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RUSH: Sarah Palin, Saturday in Washington, the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference. We have one, two, three sound bites here. It is said that she rocked the place.

PALIN: Something more is going on than your garden-variety government corruption, or even illegality. What’s going on says something fundamental about our relationship to our government. The scandals infecting this city, they are a symptom of a bigger disease. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat sitting atop a bloated boot on your neck, out-of-control government. Everyone gets infected. No party is immune.

RUSH: Next up, her comments on Jeb Bush.

PALIN: It’s kinda dangerous territory, touchy territory to want to debate this over one race’s “fertility” rate over another, and I say this as someone who’s kinda fertile herself.

AUDIENCE: (laughing)

PALIN: I don’t think that’s where we want to go in deciding how will we incentivize the hardworking, responsible families who want to be in the line, follow the law, and become Americans versus those whose very first act on our soil is to break the law.

RUSH: And she went after Obama and Allah in one sound bite.

PALIN: DC is one hot mess.

AUDIENCE: Yeah! Right.

PALIN: For instance, militarily, where is our commander-in-chief? We’re talking now more new interventions. I say, until we know what we’re doing — until we have a commander-in-chief who knows what he’s doing — well, Chief, in these radical Islamic countries that aren’t even respecting basic human rights. When both sides are slaughtering each other as they scream over an arbitrary red line, “Allahu Akbar,” I say, until we have someone who knows what they’re doing — I say — “Let Allah sort it out.”

RUSH: Sarah Palin over the weekend at the Faith & Freedom Coalition Conference. We’ll be back, your phone calls, I can’t wait, coming up after this.

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