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RUSH: Remember Senator Graham, Lindsey Graham? I forget the exact words. We played the sound bite yesterday. But he basically said — correct me if I’m wrong, but he essentially said — that we have to do this because Hispanics hate us and we’ve gotta show them that we don’t hate them. It’s a paraphrase, but his motivation was that. It was on one of the Sunday shows. His declared motivation for this was the fact that Hispanics hate us. They think we’re racists and bigots who don’t like them. We hate them, don’t want them here. They don’t think we care.

He says we gotta show ’em that isn’t the case and that’s why he wants to pass amnesty. Yeah, he said you can write off 2016, and you can write off any presidential race after that. I want to take that line of thinking and expand upon it. If one of the main reasons for passing the Gang of Eight immigration bill is so Republicans can prove that they don’t hate Hispanics, then what’s next? Are the Republicans going to have to support gay marriage to prove that they don’t hate gays?

Are the Republicans then going to have to support affirmative action to prove they don’t hate blacks? And then are they going to have to support legalization of marijuana and forgiving student loans to prove they don’t hate college kids? And so on. And it’s very difficult, folks, to out-liberal a liberal. Here. Senator Graham said, “The only way we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community, in my view, is to pass comprehensive immigration reform.”

It’s “[t]he only way that we can get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community.” In fact, folks, this is a sentiment that exists all across the Republican Party and in certain elements of the so-called conservative media. It all boils down to the thing that I was talking about yesterday: Being worried about what people think of you. And can you even control that? Why do Hispanics hate Republicans? A, do Hispanics hate Republicans? Is that really true?

That’s the first question: Do Hispanics, en masse, hate Republicans? If they do, why do they hate Republicans? Is it because of what Republicans have done, not done, said, or not said, or is it because of the way they are portrayed by Democrats in the media? If it’s the latter, how in the world is supporting immigration reform gonna change that? But Senator Graham thinks it is crucial. It’s “[t]he only way we get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community,” which, again, was barely 8% of the electorate in 2012.

What are we gonna do to get back in the graces of the youths of America? The youths of America voted for Obama in far greater numbers, percentage-wise, than Hispanics did. That’s my point here: Are we gonna have to prove that we don’t hate gays by supporting gay marriage? Is that what this is gonna come down to, that we’re hated…? The Republicans, not “we.” The Republicans are hated, and they’re hated by all of these groups that vote Democrat. So the only way that’s gonna change is to support what all of these Democrat groups want because that will prove to these Democrat groups that they are wrong in how they think about us?

It sounds to me like a pretty ingenious trick, to get the Republican Party to toss aside what it stands for. But this has even permeated the conservative media. You will hear people the conservative media say things like, “Well, you know, the way they look at us now, they hate us. Guy trying to climb the fence, coming over to feed his family, and we don’t want that, we want ’em to starve. We gotta change that picture. We have to change that perception. They think that we don’t care about their family starving. All the guy’s trying to do is get across the border and feed his kid. And they think we don’t want ’em to do that.”

So the impetus for doing this, at I would guess some of the highest levels of the party, is the belief that Hispanics hate us. And I guess that their evidence for that is election returns. So, for some reason the Hispanic population is now where the rubber meets the road for the future of the Republican Party, in their minds. But if this works, I guarantee you the next thing, “Well, you know, the gays. Look, they give all their money to Democrats. They raise money for Democrats. The gays hate you guys. They know you’re a bunch of homophobes.” Okay, we’ll support gay marriage, then. “And, you know, black people, you guys, look, you never get more than 10% of the black vote. Black people think you want to put ’em back on plantations and deny ’em this and deny ’em that. That’s why they vote Democrat. You gotta show ’em you don’t hate ’em.” Okay, well, we’ll support affirmative action or whatever the cause celebre of the day is in that group. And where does this end?

I’m only reacting to Senator Graham. Maybe the big one, women supposedly hate us, right, because of abortion. And you can’t win the presidency without the female vote. This is what we’re gonna hear. What do we have to do to make the women realize we don’t hate ’em? Change our attitude on abortion? Where does this stuff stop? If this is the reason that we do immigration reform, then there’s a whole list of things that you and I know that it is said Republicans are hated. Women hate us, blacks hate us, the gays hate us, Native Americans don’t like us, Hispanics don’t like us. What do we have to do to make them all like us? Because, see, we don’t even have a chance of them voting for us until they like us. Now, McCain was pro-amnesty. You couldn’t get more pro-amnesty than McCain.


RUSH: Folks, forget about these individual groups. Forget about the gays hate us so what are we gonna have to do and the Hispanics hate us and blacks hate us and women hate us. The Democrats hate us. What are we gonna have to do to get the Democrats to like us? What’s the difference in suggesting, as Senator Graham did, “The only way we get back in the good graces of the Hispanic community is to pass comprehensive immigration reform.” Well, the Democrats don’t like us, to hell with the Hispanics.

The Democrats everywhere don’t like us. Democrat women, Democrat blacks, Democrat Hispanics, Democrat homosexuals, Democrat, you name it, what are we gonna do to get the Democrats to like us? And why is it that nobody ever asks, what are the Democrats gonna have to do to make us like them? Why is that never part of any political question, equation, process? The Democrats lose elections. They don’t win every election. And when they lose elections, they lose elections because conservatives vote against them, Republicans vote against them. Why don’t they ever say, “Why do these Republicans hate us?”

You know, we’re gonna have to change some things here, make the Republicans like us so we win elections. That never happens. Never it is said. In fact, when the Democrats lose elections, what do they do? Well, they say they didn’t get their message out, then they start insulting Republicans and voters for being stupid and they take it out on ’em the next time they do win by spying on ’em with the IRS or what have you.

Make no mistake, part of this IRS business was punitive. I know it started before 2010, but the stuff that happened after the 2010 midterms, it was punitive. It was Obama and the Democrats and the IRS punishing people for not supporting Obama. But they never run around and ask why we don’t like them, and they never run around and ask themselves, anybody else, what they have to do to get back in our good graces.

There are Hispanics that vote Republican. Why do the Democrats not say what are we gonna have to do to make those Hispanics vote Democrat? Why is it always a one-way street?


RUSH: I’ve got a call I don’t have time to take, but I can relay to you what he wants to say. Scott in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wants to describe all the pent-up fury out there across the country among conservatives. All he says conservatives want is for somebody in Congress to get as mad as all the rest of us are instead of all this Milquetoast sugarcoated crap talk that we get. He wants somebody to come out and react to the liberals the way we do, somebody who’s elected and in Washington. I understand exactly what he means. But they’re afraid that they’ll be called extremists if they do that.

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