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RUSH: A.J. in Atlanta. You’re next on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How are you doing?

RUSH: Pretty good today. Pretty cool. How about you?

CALLER: Not bad, not bad. It’s Friday so I can’t complain. I’m a first-time caller and it’s the first time I’ve gotten through, so not too bad.

RUSH: Well, good for you.

CALLER: I had actually one question for you but I wanted to make a comment on your Apple rant. I totally support that. I’ve dealt with a PC for years and I cannot count how many times it’s crashed. And I watch people with Macs just steady on and keep right on plugging along with their work and getting it done without having it fail all the time, so —

RUSH: Yeah, it’s true, it’s true.

CALLER: I’m there. My question for you is, in regards to the supposed video that caused the outbreak in Benghazi, everybody’s forgotten about that. Obama went to the UN and pronounced to the world that it was about this video.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Is there any repercussion to the administration, to Obama, whether it be defamation, slander, libel, whatever you may call it, for throwing this guy out there as the reason, when in fact they knew —

RUSH: It would be really tough. The guy’s name is Nakoula Nakoula. He’s one of these guys with the same first and last name. His parents had small minds. Nakoula Nakoula. And he did produce a video that is comically bad. The idea that it would make anybody mad is ridiculous. Nobody ever saw it. But he is also guilty of bank fraud.

And the real reason he is in jail is bank fraud. Now, the real reason he’s got no bail is because of the video. “Jackbooted thugs,” quote, unquote, showed up at this guy’s house at midnight in the midst of the Benghazi aftermath, and they had the camera crews there, and they were able to document it. This guy’s got a hood over his head or a coat so he can’t be identified. He’s ashamed, obviously. The sheriffs come and get him, they cart him off and they book him, and they throw away the key. The guy’s gone. He’s in jail with no bail, still there.

And Obama and Susan Rice and everybody in the Democrat Party has denigrated the guy, and they blamed him for the death of four Americans. They blamed him for the outbreak of violence in Benghazi. They blamed him for the protests in Cairo. So it’s a legitimate question. Can this guy sue these people? A, you can’t sue the government, for one. Could this guy sue them for defamation and damage and so forth? It would be a real, real challenge, because the guy has committed other crimes, and I don’t think where the guy is right now, he’s even thinking like that. My guess is that this guy has been totally silenced. I think this guy’s living in abject fear of authorities and government, and the last thing he wants to do is make any more waves. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula is his name and he’s in prison in La Tuna, Texas, released in September of this year. But I don’t think the poor guy would have a case.

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