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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. It was this morning on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends. Geraldo Rivera was the guest, and they were talking about the case and the arrest of the former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Steve Doocy, said, “You know this guy had a $40 million contract.”

RIVERA: The gang banging. He’s got the gang tattoos all over him. It wasn’t even in the heat of passion. It wasn’t a beef over a girlfriend. What it was is, ‘You have offended my macho pride. Now I’m going to, y’know, uh, do this kind of, uh, jungle ethos. I’m gonna to hunt you down; I’m gonna kill you. How dare you disrespect me?” I mean, so many, uh, youngsters from the, uh, inner city, from the ghetto go down that road where meaningless deaths, uh, just pile up, like in Chicago with this whole gang thing.

RUSH: So there’s Geraldo Rivera claiming that the gang mentality exists in the National Football League, the “jungle ethos.” “You don’t dis me, dude! I’m going to kill you just for looking at me the wrong way.” Geraldo: “He’s got the gang tattoos all over him. It wasn’t even in the heat of passion. It wasn’t a beef over a girlfriend,” but this was just because he got dissed. Geraldo then continued…

RIVERA: I don’t know why the league who recruits these kids from the inner city, how they don’t have minders, how the agents who are collecting 10% of $40 million… Where are they in all of this? Why aren’t they mentoring these young men who are fatherless, many of them — Ray Lewis and all of the rest. Michael Vick. Uh, you can count them. There’s a ton of them. They sign them because they’re superb athletes and doing nothing to preserve their character and put them on the right road.

RUSH: Holy cow! It’s almost like he’s saying that the NFL is a contest between the Crips and the Bloods! It’s almost like Geraldo is saying the gang culture has taken over the NFL. And he’s probably not going to get in any trouble for that.


RUSH: I want to go back to Geraldo here. After basically saying that what Aaron Hernandez did, he did because he’s got the gang mentality. He’s a gang guy. He’s got all the tattoos! He’s a Blood and a gang member in Bristol, Connecticut. He has the “jungle ethos.” Let me try to describe the NFL that way. But Geraldo is the stamp of approval of the American left so he can say these things.

Then he said he doesn’t know why the league doesn’t provide “minders,” why the agents don’t mentor these young men who are “fatherless.” Why don’t the owners provide mentors? What, are the teams now supposed to become fathers? Are businesses supposed to become fathers in addition to evening else they have to do as employers. “Why aren’t they mentoring these young men who are fatherless, many of them? Ray Lewis! Why isn’t Michael Vick?”

Geraldo, would you want either of those two guys mentoring your kids? Anyway, folks, all we’ve got here is the Aaron Hernandez story. We don’t know anything yet beyond alleged and here’s Geraldo basically saying that the NFL looks like the Crips and the Bloods. Gang ethos, “jungle ethos.” “You dissed me! You dissed me!” I remember when I said sometimes the NFL looked like that to me, I was ripped across the whole country for race-baiting or bigotry and all of that stuff.

Geraldo, probably nobody would even pay any attention, had I not amplified it for you.


RUSH: Let’s move on to the audio sound bites.

This is on SportsCenter this morning on ESPN2. The Aaron Hernandez arrest and possible gang ties are being discussed, and here is Bristol County, Massachusetts, Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

HODGSON: Our gang intelligence unit has already interviewed him once, they’re gonna be dealing with him again. And obviously the concern around that is, if in fact there were any affiliations with gang members or currently, we have to make sure when we place him in a unit that there aren’t issues around rival gang members. ‘Cause we have a lot of gang people who are housed here. So that could create a security concern for us, for anyone who has rival issues.

RUSH: Holy cow, folks! So now they’re investigating his gang ties to figure out where to put him in prison. Because there are a lot of rival gangs in there and they can’t put him in the population with the wrong gang or they might have a riot, another murder, mayhem, who knows what? This guy is a star player in the National Football League, a star player for the New England Patriots. This has the potential to blow the lid open on the NFL and gangs and the whole concept.

I’ll never forget this. The former coach at University of Tennessee, a man by the name of Phillip Fulmer. There was an ESPN announcer guy, a Ron Radio-type guy, a “puker.” When they were doing Tennessee games, he’d always pronounce his name, “Phillip Fulmeeey!” Anyway, the University of Tennessee had about half the team arrested one year and Phillip Fulmer said, “For the life of me, I can’t understand why young men with just one of the greatest futures in store for them to would come here and get involved in criminal activity like this,” and I was blown away that the coach couldn’t understand why. I’m still blown away by it. Fulmer is a good coach, too. Don’t misunderstand. It’s just… I don’t know.


RUSH: Okay. Here it is: Aaron Hernandez grew up in Bristol, Connecticut, where he was a member of a gang there known as ESPN. He lives in Bristol County, Massachusetts, which is where North Attleboro is. Okay. So there’s two Bristols.

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