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RUSH: Give me line one. We’re gonna go to the phones. I just was gonna mention this — and if I mention this, I’m gonna make the caller mad because the caller wants to mention it. So I may as well let the caller do it. It’s Tom in Anderson, South Carolina. Tom, great to have you. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Good listening to you. Rush, the man wants to shut down our coal plants, our coal digging, everything. But yet he unveiled Sunday a $7 billion paid for US taxpayer money to power Africa for hydro-wind solar power. It just doesn’t makes sense. I mean, we can’t even open up the White House to the kids, but we can spend $7 billion on taxpayer money in Africa.

RUSH: Yeah, you are so right about this. Here are the details. Obama, as you know, is in Africa on a new $60 million to $100 million vacation. Well, he’s actually has some official business as well. Now, while he was in Kenya, he did two things. The first thing he did in Kenya… Well, I don’t know if chronologically. But one of the two things he did in Kenya was to give them a speech about how they need to “modernize” and accept gay marriage. Now, obviously that speech was intended for US domestic consumption.

The idea was to keep gay campaign money pouring in. So he goes to Kenya, makes a speech there designed to be heard in America, “Wow! Look, man! Our president, he’s really great. He’s going around the world now selling gay marriage. This is really our guy. Okay, we gotta keep funding this guy.” But he nevertheless he did it in Kenya. He tried to sell ’em on getting with it and legalizing gay marriage. The deputy president of Kenya is named William Ruto, and William Ruto yesterday urged Obama to essentially be quiet.

“Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday urged US leader Barack Obama to respect Kenyans’ culture, saying they would not abandon their traditions that condemn same-sex marriages.” What a bigot this guy must be, this Ruto guy! What an enemy of civilization this guy must be! Somebody needs to tell Justice Kennedy about this guy. Somebody needs to tell Anthony Kennedy about William Ruto because he’s anti-human, he’s a bigot.

“The Deputy President said Kenya was ready to work with other ‘sovereign and God-fearing’ nations, adding that the government would continue to foster these relations. ‘No one should have any worry about KenyaÂ’s stand as a God-fearing nation. President Obama is a powerful man but we trust in God as it is written in the Bible that cursed is the man who puts trust in another man.'”


You know, if President Bush or even Mitt Romney had gotten that kind of slap down from a foreign leader, it’d be the biggest story of the week. But this story is being ignored by the Drive-By Media. Obama goes over there and tells these people to modernize and get with it and legalize gay marriage, and the Kenyans say, “Screw you, buddy! We believe in God, we believe in the Bible, not you!”

To which Obama says (impression), “Well, I thought I was God — and in my country, I’m the Bible.” Now, folks, this is a major, major slap-down. This is a sub-Saharan African country. Obama’s family is there. His brother still lives in a hut there. Yes, he does. The brother still lives in a six-by-nine-foot hut. I’m not gonna go through that again but nothing’s changed. Twenty bucks would change this guy’s life! He’s still living in a hut.

Anyway, the deputy president of Kenya told Obama to pound sand. Now, if any foreign leader had said anything like this to George W. Bush or to Mitt Romney, that’s all we would be hearing about. But this was especially devastating because this man said, “You know what, Mr. President? You can do whatever you want, you’re powerful in your country, but we are going to continue to stand as a God-fearing nation. We trust in God, as it’s written in the Bible. Thank you, take it somewhere else.”

The second thing Obama did — this is what Tom in Anderson, South Carolina was calling about — is Kenya is one of the six sub-Saharan African countries that Obama is giving $7 billion to help them boost their electricity. Oh, yeah. Obama’s declared war on electricity in our country. By virtue of declaring war on coal, he has declared war on electricity. If Obama succeeds, all you electric car buyers out there, you need to really stop and think about this.

If this man succeeds in his war on coal, you’re not gonna have anywhere near cheap electricity to recharge your car battery. I don’t know whether you electric car people know it or not, but you are totally dependent on coal. And Obama’s launched an all-out war on coal. But he’s giving Africa money for electricity, $7 billion! So he must hate ’em. He must want them to die of CO2 emissions.

He must not really care about global warming. Well, he’s giving they happen $7 billion to get an electricity grid up and running, and electricity’s killing the planet! Coal-fired electricity is destroying the climate, and yet Obama wants these guys to do it. Obama also announced, when talking about the $7 billion for electricity, that “the US wants to help Africa without interfering like colonial powers did in the past,” except when it’s a matter of gay rights or women’s rights or abortion.

And then, to heck with it! He’s gonna act like a colonial power and he’s gonna try to impose what he wants on them. So while he’s over there “suggesting,” quote/unquote that they legalize gay marriage and handing out $7 billion for electricity, he’s telling them that he’s not gonna act like an old colonial power. You’ve gotta love this deputy president of Kenya, William Ruto, basically saying to the president of the United States, “Respect our culture, please, and stop imposing yours on us.”

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