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RUSH: The European media is beating up our president like you can’t believe, folks. The European media is laughing at our president. The European media is drawing contrasts to the Obama that showed up there during 2008 and the Obama that’s showing up there today. And they are dumping all over our president.


RUSH: By the way, I heard that number was 6,000. I saw a picture. There was no way there were 6,000 people there. They barely had a full house for minor league hockey game. So they’ve revised the number down to 4,500 at the Obama speech at the Brandenburg Gate. I haven’t had a chance to get to it today, but the international media is really coming down hard on our president. Apparently one of the chancellors, one of the ministers, name is Osborne, and Obama kept calling him Jeffrey. In speeches, Jeffrey Osborne. Jeffrey’s a famous R&B singer. His name is George Osborne. And Obama, two or three, maybe four times, kept calling him Jeffrey Osborne. And this guy was really bugged by it. He’s admitted that he was offended by it. You got the president of the United States, who was continually repeating mispronouncing this guy’s name. Or not mispronouncing it; getting it wrong. Now, Jeffrey Osborne was a great R&B singer, but he ain’t a minister or a chancellor at the European Union. That would be George Osborne. And Obama got his name wrong.

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