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RUSH: Speaking of Hillary, she took over Clinton’s foundation, the Bill Clinton global whatever it is. The Clinton Global Initiative, that’s right. This is the thing every spring where they bring a bunch of women from all over the world disguised as ambassadors, and it’s always in New York. This is yesterday in Chicago at the Clinton Global Initiative America conference.

HILLARY: When women participate in the economy, everyone benefits. This also should be a no-brainer. When women participate in peacemaking and peacekeeping, we are all safer and more secure. And when women participate in politics, the effects ripple out across society.

RUSH: Can I tell you, something has occurred to me, by the way. We noted yesterday that the new deputy director of the CIA is a woman, a lawyer from the regime. And you’ve noticed the IRS people, ranking people, one of them is a woman. Obama’s placing women in high places. Susan Rice, Samantha Power. Samantha Power, ambassador to UN. Susan Rice, the NSA adviser. Now Avril Haines, deputy director, CIA. You know what this really is? I tell, just occurred to me, it’s Machiavellian, folks. None of these women are qualified, really, particularly Avril Haines. She’s got no experience whatsoever, CIA. Susan Rice, obviously being paid off for taking the bullet on Benghazi. Samantha Power is being promoted because she’s Cass Sunstein’s dutiful wife.

But what do you do when you put women in all these positions? You make it impossible for the women or the agencies to be criticized. War on Women, anybody? So you put Avril Haines over at CIA, deputy director, gonna run the show for all intents and purposes. Any criticism, any Republican criticism of what she does, any criticism of Susan Rice, any criticism of Samantha Power, and the Democrats’ reaction is more of the same: Republican War on Women. It’s the same reason that the Democrats were very smart in nominating Obama, first black president, any criticism is racist. So there can’t be any criticism of Obama. It is all illegitimate. And now the more women that he appoints, same thing. It’s an insurance policy.

The media, the Democrats know the Republicans will be reluctant to be critical of any of these women because then will come the charge, “See, it’s just more of this Neanderthal women ought to be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen Republicanism, that’s what they really think. They just don’t like strong, powerful women. They don’t like women in powerful positions. They’re threatened by it. They’re intimidated by it, and that’s why the Republicans have their War on Women.”

So Obama puts women in these positions, and they’re all insulated. Not only the women, but the institutions they run, immune from any criticism. It’s actually quite brilliant. It’s Obama knowing full well his enemy, and that’s how he looks at the Republicans. Now, here’s Hillary announcing that she has actually taken over the Clinton Global Initiative.

HILLARY: We are officially renaming the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

RUSH: Yeah. It was the Clinton Global Initiative. Now it’s the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. That’s what she did. She finds the guy at Yale. They get married. She decides to hook herself to his coattails, and, wherever he goes, take over.

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