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RUSH: Okay, folks, let me ask you: What area of disintegration of the United States do you want me to start with here today? You want me to start with the IRS scandal? You want me to start with immigration reform? You want me to start with Obama’s green initiative, which will be the final nail in the coffin of the US economy? You want me to start with the Supreme Court decisions today?

What do you want to start with?

I’ll give you some polling data to start with, and then I’ll get to the court stuff. I’d actually rather start with some polling information data. Story from The Daily Caller: “Immigration Reform Critics Flood Senate with Phone Calls.” You are overwhelming them and it is working, apparently. “Critics of the Democrat-led immigration rewrite are bombarding Senate orifices with thousands of phone calls. Advocates say that those calls are keeping numerous wayward Republican senators from joining the Democrats’ immigration bill.”

And, by the way, in a “closed-door meeting” today, John Boehner told the Republicans that the House will not bring up the Senate immigration bill. That’s in a closed-door meeting today. A National Review reporter tweeted this out that Boehner has told House Republicans the House will not bring up the Senate amnesty bill. And one of the reasons why, no question about it, is your phone calls. Now, it’s funny… Well, it’s not funny, but it’s interesting how the State-Controlled Media is not reporting this. It’s almost as if they don’t want us to know that it’s going on.

Because, after all, it might give us the crazy and dangerous idea that letting our voices be heard is working — and the last thing that the Drive-By Media wants you to know is that your opinion and your action and your phone calls are having an impact. Apparently this is one of the lessons that the Drive-Bys learned from when the push for amnesty was shot down back in 2007. It’s the same thing that happened then.

You and millions of others literally overwhelmed Washington with your telephone calls and shut it down. So they try to keep you distracted with other news (even Obama scandals) until amnesty is a done deal. But The Daily Caller’s Neil Munro is the reporter — and you might remember Neil Munro. He’s the guy that the media chased all the way to Washington Monument from the White House Rose Garden when he dared to ask the Dear Leader a question at a White House ceremony.

Imagine that, a reporter asking the president a question! He supposedly broke tradition, format, or whatever. The Drive-Bys started chasing Munro out of there and they ripped him to shreds. That’s the guy that has the details. “Critics of the Democrat-led immigration rewrite are bombarding Senate offices with thousands of phone calls, and advocates say those calls are keeping numerous wayward GOP Senators from joining the Democrats’ immigration bill.

“‘Five hundred [calls] yesterday, and right now, they’re just ringing non-stop,’ said an upset staffer at the office of Mississippi Republican Sen. Roger Wicker, who has voted on both sides of the dispute.” Five hundred calls, and that’s just to one senator. That’s probably the number that are getting through. That’s not the total number of people calling. That’s just the people getting through, and that’s just to one senator.

“Protestors have sent ‘hundreds or thousands’ of calls to Ohio Republican Sen. Robert Portman’s Republican office, a staff member told The Daily Caller. ‘That vast majority of calls today have been on that… [and] we’ve been getting calls on that for a couple of weeks,’ said a staffer working for Pennsylvania Democrat Sen. Robert Casey.”

You won’t read about this anywhere else the State-Controlled Media. And again, John Boehner, according to a National Review reporter’s tweet, told House Republicans that the House will not bring up the Senate immigration bill. Now, one of the targets for this, one of the many reasons Dingy Harry is putting the pedal to the metal on this, is the August recess.

They know that you Tea Party people go to town hall meetings, and they traditionally conduct town hall meetings during the August recess. Now, this isn’t an election year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these members actually cancel town hall meetings. But those that have them, you’re gonna be there. You’re gonna storm these things. You’re gonna let people know what-for.

Dingy Harry wanted amnesty passed in both houses before members went home so it didn’t matter what happened at the town halls. That’s just one of the many reasons why they’re putting the hurry on this. Now polling data. The Washington Examiner: “Poll: 77% of Americans Oppose Schumer-Rubio’s Welfare Benefits for Immigrants.” Seventy-seven percent!

“Majorities of Americans may tell pollsters they support the idea of giving citizenship to illegal immigrants, but a new poll from National Journal suggests that may change as they are better informed about what the immigration legislation currently being debated in Congress really does. According to the latest United Technologies/National Journal Congressional Connection Poll, 77% of Americans oppose giving government benefits, like food stamps and Medicaid, to illegal immigrants before they become citizens.

“Not only do 90% of Republicans oppose such a policy, but 65% of Democrats do as well.” Well, now, the first part of the story, “Majorities of Americans may tell pollsters they support the idea of giving citizenship…” Of course they’re gonna say that. They don’t want to be tarred and feathered. It’s the same thing with the Wilder Effect in taking a poll on Obama.

Nobody’s gonna say what they really think because they don’t want the pollster, even if it’s a phone robo-call, to think that they’re a racist. Same thing here with immigration. So the story says, “Majorities of Americans may tell pollsters they support the idea of giving citizenship to” illegals, but when they find out that they’re gonna get all kinds of welfare benefits and so forth, that changes on a dime. Seventy-seven percent.

So, folks, keep talking.

Keep talking to your neighbors. Keep talking to anybody. Keep telling people what this amnesty bill really is. Once they find out what it really is, there is dramatic opposition to it — and even without this, Obama appears to be in trouble. I don’t know what ramifications any of this is gonna have, but I still wanted to pass it on to you. “A new Fox News poll released Tuesday shows that President Obama’s troubles have only gotten worse since the cable news network’s previous poll.

“As of now, Obama is upside down by a full eight points with only 43% approving of his job performance while 51% disapprove. Last month, in this same poll, Obama was in a little better shape at 44% – 50%.” I know what you’re saying, “What does this matter, Rush? What does Obama approval-disapproval matter? I mean, he’s not gonna run for election. What does it matter?” What it indicates is a shift.

Remember, we’re only in the first year of the guy’s second term here, folks. We’re only in the first year. Obamacare has yet to be fully implemented. Amnesty is out there being debated. Well, not debated. They’re trying to ram it down everybody’s throat. Obama proposed yesterday… You know, I opened the program yesterday telling you that I had encountered people over the weekend that were telling me what a bumbling idiot they thought Obama was for the surface reasons.

“He can’t speak without the prompter!” I said, “What are you talking about? This guy, from his point of view, is the most successful president in my lifetime! This guy’s getting everything he wanted! In his first term alone, look at what he got. People on the Democrat side have been trying to get national health care for 55, 60 years; he did it. The stimulus. His objectives on the economy, shrinking it and growing government. He’s had phenomenal success, from his standpoint.”

Now, it does not mean success for the country, but it does for him. This is why, dare I remind you, I said, “I hope he fails,” and he has not failed, from his standpoint. From the standpoint of the left, from the standpoint of the Democrat Party, he has not failed. But he’s only in the first the year of the second term. This green energy thing that he proposed yesterday, depending on where you read, you can find media people thought it was no big deal, not enough.

Of course I read, as I’ve mentioned I don’t know how many times (I hate to be redundant about this, but people are new tuning in each and every day), I read the tech blogs. The tech blogs are made up of young, impressionable, elitist-type kids, and they all think that they are scientists and engineers. As such, they totally believe the “science” of global warming. Whereas you and I look at the fraud of global warming science, they have swallowed it hook, line, and sinker.

It’s fascinating. It is literally fascinating.

It’s a fascinating thing to expose yourself to, to see how these people are lassoed by the leftist power structure. They think that it’s all science. They think it’s undeniable — and, as such, many of the tech bloggers are disappointed with Obama’s green energy speech. “It doesn’t go nearly far enough!” In fact, one of the sites talks about how this thing actually does more harm than good from their perverted perspective on this. The point is that depending on where you look, you’ll find differing opinions on Obama’s green energy.

What you need to know about it is that it is a continuation of Obama’s war on the private sector and traditional sources of energy for which there are no replacements yet, for which there are no substitutes. There’s nothing to take the place of oil, yet Obama wants to get rid of it. There’s nothing to take the place of natural gas; Obama wants to get rid of it. There’s nothing. It’s crony capitalism. It’s Solyndra after Solyndra after Solyndra. It is an absolute boondoggle. It’s horrible.

But if it happens, folks, it’s a bad, bad thing for the US economy, if it happens. But it hasn’t yet. It’s just at the proposal stage. So the 2014 midterm elections loom, and they continue to gain, actually, in importance. So the Fox News poll, his approval numbers way down. He’s upside down. Only 43% approval. In the same poll, 70% want more investigations of what happened in Libya, Benghazi. They want more investigations of the IRS.

Now, the Fox poll, just so you understand, has never been a poll that has been tough on Obama. The Fox News poll has always been… It’s fairly supportive of Obama. The Fox News poll has not been in any way — either in the way it’s conducted or the way it’s reported — biased against Obama like some people on the left think. So these are important numbers. It’s a legitimately accurate poll, as it turns out, at least the way it compares with the others.

So this is big.

Seventy percent want more investigations. Washington Times: “Obama Job Approval Underwater.” Sixty-one percent of independents disapprove of Obama’s job performance. The Gallup poll has the similar numbers. So some people might say, “Well, Rush, this is too little, too late.” No, it isn’t. No, it’s not. This is just the first year of the second term, and nothing is etched in stone yet.


RUSH: One thing on Boehner and the tweet from National Review Online saying that Boehner will not bring up the Senate immigration bill. Don’t stop pounding them, folks. Remember what Senator Cruz said. Just call ’em. Keep calling your senator and your members of the House of Representatives, members of Congress. Keep calling them. We don’t know that this is actually true. It could be true now, could not be true tomorrow.

Boehner may change his mind on whether to bring it up, and it doesn’t preclude the use of the conference committee. So, you know, it’s important to keep pounding. It is working. It is having an impact. I’ll tell you, there’s another way we know it’s having impact and it’s not being reported. The Daily Caller is the only place that’s reporting it, and the reason for that is that the media doesn’t want you to know, nor do the Democrats, nor does Obama. They don’t want you to know it’s working.

There’s no question about that.

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