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RUSH: The IRS commissioner, Steven Miller, has just admitted in a Senate hearing this morning, Senate testimony this morning, guess what he’s admitted? The targeting of conservative groups at the IRS was partisan. He said so this morning. Now, I guess the threat of perjury has a way of squeezing the truth out, because it was only last week that Mr. Miller said there was nothing partisan about this. This morning he admitted that targeting conservative groups is partisan. Of course, everybody knew that. The shock was that he said, “No, no, no, no, nothing partisan about it.” Well, now he’s admitted that there is. That being said, now that we’re dealing with the truth, and it was political, who is in charge of politics in this regime? That would be Barack Obama, wouldn’t it? It would be Barack Obama in charge of politics in this regime, would it not be?

So the Limbaugh Theorem, they’re positioning Obama as he didn’t know and that the higher-ups in the White House knew all the way up to his chief of staff, but nobody told him. They wanted him to not know. They wanted him to have plausible deniability. You know, folks, I can believe nobody told him. Nobody had to tell him, he knows what’s going on by virtue of the people he put in the IRS. He doesn’t have to give anybody orders to spy on or harass conservatives. Everybody he hires knows that’s what the job is. So I don’t think it’s a big deal whether he knew or didn’t know. Doesn’t matter. This is a guy to whom his supporters consider messianic.

You know what groupies are? Groupies and people who idolize others will go out of their way, will do anything to please their bosses. You’ve got a bunch of groupies, you’ve got a bunch of sycophants and you’ve got a bunch of true believers in this regime. And they don’t need to be told. They learned at age five to hate conservatives in preschool, day care. Then they had it reinforced in kindergarten. Then they got to grade school and ratcheted up. Then junior high, high school, and if they went to college they were told even more to hate conservatives. Their whole life has been lived being told how and why to hate conservatives.

So then they get hired at the IRS, what do you expect is gonna happen? They don’t need an operations manual. They’re there to please Che — uh, Barack. They are there to get noticed by the grand pooh-bah. They are there to impress. They are there to do what they know their grand leader wants done. That’s how they advance. That’s how they get noticed. That’s how they define advancement and achievement, doing what the boss wants, and they know what this boss wants.

They don’t have to be told. So whether he knew or not, whether they told him, it didn’t matter. Before Obama took office, the people that supported him knew exactly what the agenda was. They’re liberals, folks. They believe in big government. They told us that Obama was a grand unifier, remember?

In 2008, Obama was gonna unify the country like nobody ever had. We’d never had a politician like this before. We never had anybody African-American, never had anybody (What did Joe Biden say?) who was “clean.” Remember that? Joe Biden said he’s “clean.” We’d never had a “black guy like this in Democrat Party. He’s clean and articulate,” Joe Biden said. We’d never had a guy like this. Now we had a guy who was messianic!

We’d never seen anybody in politics like this. He was gonna bring everybody together. “Say good-bye to the politics of the day, the usual partisanship. We’re gonna be bipartisan! We’re gonna be kumbaya. The world is gonna love us! We’re gonna get rid of torture, all of that stuff.” This country is more divided, or as divided as it has ever been, short of the Civil War. So there’s a new poll out in the Washington Post: “Americans are deeply divided over President ObamaÂ’s ability to bring the country together …”


Imagine that. Here’s a guy, the great unifier! “A clean and articulate black guy, finally,” Joe Biden said — and this guy walks the earth like no one has ever walked the earth before. He’s Mr. Magic. He’s the messiah! This guy can bring warring factions together like nobody else. There are a lot of people that voted for the guy on that premise, by the way, who believed that all the acrimony could be ended. Now they’ve gone out and they’ve actually done a poll.

Let me read this to you again: “Americans are deeply divided over President ObamaÂ’s ability to bring the country together…” That means Americans are divided twice. They’re divided, period, and they’re also divided on whether or not Obama can unify us. So we’re double divided out there, and the Washington Post poll proves it. “Americans are deeply divided,” and then, “Americans are also deeply divided over President Obama’s ability to bring the country together…”

The Washington Post says it’s, “the latest sign that his pledge to end decades of partisan warfare in the nationÂ’s capital is flagging. Forty-seven percent of Americans say that Obama has done more to unite the country during his time in office while 45% say he has done more to divide it…” So we have an even split: 47%, the low-information voters, believe “that Obama has done more to unite the country” than anybody else; 45%, the information voters, say he hasn’t.

“Still, that the country is split literally down the middle on ObamaÂ’s ability to unite/divide it is a telling indication that the man who pledged he could change Washington has struggled mightily to make good on that promise.” It was an empty promise. He never intended to unite the country, not in the way people thought. Obama and his campaign were mirages. There was never any attempt by Obama to unite in love and commonality and agreement.

Obama’s attempt to unify the country was to unify people who believe that his enemies need to be eliminated. That was the unity Obama sought. He sought a unanimous agreement with him, that his opponents — I should say his enemies, in his world — need to be neutered. There was never, ever any attempt to take people who disagree with each other and find the resolution. It’s never happened anyway in the course of human history.

It’s not gonna happen today. You have to beat people into agreeing with them. Ask the Germans. Ask the Japanese. You have to defeat them, and they sign what’s called “terms of surrender,” and I don’t know about you, folks, but I’m not ready to surrender. Therefore I’m not ready to sign anything. Therefore I’m not ready to agree. Therefore I’m not ready to be bipartisan. All of this is smoke and mirrors.


RUSH: By the way, folks, the point I just made to you about Obama and his sycophant groupies that work for him in all these agencies is, in fact, made in the Washington Post today by no less than Chris Cillizza. The story is, “How President Obama Got Out of Balance on Leaks.” In this story, Cillizza talks about the fact that there’s clearly a tone set from the top. Let me read this paragraph to you:

“While Obama’s senior team insists these decisions were made independently of him, there’s clearly a tone being set from the top down — and it’s a tone that Obama has long held, dating back to his days as a candidate. Obama and his top campaign aides prided themselves during the 2008 and 2012 races for their tight-knittedness and their lack of leaks.” Anyway, Cillizza is making the point that I made.

These people don’t need instructions.

Obama didn’t have to be told what was going on the IRS. He already knew. That’s why he put people there: To harass his political enemies for the purposes of eliminating them — and that’s what the Tea Party audits were all about.

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