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RUSH: Byron York has the story on the falling polling data on the Gang of Eight immigration bill in the Washington Examiner. “With a new poll showing falling support for the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has announced an accelerated schedule in which the Senate would take a final, up-or-down vote on passing the bill by the end of next week. ‘I’m just telling everybody that we’re going to either file cloture on this on Friday or Saturday or Sunday or Monday,’ Reid said as the Senate opened its morning session.

“Filing for cloture means that a final vote would be held three days later. So if Reid filed for cloture on Monday, June 24, a final vote on the bill would be held on Thursday, June 27. The Senate’s July Fourth break starts the week after. Reid warned his fellow lawmakers that if they want to consider amendments to the Gang of Eight bill, they need to be prepared to work virtually nonstop between now and then. ‘This may not be one of our normal weekends,’ Reid said. ‘We’ve got to move forward on this legislation.’


I mean, we all know they want it, but why all of a sudden the urgency?

Despite all the chatter about this, the fact of the matter is that “[d]ebate on the Gang of Eight bill in the full Senate only started last week.” Well, you and I all know why they want to speed this up. They don’t want anybody to find out what’s in it. This bill already weighs 24 pounds. It’s already in the thousands of pages. It is just like Obamacare. There are people who do not want you to know everything that’s in this bill. That’s why the speed (in addition to the falling polling numbers on this).

They recognize just like it was in 2007, the longer this goes, the more time it is for opponents to spread the word and gin up opposition to this. But Dingy Harry is making it look like there is an emergency involved. “[T]here were signs that popular support for immigration reform is slipping. After months of polls showing widespread support for some elements of reform, a new CNN survey showed a bare majority, 51% to 45%, supports the Gang of Eight bill.”

As Byron York writes here, “Perhaps more ominously, the poll found strong support for prioritizing border security above a path to citizenship for currently-illegal immigrants. Independents favor security before a path by a two-to-one margin,” and you know, independents are the gold mine in American politics, as far as politicians are concerned. All of their consultants assure them, “Hire me to run your campaign! I know how to get the independents.” The independents are thought to be the key to every election.

So in a poll here that shows independents demand prioritizing border security above a pathway to citizenship, that’s gonna cause a crisis for Dingy Harry, because none of the people involved in it, particularly on Democrat side, want to do anything about border security. They don’t want to change it; they don’t want to wrap it up, because they want the influx to continue on the Democrat side. Remember the Democrats need a permanent underclass.

So Dingy Harry in a hurry. Polling data showing that support for the bill is waning. Independents are demanding, by polling data, border security first. Democrats don’t want that. That’s another reason to hurry up here, to get the thing passed with an illusion of border security being done first. But, of course, they are shelving it. Now, if Reid goes through with this schedule, the polls might not have a chance to change much between now and the end of time when he says this must be done.

That’s another reason for hurrying this up. If the polls have started to shift, and the anti-amnesty sentiment is on the increase. They’ve gotta shut that down. Getting this done by the end of next week would prevent another polling cycle from being completed and reported. So contrary to all the news stories that this thing is essentially in the bag, the actions of Dingy Harry, Senate majority leader, indicate otherwise.


RUSH: I asked a question earlier, why is Dingy Harry hurrying the immigration bill? And Byron New York says, “Well, there’s a couple interesting things that have happened out there in the conservative media that might be hastening this.” And he cites two things: The editors at National Review have come out against the Gang of Eight bill, as have the editors at the Weekly Standard. The Weekly Standard editors featured a post that suggests it’s time to walk away from the Gang of Eight bill. The National Review editors say the Gang of Eight bill does not serve the economic interests of the US.

In Washington these are prominent conservative media outlets, and they have come out against the Gang of Eight bill. At one time both publications had a number of people that you could consider to be open borders crowd, like the Wall Street Journal, and that they have now come out against the bill has frightened, according to Byron York, possibly frightened Dingy Harry, because now these publications might provide Republicans with some cover to not support the bill. Just a theory. Just a theory.

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