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RUSH: I want to play you some sound bites, something that just happened in the last half hour on the Fox News Channel with Megyn Kelly. It’s America Live and Megyn Kelly was talking to syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin. They were talking about Alec Baldwin and the recent tweets to a reporter using homophobic spurs. Baldwin either beats up reporters or threatened to beat them up or whatever, and every time it happens, I remind everybody that he never loses. He never loses a corporate sponsor, never loses an endorsement. This guy can go out, beat up reporters, mutter profanity, shout profanities, insult gays all he wants, and he gets nothing but promoted.

So they were talking about that today on Fox.

MALKIN: He gets a pass for any number of reasons, I think, and one is, you know, being part of the Hollywood establishment. Hilary Rosen, who herself engaged in some rather distasteful hate speech against Ann Romney during this campaign, apparently has been a childhood friend of Alec Baldwin’s and was another one of these left-wingers who rushed to his side and said, “Well, he’s given a lot of money to charity and he’s actually a really good guy, so never mind all of his rude public, boorish behavior. Give the guy a pass.”

RUSH: Megyn Kelly came back, and I think this may be the first time this has ever been heard on any network, including Fox.

KELLY: You know who else has given a lot of money to charity is Rush Limbaugh, millions and millions of dollars. But, you know, his charitable past didn’t seem to soften anybody’s assessment of him.

MALKIN: It’s a great point. And here is the main difference between Rush Limbaugh’s political speech versus Alec Baldwin’s: Rush Limbaugh’s always trying to make a political point, an ideological point. He’s arguing on public policy grounds, and sometimes he does it in very entertaining ways, or he pushes the edge, but it is never the kind of just completely un-tethered hate speech and physical threats that Alec Baldwin has been responsible over the years.

RUSH: I want to thank those two women, Michelle Malkin and Megyn Kelly. You just don’t hear that. You never hear that anywhere in the media. Of course, I never talk about it. It wouldn’t be appropriate. So I thank them.

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