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RUSH: I had a number of e-mails over the weekend. I went out and played golf on Saturday, and I can’t tell you the number of people I run into that think, “Okay, we’ve got Obama now. This is it,” a combination of IRS and Benghazi. I’m not trying to be a downer here, I really am not. I’m just the mayor of Realville, and, I’m telling you, none of this is going to result in any serious damage to Obama. He’s certainly not going anywhere. But, more importantly, the media is not gonna turn on the guy.

You know, I get kind of disappointed because there’s still so many people on our side — and I understand it — just hoping at some point, because, you know, you want right to triumph. You want wrong to lose. You want wrong to take it on the chin. And you want what’s right to triumph, like we think it used to. And I can’t tell you the number of people who are really hoping that the media will have no choice but than to turn on Obama on Benghazi and the IRS, and, folks, it just isn’t gonna happen, for a whole host of reasons. The racial component is, in one sense, in terms of removing from office as in impeachment, never gonna happen. You can erase it from your chalkboard of possibilities.

But the other thing, the media finally turning on him, that would be like them turning on themselves. It isn’t going to happen. The media and Obama are the same entity. It’s not just that they’re Democrats; it’s not just that they’re all liberals; there is a personal investment. They look at Obama and see themselves. He’s exactly what they consider to be the elite, the best type of citizen of this country. His pedigree, the Ivy League, his ideology. There’s just no way that they’re gonna turn on him. It isn’t gonna happen. The main reason is there’s no journalism. We don’t have journalism in this country, not at least from what’s called the mainstream media, there isn’t any journalism there. There is simply alliance, and the alliance is oriented toward getting Obama past this with as little damage as possible.

In fact, what is actually taking place, I’ve got a story here in the Stack. I wish I could remember who, I think it’s a blog, talking about how successful Obama’s been in terms of transforming the country vis-a-vis his agenda, and that’s undeniable. There are two things here, folks, that if they happen — and one of them practically already has — then this country’s never, ever gonna be the same. One is Obamacare; the other is amnesty. And I would say of those two that amnesty is the most transformative, because that guarantees Democrats power for as long as you can see the future.

I mean, if we’re gonna grant amnesty and path to citizenship and voting rights, which is what this is all about, if we’re gonna grant voting rights to whatever the number, 11 million people, so let’s say 70%, which is what the polling data says that Hispanics vote Democrat, if we’re gonna just automatically anoint eight million new Democrat voters, with not one new — or — well, two million Republican voters at best, sorry, don’t know what you’re gonna do. That’s transformative. Then you add Obamacare to that, which, as you know, nationalizes the health care system and eventually takes it to single payer. The idea that Obama’s in trouble here, I’m sorry. I guess I am Mr. Cold Shower today, but it’s not the case. And you gotta face this stuff squarely and honestly.

Look at this IRS scandal. I’m gonna tell you again what the IRS scandal was all about. You have different kinds of scandals, and a lot of scandals are where people get mad at what was attempted. “Nixon! He tried to bug the Democrat headquarters.” He was trying to do whatever he tried to do; he didn’t succeed in any of it. But you look at IRS scandal, and it wasn’t just so much the attempt. There was blatant success there! The suppression of Tea Party money, donations, and votes happened.

That was dead serious.

That’s why the IRS scandal is a huge deal, because it was successful. There was a successful effort. This is not just a scandal because of what was attempted. There is that, but the attempt succeeded. You look at the 2012 election returns. You’ll see that Obama’s turnout was millions of people less than it was in 2008, and he still won by a sizeable margin. Now, you can chalk some of it up to the Republicans — again — not having a genuine, conservative candidate.

But this IRS scandal saw to it that there would be less money supporting Romney, that there would be less money supporting Republican candidates, and that there would probably be less people voting for the Republicans. It worked. The IRS scandal achieved the suppression of Tea Party votes. All the while this is going on we have to listen to these silly allegations that the Republicans are trying to suppress the black vote, the gay vote, the female vote.

Republicans don’t try to suppress anything. You know, liberals think that we are bad people. We think they have bad ideas. It’s a huge difference. They think we are reprehensible people. We think they have bad ideas. (interruption) Some of them are what? (interruption) Some of the what, the ideas or the people? (interruption) Well, yeah, but my point is that it’s an attitude and a mind-set. The liberal… The thing that animates them is that we are rotten, evil people.

To hell with our ideas. I mean, they don’t even go there. They don’t even debate our ideas. We are just rotten, evil people. When commenting on them in public, let’s talk about how their ideas are bad. They are far more grievous and aggressive in their pursuit of us and their attempt to relegate us to irrelevance. It’s the old Obama bromide here of eliminating all opposition. That’s what the IRS scandal was about: Eliminating opposition.

Obama doesn’t want to debate ideas. Obama doesn’t want to debate anybody. He doesn’t want to listen to Republicans’ alternative ideas on health care, alternative ideas on jobs, alternative plans. He doesn’t want to do that. He doesn’t wanna deal with alternative ideas. He doesn’t wanna deal with that. He just wants to eliminate opposition. So the IRS scandal was an overwhelming success, and media isn’t gonna change anybody’s opinion. The media’s not gonna do anything about that.

The Obama administration succeeded in using an agency of the government to actually suppress the votes and the political participation via fundraising of a sizeable percentage of voters in the country. That was genuine voter suppression that took place there. But the media’s relationship to Obama is familial. They’re like brothers and sisters. They’re in the same family. They’re gonna circle the wagons around them day in and day out.

They’re not gonna turn on him. Forget talk of impeachment. They’re not gonna turn from the standpoint of criticism. They may offer some surface criticism, like Bob Schieffer. Bob Schieffer said, “I wish they’d get their communication together.” Here, grab sound bite number two. This is about as bad as it’s gonna get. This is Bob Schieffer on Slay the Nation yesterday. Listen to this…

SCHIEFFER: If I want to interview anyone in the administration on camera, from the lowest level worker to a White House official, I have to go through the White House Press Office.

RUSH: Boohoo.

SCHIEFFER: If their chosen spokesman turns out to have no direct connection to the story of the moment, as was the case when UN Ambassador Susan Rice was sent out to explain the Benghazi episode, then that’s what we — and you the taxpayer — get. I am glad the president has asked the attorney general to review whether his investigations into leaks —

RUSH: Jeez! (laughing)

SCHIEFFER: — is having a chilling effect on journalists. But it shouldn’t stop there. The president needs to rethink his entire communications policy top to bottom. It is hurting his credibility.

RUSH: See? All this stuff is going on, and Obama doesn’t know anything about it, but he’d better fix it. Folks, that’s as tough as it’s gonna get. That’s as bad as it’s gonna get. The Democrats get in a little bit of trouble, and the problem is always that they aren’t getting their message out. So Schieffer means, “You guys are gonna have to do a better job of getting your message out. We can’t cover for you if you’re gonna act like this, ’cause you’re making it tough on us.”

“I’m glad that Eric Holder’s gonna investigate himself,” Schieffer said. (laughing) Can you imagine George Bush appointing Alberto Gonzales to investigate himself? “I’m glad George Bush is gonna have Alberto Gonzales investigate himself!” That would never happen. That’s as tough as it’s gonna get: Wishing they would not make these mistakes, hoping they get their house in order “so that I don’t have to criticize them on my silly Sunday show.”

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