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RUSH: Here’s John in Indianapolis. Hi, John. Glad you called. Great to have you.

CALLER: Hello, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: Hello, America. Awesome. Rush, I got a question for you. What do you actually predict from the overflowing toilet that we call Washington, DC? What do you actually forecast flowing down that sewer from there, and where will we be in like, oh, let’s just say seven or nine years? Because I’m a nobody from “Indianoplace,” Indiana, and I just look a myself in the mirror, and I see all these people using EBT Cards getting fatter while I get skinnier and work harder. I just look at myself and ask, “WTF?”

RUSH: I hear you, man. For 25 years I have been asking, “When’s all this stuff gonna even out? When are we gonna hit the bottom? When are we gonna reach the point where people say, ‘This is enough,’ and we start a rebound?” I’m continually surprised that we haven’t, that our decay continues apace.

CALLER: Well, one thing you forgot to mention was obviously Obama’s $100,000-plus vacation to Africa wasn’t part of the sequestration.

RUSH: Part of sequestration or not, that stuff doesn’t matter to people. People don’t care about that. Obviously they don’t.

CALLER: All right. I’m just a nobody. I just had a question for you: Where are we gonna be, in your big brain, in like a decade? Where is this country going?

RUSH: You know, I actually don’t think in those terms. I mean, I do, don’t misunderstand, but I’m not a fatalist. I still have a feeling. Honestly, folks. I can’t specify it. I just have a, I don’t know, feeling that something’s gonna happen straighten this stuff out. I’ve always thought that. I don’t know why. I don’t know what my faith is in. In the past, it’s always been in the people. I’m not trying to be Pollyannaish here.

I’ll tell you, if amnesty happens seven years from now, this is gonna be an entirely different country — politically, culturally, linguistically. It will be different in six months, if that happens. But that’s not isolated. Amnesty happens after Obamacare, and Obama’s efforts on climate change and so forth. It looks like we’re headed to one-party rule. There doesn’t seem to be any push-back the Republican Party. Push-back is coming from the American people, a portion of it.

If amnesty happens, it’s undeniable what that will bring.

We’re talking about way too many people. We’re talking about a significant number of people who will be granted a vote sooner than 13 years. You know it and I know it. Here’s a piece. Look, I’ll answer in part with this. There’s a piece by James Delingpole at the UK Telegraph: “Obama: Driving A Green Dagger Into The Heart Of The American Dream — When it comes to pinpointing the nadir of the Obama administration, future historians are going to suffer a serious case of option paralysis.

“Was it Benghazi? The NSA? His use of the IRS to harass the Tea Party?” You know, any one of these things, folks, not too long ago would have meant that the president behind them would have been in deep doo-doo, really big trouble. We have a media today which advocates for this man. And not so much… I mean, I know they advocate for the Democrat Party, but they’re advocates for and of Obama specifically. But let me continue.

“When it comes to pinpointing the nadir of the Obama administration, future historians are going to suffer a serious case of option paralysis. Was it Benghazi? The NSA? His use of the IRS to harass the Tea Party?” The idea that that has not got people just outraged, baffles me. “The various scandals involving his black ops department, the EPA? Obamacare?” What is it? There are so many things that represent the “nadir” of this regime. “Personally,” Mr. Delingpole writes in the UK Telegraph, “I think the one they will eventually plump for is Obama’s Climate Action Plan of June 25, 2013.

“The economy, after all, is everything. Without an economy you can’t afford a domestic policy, let alone a foreign policy. So you’d think the very last thing any president would do as his country began to show the first vague signs of slow — and quite possibly illusory — recovery after a long recession would be to jeopardize it with a whole new raft of utterly pointless regulation and wasteful government expenditure.

“Why it would be like seeing a man drowning and, instead of throwing him a lifeline tossing him a lead weight. But that’s just what President Obama has done with today’s Climate Action Plan whose gory details you can read here.” This Delingpole guy in the UK Telegraph can’t believe this, that this is not causing any outrage. It’s the Limbaugh Theorem, folks. People do not associate Obama with any of this. That’s it in a nutshell. He has so far escaped any accountability or responsibility for all of this.

Everybody thinks he’s still trying to fix it, and now he’s trying to save the planet! He’s a wonderful guy! But Obama’s Climate Action Plan today is throwing a lead weight to a drowning man. “It promises another $2.7 billion for ‘Actionable Climate Science’ (whatever that is) — almost all of which, we know from bitter previous experience, is going to end up in the sweaty palms of junk-science troughers in the tradition of Michael Mann and NASA’s James Hansen rather than seekers-after-truth who genuinely care about the scientific method.”


So Obama’s gonna hand out $2.7 billion people to a bunch of political activists disguised as climate scientists to further advance his political agenda. This guy, folks, really has a chip on his shoulder about this country. I don’t think there’s any denying that. Obama’s Actionable Climate Science Plan “promises to accelerate Clean Energy permitting. So that’s going to make it harder for people to oppose the ruination of their local landscape, their favorite views, their health and their sleep with all the hideous new wind factories which will now spring up — at massive taxpayer expense — on federal owned land.”

It’s stuff that just kills birds and that’s all it does, except make intolerable noise. Talk to anybody who lives near one of these windmills or windmill farms. Even the leftists who support them don’t want to be anywhere near them. “It promises to ‘expand and modernize the grid’ — as it will have to do in order to enable it to cope with all that unreliable, erratic, mega-expansive ‘renewable’ energy being pumped (or more often not pumped)…” There isn’t gonna be any energy. It’s an absolute travesty.

Delingpole thinks of all these this going on — this climate business of Obama’s — coming on top of everything else, is throwing a lead weight to a drowning man. Now, you add 11 to 46 million illegals on top all this? I don’t know. I just don’t know. It all looks like doom — unavoidable doom, I think. This guy on the phone says, “Hey, I’m just a nobody.” We all feel like nobodies! I know exactly how he feels. I know you feel the same way. I can’t tell you why, folks; I just still have this gut feeling or whatever it is. It might just be silly, blind, beauty pageant-contestant faith that this is all gonna work out.

I can’t tell you why or how.

So it’s not worth much.

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