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RUSH: This is an AP story: “New Jersey lawmakers approved a bill Monday that would allow those in the country illegally to qualify for in-state tuition rates at state colleges and universities. Dozens of students,” or stoo-dents, as some people say, “and supporters clapped when the measure was passed Monday. If it becomes law, it would take effect in the fall semester.” So compare and contrast here. The New Jersey legislature wants to start using taxpayers’ dollars to subsidize college tuition for students who are in the country illegally.

By the way, I’ve heard people say, “Rush, you know, you need to stop using that word ‘illegal.’ It just too stigmatizing, and it’s one of the reasons why Hispanics don’t like Republicans, because they’re always talking about ‘illegals.'” (Big sigh) What would you like me to call them? Snerdley, what would be a substitute? (interruption) Undocumented? Undocumented aliens? Well, they don’t like “aliens,” either, because that connotes big-eyed monsters from Mars. (interruption)

“Undocumented wannabe citizens”? But they don’t like this illegals. “You guys keep talking about illegals, and we don’t want you to.” See, the problem is, you can’t do that. If you do, we’re losing the language. At any rate, what’s happening here is that the state of New Jersey’s gonna start using taxpayer dollars to subsidize college tuition for students who are in the country ill-alienly. Yes, “ill-alienly.”

Meanwhile, “A judge on Monday declared New Hampshire’s new scholarship program unconstitutional but allowed it to continue as long as none of the money goes to religious schools.” Isn’t that discrimination based on religion? Besides, we’re still supposed to believe a judge won’t be found to give these newly legalized “ill-aliens” government benefits and such other perks. So while all the Gang of Eight stuff is going on, the states are doing their own things to advance the cause.

By the way, folks, I should add: The Jeep Patriot has Freedom-Drive. Does that not seem fitting? The Jeep Patriot that somebody in our audience is gonna win big has something called Freedom-Drive. It is to drive for! To drive for.

“Undocumented Democrats” is what I think we need to call ’em — undocumented Democrats — because that’s what we’re talking about.

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