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RUSH: I got an interesting e-mail during the break. “Mr. Limbaugh, you continue to say that Baby Boomers created their own traumas. Could you give an example of what you’re talking about?” I had to admit, that’s a good question. I think it answers itself, but for many people it doesn’t. So you might be wondering, “What do you mean, traumas that we had to invent?” Okay, let me give you an example.

Do you realize that in America today, virtually everything you think about eating, you do so wondering if it’ll kill you? You think that’s not traumatic? Virtually everything you eat, somebody has told you, “It can give you cancer, it can give you hemorrhoids, it can kill you, it can lead to infidelity, it can lead to impotence, it can lead to whatever.” That’s just one thing. Eating is something that everybody has to do, and there’s trauma attached to virtually every aspect of it.

Virtually every aspect of your daily life, there is trauma attached to every decision you make, because the people in this country — the do-gooders, the leftists who want to control every decision that you make — are using fear as a means of influencing the decisions that you make. The kind of car you buy could kill you. The kind of car you ride in could kill you. Your daily existence is destroying the planet. Your reliance on carbon-based fuels, your excessive lifestyle!

You are either causing other people to be poor, you are causing other people pain, you are causing other people poverty, or you are destroying the planet. I would maintain to you that if you pay attention to everything, you can’t go through your day without being traumatized over every decision you make, because there’s some liberal organization out there warning you about every facet of your life. The list of self-created traumas — the kind of things I’m talking about the invented traumas to tell ourselves that lives are tough — I think the list is endless.

But just stop and think: How often, before you even have some popcorn, do you worry about what it might mean to your health? Ask yourself: How often during the day do you worry about every decision you make, and then add your kids into it. Okay, you and your spouse get pregnant. Look at the trauma that you go through worrying about the health of the child during pregnancy, every decision you make could lead to permanent damage of your child in the womb.

I’m telling you, folks. The left in this country has created stress and piled stress on the top of it. They have created trauma with virtually every aspect of life, to the point that people are constraining themselves. They’re not living carefree, happy, freedom-oriented lives. Everybody’s allowing themselves to live under certain constraints. How about what you say? How many of you face stress or trauma every day in what you might say or want to say in a certain situation?

How many of you even get stressed out over what you’re thinking should somebody find out about it? (interruption) You don’t? (interruption) BS! I don’t believe you for a minute. Dawn’s in there denying that any of this stresses her out. I don’t believe you for a second. I’ve heard you talk. I’m not gonna divulge anything, but how many of you have children who have gone away to college?

Look at the daily stress! I mean, you would have that anyway, because parenthood features that. But look at the added stress and trauma that you face as a parent just if your kid gets a cell phone, for crying out loud? My point is that the left in this country has added stress and trauma to virtually every decision you make, in aspects of life that for the most part are common and harmless.

You’re not gonna die by eating a piece of beef! You’re not gonna have a heart attack. You’re not gonna have your cholesterol skyrocket. It takes decades for this to happen. It takes decades of smoking to maybe get lung cancer. Look at just the stress and the trauma that’s been forced on all of us by a bunch of liberal self-interest groups aided and abetted by the media. I don’t think it’s even arguable, ladies and gentlemen.

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