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RUSH: Southfield, Michigan. This is Jesse. Jesse, glad to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: How are you doing there, Rush? And thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Well, I called and I had a lengthy conversation with your screener, but I originally called because of your comments of why women, blacks, and Hispanics don’t vote for the Republican Party, and then the Senator, congressman in Louisiana that flip-flopped. But first I wanted to tell you, even though I’m a center-left liberal, kind of leaning right now, but I did vote for Bush in 2004, and I voted for his father. I never got the chance to tell the screener that, his father in ’88. Reason being, in ’88 I finished college. I got into corporate America, and I got tired of paying taxes under Democrats raising taxes, raising taxes. Under Bush 2004, I liked what he did in response to 9/11, “No Child Left Behind,” and his couple stimulus packages where he lowered taxes also.

I flipped back over to the Democrat Party, and to answer your question why, I think if Republicans try to stop blacks from voting in inner cities through the south and some up north, they get more votes from blacks. Women, if they stay out of their womb, I think they would get more votes from women. And with Hispanics, I kind of disagree with you with Marco Rubio and things like that. I think if you go ahead and do immigration reform, I think you would pick a lot of Hispanics back up, because they’re conservatives. I agree with you; they’re conservatives at heart. So that’s that part right there. If you want to pick up more votes —

RUSH: Now, let me go back to take some of this stuff in order. What do you mean, if Republicans would stop suppressing the black vote in the inner cities? How are Republicans keeping blacks from voting?

CALLER: Well, they’re not keeping ’em from voting because more blacks voted in this last election than in history. And I think it’s partly because they were pissed off because of the —

RUSH: No, but you just said the Republicans have gotta stop trying to suppress the black vote.

CALLER: Right, the attempt, and that’s with the multiple voter ID laws in places like Virginia, throughout the south, leave that stuff alone, let people go vote.

RUSH: You mean requiring a photo ID to vote?

CALLER: Well, requiring a different photo ID from the one you have in your pocket, that’s what I’m talking about. If you got a government ID photo in your pocket that should be fine enough. If you go to the DMV or the secretary of state, whatever you call it in your state and you register or get a driver’s license and you see a voter card out or voter ID, I look at it like this, you showed your ID when you got your voter card.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: So why should you have to show it again when you go to the poll?

RUSH: Okay, now, if you’re a moderate-left liberal, why are you giving advice to the Republicans? Why do you want them to do better?

CALLER: Well, you gotta remember, I might be a little bit more center, but if you want to be a big tent again, not just the party of the south, not just the party of old white men, you’ve got to stop, you know, the Akins, I can’t remember his first name, the abortion comments, the people against immigration. You gotta stop all that, let everybody in the tent. Even if you had got all Hispanic vote in this last election, you still woulda lost.

RUSH: Exactly. So what’s the point?

CALLER: Well, I mean, I love some conservative ideas. I love paying lower taxes, things like that. But the party has to include everybody.

RUSH: It does. Conservatism doesn’t eliminate and doesn’t discriminate against anybody, by definition.

CALLER: That’s correct. That’s correct. But, when you make efforts to suppress votes, take away women’s rights to choose, things like that, that does hurt your party. I’m not talking about the politics of your party.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Jesse, nobody is taking away a woman’s right to choose. There is not one woman who has wanted to have an abortion who’s been prevented from it by virtue of some Republican telling her she can’t. It’s never happened.

CALLER: Okay. So all of the laws passed through state senates and state congresses throughout the country prohibiting women’s right to choose or limiting the weeks they can get an abortion —

RUSH: There is no such law. The Constitution says that Roe vs. Wade is legal. There is no such law prohibiting a woman’s right to choose.

CALLER: Okay. Well, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. I would say what about in Alabama, Mississippi, all the elimination of abortion clinics? Colorado, same thing. You know, leave that stuff — I think — to me, there’s nothing wrong with the Republican Party’s politics. It’s the people in the party and some of the things there — that’s how I see, at least. You know, you and I might disagree on it, but I think the politics, there’s nothing wrong with the politics. I think it’s the people in the party. One example.

RUSH: You know what, it’s not the politics. Jesse, what you’re illustrating is that it’s all the perception.

CALLER: I think so, right.

RUSH: Everything you think is wrong, everything you think is the result of erroneous, lying, stinking media stuff, and propaganda put out by the Democrats.

CALLER: I’m sorry. I would say that, I would agree with you, but, see, I’m like this. I know you call a lot of people, especially on the liberal side, low-information voters, but, you know what, I listen to Fox, you, Sean Hannity. I listen to your show from start to finish every day for the last four or five years.

RUSH: Alright. Good for you.

CALLER: I watch O’Reilly and Hannity on Fox. So I listen to both sides and I watch a little MSNBC, and I listen to a little Al Sharpton and —

RUSH: No wonder you’re confused.

CALLER: I just get both sides of the story before I make my decision.

RUSH: Sometimes one side of the story is an out-and-out lie. In fact, most of the time, one side of the story is an out-and-out lie. In fact, most of the stories you hear the Democrats tell they don’t even talk about themselves. All they’re doing is ripping Republicans, telling distorted lies about conservatism or Republicans or they’re trying to impugn the character of individual Republican candidates or what have you.

CALLER: Right, but that goes back and forth. That’s both sides doing it, and I know that’s true. But I think that people have to make a determination. They can’t just listen to liberal stations and shows and then make an opinion without listening to both sides. Me, I do both, and then I make the decision for myself. This is me personally.

RUSH: Okay, let me ask you a question with this “both sides” business. I’m interpreting that to mean that you don’t know what you think on most things so you’ve —


RUSH: — gotta listen to this or you’ve gotta listen to that before you make up your mind.

CALLER: Well, I think you should hear both sides of the story or both sides of an opinion before you choose a side or you make a —

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: — you know, you form an opinion based on both sides’ information.

RUSH: Nope. I don’t. The liberals lie. I do not form my opinions on what both sides say. I form my opinions on what I know to be right. I form my opinion —


RUSH: — on what I know to be what I believe in terms of principles.

CALLER: Liberals always lie?

RUSH: I do not have to listen to Democrats to know what I believe.

CALLER: Well, so are you saying liberals always lying and conservatives don’t?

RUSH: For the most part, that’s a pretty safe bet.

CALLER: Well, that’s kind of closed-minded, Rush.

RUSH: No, it’s not closed-minded. What it is is profoundly informed. I know who the Democrats are. I know how they campaign. I know how they poison people’s minds. I know how they lie about me. I know how they lie about everything I believe. I know how they keep people in fear. I know how they want to control people. I know how they want people to believe things that aren’t true. I know everything about them. I know more about them than they do.

CALLER: Both sides do that, though.

RUSH: That’s a straw man argument. Then both sides are disqualified and you should find something — if you’re gonna say, “Well, both sides do that and both sides do this and both sides –” how do you ever decide what you believe?

CALLER: You have to make a determination for yourself which side is —

RUSH: That’s what I’m saying. I’ve done that. I’m 62 years old. I’ve made the determinations. I know who the skunks are. I know who are the people I trust and believe. I know more than that, I know the things that I believe to be true. I know the principles that I believe and swear by. I know the Constitution of this country. I love it. I know that this is a constitutional republic. I know the Democrat Party doesn’t like the Constitution. The Democrat Party —

CALLER: Oh, we love the Constitution.

RUSH: No, Jesse, I’m telling you the truth. Now, you can go listen to Al Sharpton tell you what he thinks about what I just said —

CALLER: Yeah, but Al Sharpton is super, super-duper far left, so you can’t take everything he says at heart.

RUSH: That’s exactly right, Jess. So why are you wasting time over there on MSNBC?

CALLER: Well, no, like I said, I’m one that listens to both sides. I listen to both sides of the argument, and I make a determination for myself who’s lying or who’s stretching the truth a little bit.

RUSH: All right, let’s play a little game on this “both sides” business.


RUSH: IRS targeting Tea Parties. The Democrats say, no, no, no, it didn’t happen, it was an accident. The people, excessive exuberance in there in the IRS on a couple employees’ side. The Republicans say no, it was a purposeful effort to suppress conservative participation in the election by denying them tax-exempt status so they couldn’t raise money. They couldn’t create get-out-the-vote efforts, and it was an effort by the Obama administration to limit and suppress Republican votes. Those are the two sides of the issue. What do you think?

CALLER: I agree with you on that. I’m on your side on that. I think people at the IRS did do this on purpose. Now, the part I don’t disagree with, I don’t think Obama picked up the phone and called them and told them to do it.

RUSH: Right. You know what? I agree with you wholeheartedly. Do you know why? He doesn’t have to. He has people in place who already know what he wants. There isn’t gonna be a smoking gun memo from Obama saying, “I want you people to target the Tea Party. I want you to make sure they don’t raise money. I want you to make sure they don’t vote.” The people he put there don’t want conservatives to succeed. Everybody that Obama has working in these positions is a miniature Obama, doing everything that he wants done because they want to please him. So he doesn’t have to tell ’em.

CALLER: But you don’t think Obama actually told someone to tell the IRS to do this, are you saying that or are you —

RUSH: No, I’m telling you he doesn’t have to. All he’s gotta do is hire people who agree with him and turn ’em loose. He doesn’t have to tell anybody.

CALLER: Okay. So then we’re both in agreeance it was wrong, but I don’t think that he actually directly picked up a phone or actually directly told someone to have this done on purpose?

RUSH: Wait a minute. Does that mean to you that he wishes it didn’t happen?

CALLER: Well, no, I don’t, because I looked at polls from a year out —

RUSH: See, this is — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — Romney, he was always five to seven points down.

RUSH: Jesse, this is the thing. This is it in a nutshell. You are seeking to exempt Obama from what the IRS did, his IRS.

CALLER: Not necessarily. Without proof, yes, I am.

RUSH: Because you don’t think he called them and told them to do it.

CALLER: Or directed someone to have them do it. He didn’t have to.

RUSH: That’s right, he didn’t have to. He puts like-minded people in position who will do it without having to be told. Eric Holder is at the Justice Department doing everything Obama wants done. Obama probably never has to speak to him. Whatever’s going on at the NSA in a spying scandal, they’re doing everything Obama wants done. IRS, ditto; FDA, ditto, it doesn’t matter. Obama puts people in those positions purposely, because they are him. He has an agenda. He wants it accomplished. He doesn’t have time to meet with everybody. He’s not gonna create a smoking gun memo telling them what to do so that nobody can ever prove it like you’re trying to exonerate him here. This is where your own intelligence guided by experience has to inform you. And looking at both sides of this isn’t gonna get you anywhere. You have to have the courage to admit that one side is wrong. And 99 times out of a hundred it’s gonna be the left that’s wrong.


Now, a couple things here on Jesse, ladies and gentlemen. Jesse, I know you’re still there and I appreciate the call. I had to get out ’cause I was running way long in the segment, but Obama hasn’t fired anybody for what they did in any of these scandals. You might be saying Lois Lerner. No, she’s still working, just from home. Nobody’s been punished for what they did. If you don’t like the fact that liberals lie more than conservatives do, put it this way.

They’re wrong.

They may believe everything they believe. They’re dead wrong. It’s been demonstrably proven in so many things. Economically, culturally, they are wrong. But the fact remains in all of this stuff, you’ll get… What did Jesse say? He said he voted for Bush 2004 until he heard that Republicans were suppressing the black vote. This is why the Democrats lie. They have to lie to keep people on their reservation. Here’s an African-American who liked Bush, and he gave us the reasons.

He liked No Child Left Behind. He liked some of the Bush stimulus. He liked Bush’s tax cuts. But then he heard somebody say that the Republicans are suppressing the black vote. Now, the fact of the matter is, blacks run the heavily black districts in every inner city in this country. There is no way… Blacks run every district in Detroit. They run every district for the most part in New York. There are exceptions there, but whether they’re black or not, they’re ultraleftists.

There’s no way that the Republican Party can suppress the black vote in demonstrably black districts. It isn’t physically possible. How are they gonna do it? Are they gonna go in there in these districts that are run by blacks and somehow sabotage the buses? No, it’s the Democrats that did that in Milwaukee by slashing the tires. How are these Republicans suppressing the black vote? There’s no evidence for it. It’s just a lie that the Democrats tell that sticks because of other lies they’ve told before that.

The big lie is that Republicans are racists. So African-Americans hear this for 50 years, and then the Democrats come out — Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, whoever — and starts talking about Republicans suppressing the black vote? “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll show you! I voted for Bush but no more.” That’s how they do it. How do Republicans suppress the black vote? How are the Republicans stopping abortions? There aren’t any abortion clinics being shut down other than these murder factories that you can count on one hand, Kermit Gosnell and the like.

People are believing myths.

They’re easy to believe because they’ve been told for 50 years.


RUSH: I don’t want to spend a whole lot more time on this, but the idea that Republicans “suppress” the black vote. I think even Jesse undercut his own argument. He mentioned that the black turnout for Obama was greater in 2012 than 2008. What suppression of the black vote? And in case you have forgotten, in 59 Philadelphia voting districts — divisions, precincts, whatever you want to call ’em in Philadelphia — Mitt Romney got zero votes. (laughing) Zero! In 59 districts, many of them African-American.

Yet people want to talk about vote suppression.

On this business of Obama, “Well, he didn’t tell people at the IRS to do it.” The manager does not tell the pitcher to throw a brushback pitch after one of his gets beaned. The pitcher just knows to do it. Obama doesn’t have time to worry about that. Look, I’ve got people that work here at the EIB Network who do their jobs every day. I never once tell ’em what to do. They already know, and it’s identical in something as powerful as a presidential administration.

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