deputy White House chief of staff, was the person who interacted with their Treasury department learning what the IRS was doing. So the net is drawing closer. See, every day we get a new update on who knew and who was involved. So now we find out that the deputy White House chief of staff was cahooting with the Treasury department about how best to put this story out.

After the elections, by the way. After the elections.

They want you to believe that Obama knew nothing. Jay Carney says it right here. They didn’t tell Obama about the IRS ’cause it was wise to keep him in the dark. “I think people in the know and people who understand why it’s important to maintain distance from these kinds of things for a White House understand that that was the right call, in our view,” not telling the president. Now, A, I don’t believe he didn’t know. But if he didn’t, the larger point is he didn’t have to be told to know this was going on.

Ladies and gentlemen, again, there are a bunch of sycophants and groupies and just true believers. Maybe they’re not even groupie or sycophants. They’re just literally believers. I mean, these are dyed-in-the-wool true believers. Obama was The Messiah. Obama is The Messiah. Obama, he’s it! He’s infallible. “If conservatives and Republicans are the worst thing to him, then I’m gonna protect him! I’m gonna make sure that conservatives don’t get to him.

“I’m gonna make sure that conservatives don’t harm my guy! I’m gonna make sure these Republicans do not inflict damage on my guy ’cause my guy is god! My guy is infallible; my guy is the answer to everybody’s problems. I’m gonna protect my guy, and if that means taking out Republicans with the IRS, so be it.” Those are the kinds of people who get hired, folks. I’m telling you, he doesn’t have to know. He doesn’t have to issue orders. He doesn’t have to have an operator’s manual for this.

These people get hired because it is understood by everybody in the hiring process that this is what they’re gonna do. (interruption) Snerdley is saying, “Wait a minute! How come this kind of ignorance doesn’t fly for CEOs?” For example, if the CEO at BP says, “You know what? I’m sitting over here in Britain, and I’m having a cigar with my port, and that oil well leak? Nobody told me. Go talk to the guys over there in the Gulf! I don’t know anything. They purposely didn’t tell me about this so that I could have plausible deniability.

“I’m the CEO. I can’t be told what’s going on.” I know that doesn’t fly. It doesn’t pass anybody’s smell test. But in this case, remember their target, now. Their target for all of this when Jay Carney goes out there, is he’s giving the media an excuse they will swallow and then report, that they won’t call him on. He’s also sending a message to the low-information voters: “Obama’s too big! Obama couldn’t be told about this so. We had to give Obama some deniability,” whatever.

The sycophant supporters of Obama are gonna accept this right off the bat. These are people who don’t want to think ill of Obama, and were not gonna make that happen. We’re not gonna reverse that. You take these low-information people who idolize Obama, and that’s it. Look, in their minds, when Obama goes out and says he’s mad about this and gonna get to the bottom of it, they believe that. They believe he didn’t know!

He went out there and he said he didn’t know what was going on, and it really made him mad. “This is totally unfair! This is not how the IRS is supposed to be used and I’m gonna get to the bottom of it! We’re going to get rid of these people.” They believe it. Remember, his whole presidency is built on that. Obviously if Snerdley can’t remember this, a lot of you can’t, either. If I have to keep reminding him every day of the Limbaugh Theorem, then what that tells me is that he’s still not getting it, and he’s involved in this stuff.

It’s his job, too. But the instinctive understanding of how Obama is doing this, a lot of people still don’t get. He’s purposely unattached. He is purposely distant. He’s purposely not involved. He’s not governing. He’s not making these decisions. That’s his survivability technique. He is constantly campaigning. He is not seen as governing. His enemies are doing all of this to try to undermine him, and Obama has some loyal supporters who are trying to get to the bottom of it to protect him.

He has successfully positioned himself as the first president, I’m sure in history, to whom his supporters really don’t look at as leading. They look at him as the big cheese and the head honcho, but they just do not see him as hands-on involved in anything. The country’s still a mess. It’s gotten worse since he took office. He can’t take ownership for that and survive. The only way he can survive with the country getting worse — and it’s getting worse because of his policies.

The only way he can survive is if his supporters, the low-information voters, continue to believe that he’s being undermined, or that the problems are so deeply rooted from Bush that it’s gonna take much, much longer than anybody thought to get to the bottom of ’em and start reversing this. But you’re not gonna convince them that Obama is not trying to fix these messes. You’re not gonna convince them that he’s causing them. You’re just not.

Therefore, as I keep saying ’til I’m blue in the face: The focus on this has got to be above and beyond Obama. I mean, it’s funny and it’s interesting to play these sound bites and listen to these dorks at the White House try to insult our intelligence and tell us why it’s totally plausible Obama doesn’t know anything. Now, you and I know it’s bogus. We know he knows everything. We know he’s directly hands on. We know that on stuff like this which is oriented toward eliminating his enemies, he is Patton!

He is General Patton on this stuff.

You and I know this, and a lot of people in the media know it, but they’re not gonna cover it that way. They’re in there covering for him. Pure and simple. That isn’t gonna change. So the focus, for me — in terms of defeating Obama in 2014 and the Democrats in 2016 — is to remind people, “Hey, even you Obama supporters know this ain’t right. This country’s not going in the right direction. Even if we can’t convince you that it’s Obama’s fault, it is the Democrats. It is big government. This is exactly what causes it.”

That, in my humble opinion, is the way to approach it.


RUSH: Folks, if you’re still having trouble understanding this, let me put it to you this way. Obama isn’t just too big to fail. He’s too big to know. Obama is so important, he is so vital to the country and to the world, he must be kept out of the loop in order to save him from his failed presidency. The only way to keep Obama safe from his failed presidency is to keep him in the dark. Do not accuse me of making a racist statement with that. That’s a common phrase that people use. So in order to save Obama from his own failed regime, he must be kept out of the loop. He’s too big to fail. He’s too big to know. If he knew, he would be aware of how he’s failing. Can’t have that.

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