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RUSH: Here’s Candy Crowley after the president’s remarks about the government gathering phone and Internet data on Americans. John King spoke with Candy Crowley.

He said, “The aggressive government role in trying to find out who’s doing these things, does it add to the suspicions that people will have about, ‘Are they really not listening to my phone call? Are they really not going into my e-mails in a way that oversteps hunting for terrorists and…?'” This is such an inane question. What he’s asking Candy Crowley is: Are people really going to believe, Candy, that the government’s not reading their e-mails? Are people really going to believe that they’re not looking at their pictures? Are they really going to believe that all the government wants to do is catch terrorists?

CROWLEY: I do think it still goes to the trust issue. Essentially you heard what the president said. “You elected us. You need to trust us! We’re — we’re doing this within the confines of the law and very protective of both, uhhh, civil rights ah — as well as civil liberties,” et cetera, et cetera. But I — I — I do think that it’s a complicated subject and it’s a nuanced subject. (chortling) That doesn’t always play well on talk radio. Certainly our conversation and the conversation I’ve seen of most people reporting this has not been about, “They’re listening to your phone calls.” It’s been very clear that they simply have numbers. Nobody said they’re listening.

RUSH: See? “It doesn’t play well in talk radio.” We don’t do “nuance” here. I’m sorry, we do more nuance in five minutes in this show than CNN does in a week because all CNN does is write down what somebody in the regime wants ’em to report and they do it. The entire first hour of this program has been nothing but nuance about all of this. “I’m sorry. It’s a complicated subject. It’s nuanced. It doesn’t play well on talk radio.”

See, folks? We’re not smart enough, we’re not sophisticated enough to understand what’s really going on. We’re not mature thinkers. We’re not levelheaded, is what she means by that. This is a woman who knowingly admitted cheating in a presidential debate, helping Obama against Mitt Romney. Who you gonna believe, me or her?

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