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RUSH: Get this, folks. This story just cleared the Washington Examiner. The Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill is set for a procedural vote later today, the cloture vote. And “lawmakers still have not resolved a thorny problem under which the bill –” get ready for this “– would effectively encourage employers to hire newly legalized immigrants over American citizens as a way of avoiding ObamacareÂ’s taxes.”

Now, you say, well, how can that be? That doesn’t makes sense. Let me ‘splain it to you. Provisional illegal immigrants can get preference in employment over full American citizens. Here’s why. As provisional citizens, they are not qualified to get Obamacare. So they can be hired and there are no fines to pay because they’re not qualified. So my question, is this an intended consequence or indented? Here’s the relevant pull quote from the story.

“Under the existing Senate immigration bill, immigrants who have been in the United States illegally can obtain a provisional legal status after paying fines and meeting certain preconditions. But this population would have to wait at least 13 years to be able to obtain full citizenship, and it isnÂ’t until then that they could qualify for government benefits such as Obamacare.”

Therefore, it would make far more sense for an employer to hire one of these newly provisional, formally illegal immigrants, because he doesn’t have to give ’em health care. They’re not entitled to it. So he doesn’t have to buy it for ’em. And he wouldn’t have to pay a fine. I’m not making this up. It’s in the Senate bill that’s gonna be voted on today, procedural vote, cloture vote.

Now, here’s the little dose of reality. This 13-year business, you know and I know that that isn’t gonna hold up. That’s just in there to have some chance of this bill being passed. Cause I’ll tell you exactly what’s gonna happen. If this happens to get passed with this 13-year waiting period, within six hours of Obama signing the bill, Chuck Schumer is gonna find the nearest camera and microphone, and he’s going to start wailing and moaning about how unfair that provision is. Thirteen years to be able to be a full fledged citizen, after we have just made them legal? Thirteen years? That’s inhumane. That’s unfair. We may as well allow them to become citizens and vote tomorrow.

I guarantee you that’s the design. I guarantee you that is an unspoken objective or goal. This business of having these newly legal provisionally legal immigrants wait 13 years for all the goodies of citizenship, you have to be born on a turnip truck to think that that’s gonna hold up. This is another reason why it won’t hold up. Six hours, maybe fewer than six hours, maybe six minutes. I mean, Chuck Schumer will leave the signing ceremony at the White House, and he’ll find the nearest camera outside the driveway, and he’ll start talking about how unfair this 13 years is and he doesn’t know how it ended up in the bill. But it’s unfair. It’s unjust. It’s un-American. It’s discriminatory — all of these things that they know now that they’re gonna say. And then public pressure will be put on ’cause the Democrats are gonna want these people to vote in 2014, folks.

By hook or by crook they’re gonna find a way to make that happen if this bill passes. I imagine there’s some Republicans in the Senate and the House listening or staff members listening, “No, no, no, you’re wrong, Rush, please don’t say that! That is not gonna happen, 13 years is hard and fast.” All right, I’ll allow that you believe that and that that’s what’s intended. But I know Democrats. I know what the purpose of this amnesty bill is and there isn’t one element of it that is geared toward compassion. That’s a selling point, but what they’re really after is votes.

I’ll say it again. If you want to throw this bill up into total disarray, have a Republican, Jeff Sessions, somebody with instant credibility, say, “I’ll support this, but they can’t vote for 25 years,” and then see what happens to this bill. Then listen to the catcalls and the reaction to that. Don’t make it 20, make it ten years, can’t vote for 10 years and see what happens. Expose the purpose of this. Speaking of which grab sound bite number 20. Obama, again, took advantage of all the focus here on Edward Snowden, thereby taking the IRS scandal off the front page, taking Benghazi off the front page, and taking the Verizon, the metadata sweeping data off the front page. Obama had a big ceremony today leading up to the procedural vote in the Senate on immigration. This is pretty explanatory. We have three bites. I don’t know if I’ll play all three, but here’s the first one.

OBAMA: Right now our immigration system keeps families apart for years at a time.

RUSH: See?

OBAMA: People who came here legally, who are ready to give it their all to earn their place in America end up waiting for years to join their loved ones here in the United States. It’s not right, but that’s the broken system we have today.

RUSH: Yes, it is.

OBAMA: Yes, they broke the rules. They didn’t wait their turn. They shouldn’t be let off easy, they shouldn’t be allowed to game the system, but at the same time the vast majority of these individuals —

RUSH: Wait, hold it, hold it, hold it, stop the tape. Whatever comes after “but” doesn’t matter. Whatever happens, whatever he said after “but” doesn’t matter. Because what it means is what came before “but” is irrelevant. If you’re gonna say, “Look, right now the system’s broken, keeps families apart. They came here illegally, ready to give it their all to earn their place in America, end up waiting for years to join their loved ones, it isn’t right, but that’s the broken system we have today. Yeah, they broke the rules. They didn’t wait their turn. They shouldn’t be let off easy. They shouldn’t be allowed to game the system, but we’re gonna let it all happen anyway.”

When you throw a “but” in after all that you are just canceling out everything that came before the “but.” I’m not gonna waste time playing the bite, what he said after the “but” was, “But, at the same time, the vast majority of these individuals aren’t looking for any trouble. They’re just looking to provide for their families, contribute to their communities,” and who the hell are we to say they can’t do it? Yeah, they came here illegally but, so what, yeah, they broke the rules, but so what? Yeah, they didn’t wait their turn, but so what? Yeah, they shouldn’t let off easy, but so what? They’re not looking for trouble. They just want to contribute to their communities.

You don’t think after this bill gets passed, if it does, that that 13 years isn’t gonna hold up? He-he. The same speech. Okay, we’ve signed immigration into law, amnesty is the law of the land, but they gotta wait 13 years. Obama goes up, “Our immigration system is still broken.” Even after this comprehensive immigration reform, our system is still broken. We just made people who have been here illegally for years legal, and now we’ve told them that they can’t really be legal for another 13 years.

All they want to do is be part of their communities. All they want to do is look to provide for their families, and how can they do that if they have to wait 13 more years? Our system is still broken. But if the 13 years holds up, employers will be motivated to hire these people because in the 13 years they’re not eligible for Obamacare benefits and they’re not eligible, ostensibly, for other safety net benefits.

It’s a joke, an insult to our intelligence to say that that’s gonna be held up. But the point is, I don’t know if this is an intended consequence or unintended, but how do you feel and what do you think when you hear that illegal aliens, immigrants, whatever, will be given hiring preference over you because they will be cheaper? They won’t qualify for health care. The employer, therefore, won’t have to pay it, and the employer won’t have to pay a fine because they don’t have it. So the employer saves a whole lot of money. The employer doesn’t have to spend all the money that Obamacare demands be spent because these people aren’t eligible to receive it. Intended or unintended consequence, you decide.

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