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RUSH: Wall Street Journal. I read this last night, and, you know, I am the creator of the Limbaugh Theorem, and you know what that is, the regular listeners do. Dawn, do you think you could explain the Limbaugh Theorem to people? It’s not a test. Here’s why I want to know. I’ve explained the Limbaugh Theorem for months now, and I’m wondering, is it still something complicated for people to understand?

Basically I evolved the Limbaugh Theorem to explain something that didn’t make any sense to me. I saw polls which showed the American people by vast majorities supported Obama’s agenda, and yet every aspect of it they opposed. They didn’t associate him with it. It was a New York Times story. I’ll never forget it. The American people opposed the direction the country’s going, and issue by issue by issue they opposed everything Obama was doing. Every element of the Obama agenda, a majority of the people oppose it, and yet they support him by 50, 55%. I said, “How can this be?”

There’s only one answer. People do not associate Obama with his agenda, and that’s because he’s permanently campaigning. He’s running against his own agenda, by design, on purpose. He’s running against what’s happening. He makes people think that he doesn’t like what’s happening and he’s trying to fix it when in fact everything that’s happening is precisely because he wants it to and has made it happen. So here comes a story in the Wall Street Journal. It’s an opinion piece by a guy named Jason Riley. And it’s entitled, “Obama’s Poll Numbers.”

And here’s how it starts: “How is it that President Obama, despite the recent scandals, has been able to maintain an approval rating in the mid- to high-40s, or about where it’s been for the better part of three years? A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll may provide some clues. For starters, the public doesn’t seem to be blaming the president for the Benghazi terrorist attack, the IRS targeting of conservative groups or the Justice Department snooping.”

The public does not blame the president for anything that’s happening, and this guy says, how can this be? How is it that President Obama is able to remain unattached from his own policies, his own administration? The Limbaugh Theorem explains it. I’m sure Mr. Riley has not heard it. ‘Cause if he had heard me explain the Limbaugh Theorem, his poll would be understood by him.


RUSH: You know, this might be a good exercise, folks. Try to explain to people the Limbaugh Theorem. I mean, you hear me explain it and you say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. That makes perfect sense,” and then you’ll run across somebody who says, “Wow, I don’t understand it. Obama’s approval numbers are up, and look at all these people that oppose it. They oppose the things he stands for.” There’s a health care story here: “Health Care Law’s Unpopularity Reaches New Highs.” It’s an NBC story.

“President Barack Obama’s signature health care reform law remains unpopular with the American public just months before it fully goes into effect, according to the new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.” This is one of the reasons why Jason Riley said (summarized), “I don’t understand this. Look at all the opposition to his agenda, his program, yet his approval numbers stay high? How’s this possible?”

It’s the Limbaugh Theorem.

Okay, well, how would you explain that to somebody who doesn’t know what it is? This is why I often say, “Don’t try this at home,” but this is something you need to be able to explain to people, because once you master the ability to explain this you’re gonna open people’s minds and eyes like you have never seen before. ‘Cause it has a lot of people confused. How in the world can this happen? “Health Care Law’s Unpopularity Reaches New Highs.”

Yeah, well, if it were George W. Bush’s “Health Care Law’s Unpopularity Reaches New Highs,” his disapproval would be 60%, because the media would be leading the charge. That’s one of the reasons why Obama’s static is the media does not lead the charge against him. But even so, people are opposed to Obama’s policies without the media helping them along. They instinctively oppose them. But his approval rating remains high.

I’m telling you, that’s because low-information voters are in these polls, and they think that what’s happening in the country has nothing to do with Obama. Because he’s out campaigning against things. He’s perpetually campaigning. He’s not seen as responsible for any of this. Forty-nine percent believe that the Affordable Care Act is a bad idea. Only 37% like it. That, by the way, is low. Most polls have the opposition to Obamacare at 52% all the way up to 55% in opposition.

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