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RUSH: I mentioned in the first hour that I wanted to go through some of the scandals, or if you will, some of the irregularities. Here’s a brief summation. You might call it Scandalgate. Whatever you want to call it, these are clearly irregularities. These are occurrences that, had they happened either individually or collectively, under any other administration, a far different reaction would have taken place to any and all of them.

Benghazi. What did Benghazi expose? Benghazi exposed that this administration will lie about the death of four Americans in order to get reelected. It entailed the direct involvement of top administration officials in the Obama regime. The administration lied about it to the public, lied about it to Congress, the talking points, the video. They openly, brazenly lied for weeks about what had happened and why. And to this day, we don’t know where Obama was while the actual murder and mayhem, the terror attack in Benghazi was taking place, we don’t know where he was.

The IRS Tea Party scandal exposed that the regime openly, willingly, laughingly suppressed its opposition, basically at the sandbox level, what they did was cheat. It was unfair. They denied tax-exempt status to organizations assembled by their political enemies. As such, in my mind, they suppressed the votes of millions of Republicans, because they suppressed the fundraising opportunity of millions of Americans. While that was happening, lying about who Mitt Romney was was the order of the day, with campaign donations sent by any number of wealthy donors from Hollywood to Silicon Valley.

I don’t know whether there was direct involvement by Obama in the IRS scandal or not, but there doesn’t need to be, because everybody working for Obama knows exactly what he wants. They idolize him. They are true believers. They want what he wants and they want to make him happen, and they want to be noticed by him. They’ve heard Obama’s speeches. He’s a rock star to these people. They know everything he’s written and said. They know exactly what he believes, and they’re right in there with him on it. He doesn’t need to issue any instructions.

The IRS Tea Party scandal shows that the regime wanted to find out who was donating to Tea Party and Republican groups. The IRS lied about it to the public and to the Congress. The AP Fox News Department of Justice probe showed that the top Obama administration figures were willing to use the FBI to go after the press, especially the opposition press, Fox News. And they lied about it to Congress, Eric Holder. This administration has named its enemies and has encouraged people to disregard it.

Then you have the NSA phone record monitoring. This showed that Eric Holder, and probably Obama, ordered the data mining against Americans on a scale never even imagined before and without warrants from the FISA court. They thereby got information that could have easily been used by the campaign for Obama’s reelection. Data mining was central to the Obama campaign. They credit it for winning the election. An unprecedented amount of data collected on average, ordinary, every day Americans and everybody else. And as I say, it matters who the people are who are collecting the data.

This is where the ideology of leadership comes into play. It matters, folks. The people collecting the data, it matters who they think are the nation’s biggest enemies. If they happen to believe the biggest enemies are their political opponents domestically, then they have access to a lot of data about them. Then there’s the NSA credit card financial transactions monitoring. This showed that Eric Holder, Obama, ordered the monitoring of the content of Americans’ purchases and bank records and without FISA warrants. Since these credit card and financial transactions, records show their content by their nature. They’re not outside-of-the-envelope information. In other words, these records show what was purchased, where it was purchased, and who purchased it. And, again, this data could have been used by Obama for his reelection, especially any information about donors to Tea Party and Republican groups.

People say, “Well, Rush, it was only metadata. They can’t learn anything from metadata, right?” Okay, they’ve got your number. And they see that you make a phone call to the Romney for President number, office, where you live. You made maybe five or six calls. They don’t have to know what you said to know what you’re doing. You call a suicide prevention hotline. They don’t have to hear what you’re talking about to know what you called for. Any number of examples where metadata can tell them anything they want to know, without once having to hear the content of anything. It matters because of who’s doing it, in my estimation.

Then they’ve got this PRISM business and Edward Snowden. This shows that the NSA is getting information from Internet companies, including the content of e-mails. Now, this isn’t really new. They’ve supposedly got this information only on foreigners and FISA warrants and not directly from these company servers. What happened was the companies would set up, if you want to visualize it, a separate private room away from the main servers, sort of like a back door, and the NSA, the government, could go there. And this gives plausible deniability to the data companies. But again, in the context of the other Obama scandals, plus, look, not just scandals, but Obama policies. Obamacare, the IRS scandal, the things that have been done to the economy, when you put all of this in context, it does not paint a picture that says, “Don’t worry about it. Standard operating procedure. Government does this and we should be glad the government does this.”

In context, this is problematic. There’s every reason to believe, in context of the other scandals, that this access, this PRISM access, could have been used to target Americans, and for political reasons, all the while we’re told that the purpose is to stop terrorism and to find foreign activity that’s suspicious. But given who’s collecting the data, there’s no reason to think that this access might not have been used to monitor Obama’s political opponents and not just terrorists. David Petraeus comes to mind and the outing of his affair. Somebody knew about it, and somebody outed him. And it happened for political reasons.

Then we have the secret e-mail accounts of the members of the regime. The existence of secret e-mail accounts shows that the regime has political appointees in all of the top bureaucracies who are unaccountable, who are engaging in activity that is absent oversight. Obviously this is being done purposefully. And these secret e-mail accounts keep these e-mails from being subject to Freedom of Information Act requests, and they prevent any official record of activity. This would allow these political appointees to avoid accountability, and this practice could also explain the lack of direct connection between the White House and Benghazi talking points, the IRS scandal we can’t find. Everybody looking for a smoking gun — there may well be one. I doubt it when it comes to Benghazi, and I doubt it with the IRS, but let’s say there was.

If there’s a smoking gun, it’s gonna be with these secret e-mail accounts that nobody can have access to except the regime. This is just a brief summary without getting into other aspects of policy such as Fast and Furious, whatever the intentions the regime has on immigration, which we have a pretty good idea, and guns. But it’s safe to say that the America you all were taught about and all grew up in is subject to being transformed because people running the show today do not like it.

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