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RUSH: Carla in Lima, Ohio. I’m glad you waited. I really am. It’s great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Thanks, Rush. It’s a privilege. I’ve listened to you since the late eighties, and this is the second time I’ve ever been compelled to call. The reason I’m calling today, all this immigration stuff, I believe that our eye has been taken off the ball and that the Latino and Hispanic population has become the poster children for this legislation. I think it’s been designed to cloak the fact that tens of thousands of illegals from around the world, not just these Latinos and Hispanics, come from any other country and they’ll also be covered by this amnesty blanket, and we continue to overlook that one huge factor. My thought is that pre-9/11, had these people who had overstayed their visas been allowed to participate in one of these de facto amnesty programs, then the 911 hijackers, for instance, would be American citizens. And I just see a huge problem with that.

RUSH: You know what? Now, this is an interesting point, because I think you’re on to something. The sympathy being dredged up for the put-upon, victimized and all but hated Hispanics is what’s driving this. But I have to tell you, folks, Carla’s right. It doesn’t matter. I mean, these 11 million illegals, the assumption is that they’re all Hispanics, but there are people from everywhere in that group, and they enter the country from all kinds of places, not just the southern border, and they are all going to be legalized. She’s right, there is an assumption that this is all about the politics of Hispanics.

Talk to anybody. I mean, I had a knock-down, drag-out at the cigar dinner with a Republican over this, and it was all about, “You better understand, the Hispanics hate you and they’re gonna keep hating with you,” and the person I was having the knock-down, drag-out with — verbally, of course — was Hispanic. She’s exactly right. And of course there are other immigrants to this country from all over the world, who come in different ways, seeking asylum at JFK, for example. So it’s a good point.

It illustrates the highly charged political nature of this and the use of victimology and the use of minorities and how they are oppressed by this evil, mean, rotten country. And it’s an attempt to play off the guilt of people, which is created, manufactured guilt, in order for the Democrats to advance their agenda. I think it’s safe to say a good majority of the 11 million are Hispanic, but not all. She’s got a good point.

James in Ripley, Ohio, welcome, sir. Great to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush. It’s an honor and a privilege to speak to you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: Yes. The reason I was calling — well, first, before I go into why I called, I want to thank you. I’ve been listening to you since September 11th, 2001.

RUSH: Wow.

CALLER: Yeah, when the terrorist attack stuff was going on, I flipped over to an AM station, and I ain’t changed since. You’ve taught me a whole lot. I’ve always been politically aware, but I didn’t understand it, and boy, you’ve really, really helped me, and I thank you.

RUSH: I appreciate that. You always knew what you knew and believed what you believed, but you didn’t quite know why, and now you do?

CALLER: Correct. I used to watch the Sunday shows, and I’d scratch my head, and one guy makes perfect sense and the other guy’s an idiot, and yet they give the idiot all the credibility. But, anyway, you’ve helped me so much, and I can’t thank you enough.

RUSH: Thank you, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER: The reason I was calling is you predicted exactly what’s going on today probably 10 years ago, eight years ago when you said that if the Democrats ever get control again, they will make certain that the Republicans never get control again.

RUSH: I did say that.

CALLER: Yes, you did.

RUSH: That was after a particularly shocking loss for the Democrats, and they hated it. You know when it was? It was the 2002 midterms. I remember exactly, James, it was a year after you started listening. It was the 2002 midterms. Now, traditionally, the sitting party, the presidential party, loses seats in the first midterm election after a presidential election, but the Republicans won, and won big. It was after the Wellstone memorial.


RUSH: And the Democrats were fit to be tied, and I told people then, if they ever win again, they’re gonna make sure this doesn’t happen. If they ever win again, they’re gonna put in place policies to make sure they never, ever lose. Boy, you got a great memory. I had forgotten my own prediction.

CALLER: Well, I didn’t doubt you then, I don’t doubt you now, but I think what’s amazing is to the degree — the number of levels for which, you know, they go against the American people and how they got it to where —

RUSH: Let me tell you something, James. They’re using every bureaucracy in this government —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — to build the foundation for permanent one-party control. They’re using every bureaucratic agency they can. They’re using every piece of legislation. The purpose of the stimulus, now the purpose of Obamacare, purpose of amnesty: permanent Democrat majority.

CALLER: Absolutely. I don’t know what to do about it. Just hang on for the ride, I guess.

RUSH: What to do about it? Beat them. That’s what’s so frustrating about the Republicans. You know, the purpose is to beat them. But I’ll tell you what’s happened. I touched on this briefly earlier today. It was always assumed that big corporations were always going to align themselves with the more conservative of the two parties, which has always traditionally been the Republican Party, because Big Business is the essence of capitalism, they don’t want socialism, and they want no government regulation, they want government out of the way, but that has undergone a tremendous transformation. Big corporations, they did okay with Bush, but a lot of big corporations are making out like bandits under Obama.

Now, folks, I don’t want to be misunderstood. I’m a capitalist. Don’t get me wrong. But look at all the bailouts that have taken place. Part of capitalism is when something fails, it fails. When an investment doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. You can’t bail out everybody. And once you start picking people you’re bailing out, then you’ve got crony capitalism, and that ain’t good. And what we have now, you have these various bailouts, you have government funding, chosen industries which can’t make it on their own and often can’t even make it with government help. All the Solyndras, for example, and right now the electric cars. I don’t mean to harp on them, but you take your pick. Industries that can’t make it and therefore shouldn’t, the market will always tell you the truth about things. Industries that shouldn’t make it then get propped up. That is not capitalism, and it’s artificial. It isn’t real.

Winners and losers are being picked by the government and you no longer have capitalism and you longer have free markets. And now there are corporate entities who care about immigration for one reason only: cheap labor. What happens in the country, couldn’t care less. They’re citizens of the world. They’re gonna have customers wherever. So they’re not ideologically sympathetic any longer. So, folks, we have to admit here that despite all the talk about the middle class and class warfare, big government, crony capitalism, crony socialism, seems to be the objective of both parties now.

It seems to me that one of the big changes is that the Republicans want to get in on this. They want to get in on these government-private business partnerships or alignments. Like GE agrees to go all green and advance an Obama political agenda, in exchange for a bunch of federal money to do it. Why wouldn’t a CEO take it? It doesn’t cost him any of his money. He’s not paying federal income tax anyway, according to the latest news. His bottom line looks great, stockholders love him, brand-new business to explore, brand-new markets to develop, paid for by the US taxpayer. Not his own investment. So you get in bed with the party in control, you get in bed with the president, doesn’t matter if the guy’s socialist, communist, capitalist, or whatever. You get in bed with the guy who’s got the key to the Treasury and you’re off and running, and you give that guy money to get elected and reelected, that guy’s gonna take care of you.

It used to be — and I can remember the days — that big donors would give money and want ideas in exchange. They would want ideological advancement in exchange. Now, you give money to have some of it sent back to you. Or to get the government out of your way or off your back or some such thing. The Democrats have always been that way. What’s new is that the Republicans seem to be eager to get in this game.


RUSH: You want another example of the kind of corporatist behavior I’m talking about, crony socialism, crony capitalism? Obamacare. He went to the hospitals and made ’em a promise: I won’t criticize you, I won’t rip you, I won’t penalize you if you donate to the funding effort to produce and air commercials urging the passage of Obamacare. What are the hospitals gonna do? You got a community organizer calling and promising that he won’t nuke you.

Insurance companies did the same thing. So the insurance companies, to hell with whether or not Obamacare is socialist and is eventually gonna be bad for the country economically, no, no. They found a way to make money or save money by being involved with the government, and they took it. And it’s happening more and more. The difference is that there seem to be some Republicans that want to do this and get in on this now. That’s the difference, to me, anyway.

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