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RUSH: Let’s go grab some phone calls and we’ll go to Rochester, New York. We’ll start with Phillip. Phillip, welcome to the EIB Network. Great to have you here, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you. How you doing today?

RUSH: I’m fine. How are you?

CALLER: I just called to more or less let you know that I agree with Senator Dole. I think your party should close up and repair ’til next year.

RUSH: You’re a Democrat?

CALLER: No. I’m an independent.

RUSH: Oh, okay.

CALLER: Now, to prove my point, the last election I think you had three Senate seats that you could have won handily. The one from New Hampshire with, what was her name, O’Donnell, that was the witch, and then there were these two senators, one from Indiana, that rape was a gift from God. Really? These Tea Party people, the Tea Party stands for “taxed enough already.” Is that correct?

RUSH: Taxed enough already is partly, yes. It stands for many things. That’s one of the things, yes.

CALLER: Well, that shows you how misinformed they are, ’cause we’re at the lowest tax rate since Truman was president. So if that’s what they’re going by —

RUSH: You want to pay more taxes?

CALLER: — it’s not very intelligent.

RUSH: You want to pay higher taxes?

CALLER: Do I want to pay? I want to pay my fair share.

RUSH: What’s fair?

CALLER: We’re paying lowering taxes. Why are we in debt now? Because we’re not paying enough taxes. This is a great country and I don’t mind paying more.

RUSH: You think we’re in debt because people aren’t paying enough taxes?

CALLER: I think we’re in debt ’cause Bush put us in two wars that —

RUSH: You’re not an independent.

CALLER: I am too an independent.

RUSH: You’re a commie SOB liberal. There’s no way. Come on, man, you people on the left do not have to lie when you call here. This happened last week and we had to dump a guy. Look, this is the fairest, most open radio talk show in the country, and you libs just can’t be honest. There was no witch on the ballot in Delaware. Independent, my ass. Shrinking ass, by the way. For crying out loud, you people on the left, just call here and be honest. You can be on the program all day, for as long as you’re interesting, 30 seconds or so. But, man, you’re making a fool of yourself now. We have debt because of Bush? This is why the country’s in trouble. People like this clown vote, two or three times, probably. Well, who’s next? Phillip’s history.

Brad in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s an honor and privilege to talk to you. This is my first time to get through. I’m a former Democrat. I was a public officeholder for 18 years in Lancaster County, elected as a Democrat, and I remember back in the seventies, ’76, hoping Reagan should be the nominee, ’cause we’ll roll over this right-wing conservative. Then in 1980 he gets the nomination, and, oh, yeah, we’re gonna roll over this, he’s too extreme, his too conservative. Landslide. In ’84, the same thing with Mondale, landslide.

I’m a Republican today. I changed party in office because of Ronald Reagan. I have to give some credit to you too, my friend. And I just want to tell you, you’re right on. The Republican Party is only going to win when it’s strong on its principles. Times change, but the principles don’t. And it’s time to be the conservative party that we should be, and that’s when we’re gonna win Congress, that’s when we’re gonna win the presidency and show that we have leadership for the people of this country. So I stand with you, my friend. I feel like I’m pandering, but when I hear the truth, I had to call in.

RUSH: Why do you feel like you’re pandering?

CALLER: Well, ’cause I’m calling in saying, “Oh, yeah, what you’re saying is great.” I know you like to hear that, but it is true, it is honest. I’m big enough to admit that I was wrong when I was a Democrat. I was a conservative Democrat. I was wrong about Reagan, and he’s been my hero for many years and I’ve grown to truly believe in it.

RUSH: That’s cool. That’s not pandering. That’s not pandering. And you think I love hearing people tell me I’m great?

CALLER: Well, yeah, probably. I do. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: But, no, it is sincere and just being honest, like you say, too many Democrats, I think in their gut they know Reagan was right, but just can’t get around to admitting it, and they’re just gonna make the same mistakes over and over.

RUSH: Look, the Democrats are not thinking, by definition, they don’t think. They feel and they touch and they emote and they infer and all that, but they don’t think, which is a major, major problem. Brad, I appreciate the call. Thanks much, and I’ll be back with my greatness after this.


RUSH: So I’m being deluged with e-mails from people giving me the Bush economic data to refute that caller, that lying independent sack of whatever that called here from Rochester about the reason we have debt being the Bush tax cuts and three wars. I got all these numbers. The Bush deficit, by the way, in 2007, do you know what the annual deficit was in 2007? This was in the middle of “three” wars and after the Bush tax cuts, which were 2001, 2002. The federal budget deficit in 2007 was, what, $167 billion or some such thing.

The idea that the debt situation we have is because of Bush, look, there was spending, there’s no question, but the utter denial of any responsibility by Obama the last five years is exactly the — folks, low-information voter. This is exactly who the guy was. That’s what we’re up against. I could have kept the guy on the phone, told him the truth about the numbers — it wouldn’t have mattered. That was quintessential, classic illustration of a low-information voter, and a partisan to boot, a partisan low-information voter. Those people, it wouldn’t have mattered. They’re not to be reasoned with. You can’t persuade them. Even I, greatness, as the next caller said, I wouldn’t have had the chance to persuade him. I couldn’t have succeeded. The thing that has to be done is those people have to be defeated.

And that’s what’s wrong with the Republican Party, trying to reach out to those people? It’s a losing proposition. It isn’t gonna happen. They have to be defeated. They’re in a minority anyway. The percentage of the American people — I’ve got it here in the Stack — the percentage of the American people that identify themselves as conservative, the latest numbers, 26%, which you may think is low, but the percentage of Americans identifying themselves as liberal is like 13%. Even if you don’t believe those numbers, I guarantee you it’s no higher than 30%, the percent that are liberal. We’re being governed by a genuine minority made to look like a majority because of the media and everything else.

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