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RUSH: I see that the mayor of New York is attacking one of my businesses. Did you see this?

“New York City’s campaign to cut consumption of sugary drinks now features ads warning people about sweet teas, sports and energy drinks and fruit-flavored beverages. The city health department launched the TV and bus ads Monday. The spots say such drinks might sound healthy but are packed with added sugar that can lead to obesity and other health problems. Some of the ads target kids and teens.

“Instead, the health department urges residents to drink fat-free milk, seltzer or water and eat fresh fruit instead of drinking juice. The ads cost about $1.4 million. They further a ‘pouring on the pounds’ campaign that dates to 2009.” So the city of New York has an active ad campaign against my tea, ’cause some of it is sugary. We also have diet versions as well. We’re not gonna sit still for this.

We’re not like some other companies that get all panicky and bowed down, “Oh, please, leave us alone!”

We’re not gonna do that.

We don’t do that.

That’s not why we got into this business.

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