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RUSH: And here we are, Ladies and Gentlemen. It is the Rush Limbaugh program. Right here at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies and the EIB Network. On Friday. Yes, sir-ree.

JOHNNY DONOVAN: And now, from sunny South Florida, it’s Open Line Friday!

RUSH: Open Line Friday as opposed to Closed Line Monday Through Thursday. And all it means is that we don’t screen the callers nearly as tightly as we do Monday through Thursday. Normally, if you want to get on this program as a caller, you have to be able to speak; you have to be able to talk about something that I’m interested in. But today you could be the star witness for the prosecution in the Zimmerman case and get on this program.

Have you noticed…? It may be just me, but the Drive-Bys are not talking about the amnesty bill vote from yesterday very much. They’re not bringing this up hardly at all. I mean, the stories about it are Schumer praises Rubio, McCain says (impression), “We’re ready! We’re ready to negotiate with the House,” but there’s nothing about the achievement. There’s nothing about the vote. There’s very, very little out there. They got 68 votes for their amnesty bill in the Senate yesterday, not the 70 that they wanted.

But they’re not talking about it. I think partly here they’re trying to shield this debacle from everybody. I think they don’t want to report what’s in this bill. They don’t want people concerned with Alec Baldwin’s latest rant to know what’s in this. They don’t want people occupied, focused on Paula Deen to know what’s in this. They don’t want people who can’t believe the star witness at the Zimmerman case, the star witness in Obama’s imagined son’s trial… Well, it’s not him. That’s Trayvon Martin.

But people are focused on that. Alec Baldwin. The latest is that it was reported by some British newspaper that Alec Baldwin’s wife was tweeting smoothie recipes at the funeral for James Gandolfini. This has caused Alec Baldwin to erupt yet again. He’s threatening all kinds of… Well, some of the stuff he’s threatening is sexually threatening; it’s dangerous. He’s threatening to just do all kinds of things to this guy’s various orifices of his body, claiming his wife didn’t tweet during the Gandolfini funeral, about smoothies or anything else.

He says that they were in the church for the funeral for a good friend of theirs, and this attempt to besmirch and impugn his wife is not going to go by uncommented on. So Baldwin is off on just another out-of-control tirade, which means he’ll pick up another corporate sponsorship. Paula Deen. Paula Deen said the N-word 30 years ago, and has probably cried 15 buckets of tears about it all week long. She was on the Today Show, and then she’s not on the Today Show, and then Matt Lauer interviews her.

Matt Lauer went out and played golf at Deepdale after interviewing her about using the N-word 30 years ago, whenever she used it. But the low-information crowd is totally absorbed with this. But Obama’s imagined son’s star witness is getting cable coverage, and is said to be misunderstood. There’s a piece at a website called Global Grind by a young African-American woman by the name of Christina Coleman: “Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel.” And then there’s a companion piece: “Why White People Don’t” understand Rachel Jeantel. (laughing)

Folks, if you’re harboring any hope that this country is ever going to come together and be unified, you can throw it out. You can literally forget it. I got it right here: “Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel,” and another piece, “Why White People Don’t.” It’s basically that white people are never going to understand. It centers around the fact that the lawyer, Dan West, couldn’t believe she didn’t call the cops. This piece says (summarized), “What you white people don’t understand is we don’t call the cops in black neighborhoods.

“What do you think happens if we call the cops? They take us away! We don’t call the cops. It makes total sense to us watching her. It makes total sense that she can’t speak English or read it or write it. You people don’t care about the education of African-Americans. You people don’t care.” I mean, it’s amazing. The white people not understanding, that’s in Salon.com, not in a specialized African-American website. That’s at Salon.com. Basically the thrust of the two pieces is, “You white people, you’re so backwards!

You’ve just such a bunch of crackers. You’re just such a bunch of crazy-ass crackers. You honkies are so backwards and so stupid and so white, Wonder Bread white. You don’t know beans about anything.” (interruption) Well, the “white Hispanics,” there’s only one, and that’s Zimmerman. There’s only one “white Hispanic” in the country and he’s on trial for murder. Another witness today… I think it was a prosecution witness, but maybe not. Maybe it was a defense witness.

Anyway, they just totally, totally undermined the prosecution today in this trial. Again, if the jury… By the way, I shouldn’t do this, but the jury is six people and five of them are white, and that equals… (interruption) Six of them are white? Okay. “White Hispanic”? Okay. So we have a second “white Hispanic” in America and he’s on the jury. So let’s just call it six white people. After this yesterday, if this verdict…? I don’t have to tell you. (snorts) Aw, man. Anyway, all this is about the media not talking about the amnesty bill.

They’re really not. They’re talking about all of the ancillaries to it, but they’re not talking about it. They’re not in the business of informing the public anymore. This is about advancing the Obama agenda — and in order to advance the Obama agenda, you cover it up. You hide it. Now, folks, you know that I am a big Apple aficionado but you also know I say, “Buy what you want.” I don’t ever tell anybody what they have to do. I just tell you what I like; I share my passions. I got a note today from a friend of mine who is…

This is fascinating. This guy is as well versed in politics; he understands media bias. He understands the bias that takes place in polling. He understands instinctively everything about politics. So he send me a note that he’s upset at the latest ad that Apple is running on TV. It’s basically a bunch of people using Apple products, and the ad features touchy-feely kind of texts and audio and it ends up “designed in California.” That’s their signature, blah, blah, blah, blah.

This guy sends me a note, “Don’t these people at Apple…?” Oh, and part of the story was that there’s a survey that the American people hate that ad, that that ad is probably going to be pulled pretty soon, this latest Apple ad. “It’s rated really low down there. Only 26% of people who have seen the ad like it.” So this guy sends me the note saying, “Why do these people at Apple do this? Do they understand we don’t care about California? Why can’t they say, ‘Made in America’?” I said, “Do you understand…?”

I was very patient. This is a teachable moment here, folks. This ad that Apple is running… Whether you’ve seen it or not, I don’t care. There is a story. It’s all over the tech media. It’s all over the advertising media, all over the advertising community. “This ad is not liked at all by the American consumer!” Do you know who did the survey? The advertising agency for Samsung, Apple’s chief rival. Apple’s chief rival — Ace Metrix is the advertising company; they do all of Samsung’s advertising and marketing.

They’re the ones reporting that nobody likes the Apple commercial. They’re trying to get the commercial pulled because it’s probably very effective. It takes me three emails to explain to this guy! I said, “Do you understand the correlation to American politics? Look at you! You’re not skeptical at all about what you see in tech media. You see a story; nobody likes the Apple ad? You don’t care who ran the poll.” I’m not being critical. Finally, I was able to get through. But even then, I don’t I actually fully did.

Here you have Apple’s number one rival reporting — and none of the tech media is reporting that it’s Samsung’s agency that did the survey that shows most Americans hate the Apple ad. Now, Apple, like everybody at top, doesn’t say anything. They don’t respond to this stuff. They just keep doing what they do, which is in their minds to build the best stuff which speaks for itself. Apple fans, by the way, wish they would speak out against it. They never do. They never do refute any of this stuff.

They let their products do the talking. Anyway, so I said do you understand the correlation here? You instinctively understand that a poll done by the Washington Post that is bad for Romney (snorts) may be on purpose may be on purpose because they’re trying to effect public opinion, not report it. They’re trying to change and create public opinion against Romney. So it was a great illustration. I said, “This is the way low-information people see political news.

“Just like you don’t know the full details of the story on the Apple ad, you just totally believed it. You believe everything you read and you got mad at Apple. Well, imagine low-information Americans dealing with politics that way. They’re not skeptical of any of it! They’re not skeptical of the Drive-Bys. They believe everything in the Drive-Bys that they see. So what the Samsung advertising agency is trying to do to Apple has been done to the Republican Party and its “advertising agency,” so to speak.

I actually think… I had somebody tell me yesterday that they think so little is making sense in the Republican Party these days. That story that we had yesterday about Steve Schmidt, the McCain campaign guy, and a couple of others joining with the AC(freaking)LU to help spread gay marriage to the states for the benefit of the Republican Party? A friend said, “If I didn’t know better, in addition to the libs — in addition to infiltrating the schools and the universities and Hollywood and music — have also infiltrated the Republican Party.

“We’ve got a bunch of people in the Republican Party that who are acting like liberals! We’ve got a lot of people in the Republican Party actively undermining it. They calling themselves Republicans. They sometimes even call themselves conservatives,” and I said wait a minute. That’s a serious charge,” and then I said, “It’s the seriousness of the charge that matters! The evidence is irrelevant.” So you’ve got people thinking that, because so little of what the Republican Party is doing makes sense.

You go back to 2009. I’ve got a story of Marco Rubio just ripping Reagan or for amnesty when Rubio was campaigning, when Rubio was trying to establish himself with the conservatives. Now he’s done a 180 on this. Nobody can understand it! But he’s so loved and adored, nobody wants to criticize him. That’s just one example. There are Republicans — well, there are people who call themselves Republicans — who are advocating things that common sense tells you is going to really harm this party. And logically…

I sometimes wish I weren’t as logical as I am and I wish I weren’t as smart as I am, because I’d be happy. There’s this ignorance in bliss thing. There’s got to be something to it. Anyway, a lot of it is just not making any sense. Because it looks like there are people in the Republican Party actively, purposely trying to harm it while saying that they’re trying to save it, that they’re trying to get it into the 21st Century, that trying to modernize it. So now we’ve got to do amnesty. We’ve gotta do amnesty to make the Hispanics love us.

Now we’ve got this big movement, the Republican Party on the “right side” of the marriage issue so that the gays don’t hate us. What it’s doing is driving the primary base of the Republican Party voters away from it. And then you add to it we’ve got Democrats advising these Republicans, “You know, you guys had better get right on immigration or you’re never going to win the presidency,” as though they want us to? I’m sorry to keep making a big deal of this, folks.

I’m sorry. I just don’t believe that any Democrat really cares about us winning the presidency, and therefore is really willing to offer us advise on how to do it. I think what the Democrats want is for the Republican Party to never, ever again be a viable opponent — and it looks like they’re effecting that, making that happen. Anyway, sorry. A lot of tangents in there, and now a brief timeout. We’ll come back. You know, I shook a lot of things out there. We’ll organize it, synthesize it, when we get back. We haven’t talked about the Aaron Hernandez. We’ll do that. Aaron Hernandez and the gang mentality of the NFL. But it wasn’t me saying that.

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