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RUSH: Dingy Harry: “This is not over with.” Dingy Harry, the Senate majority leader, on Sunday asked for the Department of Justice to prosecute Zimmerman. “I think the Justice Department is going to be looking at this,” Dingy Harry said on Meet the Press. “This isn’t over with and I think that’s good. That’s our system, it’s gotten better, not worse.” MoveOn.org and the NAALCP are also pushing Holder to look into civil rights charges against Zimmerman.

Now, I may be a little confused on this.

Remember the Rodney King case out in LA, when the cops were found not guilty by a jury of beating Rodney King? All kinds of pressure was brought to bear on George H. W. Bush, and the result was that the Department of Justice went out there and filed civil rights violations charges against the cops. Now, that was understandable because the cops represent an arm of government. It isn’t really double jeopardy if the DOJ does it.

A lot will claim, “Hey, wait a minute! The guy was acquitted. He was acquitted in state court. The Feds could take their turn at it, but I’m not sure that civil rights works in this case. I’m gonna have to double-check this because Zimmerman was not a government employee of any kind, so they can’t say that the government violated the civil rights of Trayvon Martin — and you’ve got the jury’s acquittal here.

So I don’t know that the DOJ… I mean, look, it’s a politicized deal. They can do anything they want. I’m talking about within the realm of genuine legal circumstance. With a normal administration, with a normal set of circumstances, the DOJ doesn’t have a case. But we’re not talking about normal here. We’re talking about the Obama administration, and it politicizes virtually everything.

If they want to go for it, they will. They’ll just make a case. Don’t forget, my opinion here at the top of the first hour of the program was that I really don’t think that all this is so much about Trayvon Martin personally as it is the left just ticked off they didn’t get their way on something. I mean, they’re winning everything. They’re getting everything they want, in time, and that has not become something that is just expected. It’s almost habitual.

When something interrupts them getting what they want, they’re used to being able to demand that a judge or some government official just do it, whatever it is that they want. They didn’t get what they want here.


RUSH: We’re gonna start with Chris in Charleston, South Carolina. Great to have you on the program. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I feel that if we are going to have a national discussion about the Trayvon Martin case, set race aside, because I don’t feel that it’s part of it. It is, “What is going on within the teen and young adult culture that could make Trayvon Martin feel that jumping on someone and beating them up Mixed Martial Arts style is an appropriate reaction, rather than just clearly saying, ‘Hey, I’m staying in this neighborhood,’ or using his own cell phone to call the police and say, ‘Someone’s bothering me’?”

It’s almost like teens and young adults, it’s their default is to become violent.

RUSH: Yeah, but why would that be?

CALLER: That’s what I want to know. If we’re gonna have a national —

RUSH: Well, I can’t tell you that ’cause I’m a white guy and I’m not allowed to say.

CALLER: Right. Oh, me either, then.

RUSH: No, I can answer that question for you.

CALLER: Please do.

RUSH: But I can’t ’cause I’m white.

CALLER: Then I feel like we’re in a stalemate. I totally understand. I’m on board with you. This is an effort to set the narrative to advance liberalism, but until either liberals who are in a position —

RUSH: No, that’s not your question. That’s not your question, as I understand it. Your question is, “Why, when this conversation started, did it start as a fight?”

CALLER: Yeah, it obviously had to start as a fight. Why is that? That’s what we need to be talking about.

RUSH: Well, the answer is crystal clear, but I can’t tell you. Do you think you know the answer to your own question?

CALLER: Well, I feel there are lots of reasons. I feel that it probably starts in the home. I feel that teens… When I was a teenager, when I’m 17, if an adult in his thirties —

RUSH: Let me ask you a question.

CALLER: — asked me what I was doing, I would have said, “Oh, I’m just visiting here, sir.”

RUSH: When you were a teenager, who were your idols and role models? When you were a teenager, who did you want to meet? Who did you want to be like? Who would you want to grow up and be?

CALLER: Well, gosh, I mean, to be honest the person I wanted to be most proud of me was my mother. I mean, maybe I always thought to myself, “If I do this, would this be okay with her?”

RUSH: Okay, we’re gonna assume your mother was a virtuous person then.

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: All right. But outside your family, who did you want to be seen as? Who did you want to be like? Who did you think was cooler than hell? You wanted to grow up and be them.

CALLER: Gosh, I mean, you know —

RUSH: There’s no wrong answer. It’s not a trick here.

CALLER: You know, to me, I thought I might like to grow up to be in the military or I would be, like, a fireman. When I was a teen or young teen I was thinking those things, those sorts of people in a position both of authority but also with respect.

RUSH: Can you understand that some people want to grow up and be “gangsta” thug rappers?

CALLER: Well, more than ever. Yeah.

RUSH: Okay. Now, wait.

CALLER: I’m scared by that.

RUSH: Can you understand that some people want to grow up and be cops?


RUSH: Can you understand some people want to grow up and be great athletes?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Okay. So your question: Why do certain people want to grow up and be thugs?

CALLER: Right. What is so…? That’s right. What is so attractive about the thug culture that it has drawn in so many teens and young adults?

RUSH: Well, I can give you a partial answer to that.

CALLER: Well, it seems like it’s lauded. I mean, the president hangs out with Jay-Z. I mean, maybe that’s part of it. It’s sort of not looked down upon?

RUSH: Well, that’s a factor. There’s no doubt that the president lauding and associating with people seen like that is a factor. But a lot of kids, when they’re teenagers, want to grow up and be professional athletes.


RUSH: A lot of people’s heroes and role models, when they’re growing up, are athletes. What I find fascinating in American culture today is that a lot of athletes want to be thug gangsta rappers. They want to hang with them, they want to be able to do that. And on the other hand, the gangsta thug rappers want to be athletes. So we’ve got two distinct cultures who envy each other now.

CALLER: And then in the middle, you have someone who could also be admired like Tim Tebow who is denigrated in the media because, what? He’s too polite? He gets trashed.

RUSH: That’s an excellent point. Here you have a young man that appears to be the epitome of virtue, and he’s made fun of, ridiculed, laughed at, and some would say drummed out of the National Football League, because of that. And then, on the other hand, you’ve got people who’ve got so many kids they don’t even know their names. Well, now, I don’t think this is what he meant, Holder.

He said, “We need to have a more honest conversation about race.” Now, he doesn’t really mean that, ’cause that’s what we’re doing here. This is not what he wants. This is not the kind of conversation Holder wants. But now you’ve got arguably the number one… Is Jay-Z considered a gangsta rapper, Mr. Snerdley? He’s just a rapper. Yeah, but he’s making inroads into professional sports as an agent and so forth.

Biggest thing on the block. So these cultures are missing and so forth. In this case, you think George Zimmerman thought that he might have been dealing with somebody who wanted to be a rapper or whatever, and what that might mean to him, and therefore might pose a threat or be dangerous? Who knows? But it’s clear that in certain elements of our society, those people have become role models and heroes that other people hope to be like or hope to be.


RUSH: Okay, Eric Holder, looks like… Yeah. I got it here. Grab sound bite 24. Hang on. Cigar here. All right. Holder did show up and made remarks at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority National Convention. It’s a sorority of African-American women. It’s their 100-year anniversary. So Holder shows up and everybody was waiting with bated breath hoping that they would hear that the Department of Justice was going to put George Zimmerman in jail.

Here’s what Holder said…

HOLDER: The Justice Department shares your concern. I share your concern.

SORORITY: (applause)

HOLDER: And as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter.

SORORITY: (applause)

RUSH: All right. They’ve “opened an investigation,” which can mean anything, and he could be saying this just to keep everybody at bay. An investigation. This is the bunch, the Justice Department, that tried to criminalize the interrogators at Guantanamo Bay who had, under a previous Justice Department, been approved in the way they questioned the prisoners. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the 9/11 hijackers, the way they were questioned, had been approved. It was documented approved, legal.

This Department of Justice came along and threatened to prosecute ’em.

American citizens, who had successfully gleaned information from the 9/11 hijackers about the operation — how they did it, how they planned it, everything about it — got targeted. Eric Holder opened an investigation into those interrogators for the express purpose of putting them in jail. So he told the women at the Delta Stigma Theta Sorority National Convention, “The Justice Department shares your concern. I share your concern. And as we first acknowledged last spring, we have opened an investigation into this matter.”

They opened the investigation last spring.

They haven’t done anything new yet.

They just want people to think that they have.


RUSH: Programs like the one today depress me and they infuriate me at the same time. It’s a combination of both, ’cause I hate seeing what is happening to our country — and it’s manufactured. All these emotions that are being ginned up by the media, by the left, are the same thing: The Democrat Party, Democrats, leftists, liberals.

Don’t call ’em “progressives,” either, and don’t let them get away with calling themselves “progressives.” You know, they don’t like the term “liberal” because it works in defining them. They do not like it. The American people do not want “liberals.” That’s why I get so frustrated that they can’t see that more people are liberal, because the American people don’t want liberalism.

John McWhorter had a piece here in the New York Times, “The Dreaded P-Word — It’s no surprise that in recent years some on the left have embraced the term ‘progressive’ as a substitute for ‘liberal.’ The right has so demonized ‘the L-word’ that during a Democratic debate in 2007, Hillary Clinton, asked by a voter whether she was a liberal, said that she preferred to identify herself as — of course — a ‘modern progressive.'”

Of course.

They don’t want to be called liberal.

Don’t call them “progressives.” You talk about a misnomer! They are not progressive. They are not advancing anything. The change that they are advocating is disastrous, and you see it. We’re living it.

You know, if the Department of Justice wants to investigate something, you know what they should investigate? They should investigate the state attorney that started this whole process. They should investigate the legal justice system that made this into the circus that it is, if they were really serious about it. Professor Dershowitz at Harvard, in fact, “is calling for a federal investigation into civil rights violations stemming from the George Zimmerman case — but he says the probe should focus on prosecutorial misconduct rather than on allegations of racial profiling and bias.”

And that, by the way, is another thing. The left has begun to talk about “profiling” here, not racism. They’re accusing Zimmerman of “profiling” Trayvon — and that, of course, is a no-no. Nobody likes profiling because it’s judgmental, and in many cases prejudicial. So profiling would be, “See? A young, 17-year-old black guy in a hood! That equals ‘criminal.'” That’s profiling; you can’t do it. “Profiling” equals the charge of racism, but they’ve beat that to death, in a sense.

It still works, but it doesn’t carry the magic. It’s not the automatic that it used to be. So they’re searching, on the left, for a new way of making the same charge with the same impact that “racism” or “racist” used to have. But it’s like anything. They’ve gone to the well with it so much and so often for so many years that people’s emotional reservoirs are empty. It’s gotten to the point where whenever Al Sharpton opens his mouth and calls somebody a racist, people say, “Oh, yeah, yeah.

“Another one now? Another one? You see another one? Where? Where? Point out this one.” People no longer take it as seriously as they used to, and “profiling” is an attempt to have the impact that the charge of racism or racist once had. Don’t misunderstand: Racism as a charge is not dead. But it’s not the automatic lightning rod it used to be, so they’re using “profiling.” You notice, if you pay close attention, that you’re hearing “profiling” much more often, particularly in this case.

The problem with profiling is that it works, and that’s why they want to stamp it out. It’s why they want to get rid of it. But, look, this whole thing… I’ll tell you, folks, there’s no reason for this country to be at war with itself, and if the left stopped starting fires and stoking them, we wouldn’t be at war with ourselves. But they take an event where there isn’t any racism and they start bellyaching and moaning and whining about it often enough — they even doctor 911 tapes — and, voila!

People think you’ve got a racial incident. In the meantime, real racial incidents end up being ignored. We have two examples of it just today, horrendous examples of black-on-white crime that are just ignored. It shows up in local media and that’s it. Nobody goes any further with it, and nobody tries to extrapolate. It’s just reported for what it is, but it’s not said to be “representative” of anything.

This Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin thing was a bunch of nothing compared to the what they tried to make it. Dershowitz’s point is, there was reasonable doubt from the get-go. There was a reason the cops didn’t charge Zimmerman. There wasn’t any evidence. There was reasonable doubt from the get-go. This case should have never been brought, and Dershowitz calls the state attorney in this case (Angela Corey is her name) “a prosecutorial tyrant.”

That’s Dershowitz who is, if anything, a liberal, but he’s a devotee of the law. He claims that if anybody’s rights were violated here, it was Zimmerman’s by the judicial system. This is not to discount what happened to Trayvon Martin, but in dealing with it, the left went hog wild. On top of this, they want to dump 11 million additional citizens into this mix? This isn’t a melting pot in this country anymore.

You know what was meant by “melting pot” was everybody came here and ended up assimilating into a singular American culture, which there is. But it’s been Balkanized now. I have been using that term for years to describe the lack of assimilation, and not just among immigrants. You know what the Democrat Party has done to the black population in this country is disappointing. It’s sad. It’s infuriating. They have literally, under the guise of compassion, destroyed the black family.

The whole notion of genealogy, family tree and all that in the black population, when you’ve got — what’s the number? — 73% of all births in the black community outside of marriage and so forth, and the single-parent families? It’s not good. And then to add insult to injury, all of this ends up being blamed on Republicans, when the architects of this clearly have been, and are, the Democrat Party and liberalism.

This country is at war with itself now, and on purpose. Most people don’t want to hate their neighbor. Most people don’t want to even dislike anybody. It’s the whole Rodney King thing: “Can’t we all just get along?” Everybody wants to do that. Nobody wants to live constantly in stress, with high tension, fear, and all that. Nobody. There’s a political movement that sponsors that, that promotes it, that creates it, and they fuel it.

They’re the Democrats of this country, the Democrat Party — the American left, to be more accurate. The “progressives,” as they call themselves. On top of what’s happening now, all of this strife, now we want to dump 11 million more into this, when there’s no effort or desire or attempt for those people to assimilate and adopt this distinctive American culture? This whole notion of American exceptionalism, it was what it was because the people made this country great.

It’s always been the people that make this country great. It’s always been the freedom that’s allowed people to pursue their dreams in this country. Most people around the world, their dreams are just that. In this country, the dream can become reality. But for more and more people, it’s no different living here than in their country of origin. They trade the geography, but the boundaries and the misery stays the same.

That’s because the Democrat Party needs a permanent underclass of underachievers — undereducated, low-information, ideally dependent on government — so they keep voting for Democrats. To hell with what that means or does to our culture or society or country at large. They don’t care! As long as it enables them to stay in power and in charge of the money, that’s all that matters to them. Which is fine and dandy, but then to have all of the problems dumped on people that have nothing to do with it?

We sit around and we literally watch people’s emotions being fanned and flamed and stirred up, where there aren’t any. And then when an honest and truthful assessment is found to explain all this, here come more charges of bigotry, racism, and “profiling” now, whatever it is. Because the left simply will not tolerate any opposition. And now, more and more, they will not tolerate not getting their way, which is really what this is about.

They want you to think that they care about Trayvon Martin as though he were their own son. They couldn’t care less. Trayvon Martin, this whole thing is an opportunity. “Never let a crisis go to waste” type of thing. It’s an opportunity for these forces of division to ratchet it up even more. Trayvon Martin is an example of them supposedly getting screwed, getting shafted. They didn’t get their way — which, to them, is a sign that the country is still screwed up.

Despite the fact that they’ve been getting their way on practically everything they want since Obama was elected! They’re just a bunch of spoiled brats who didn’t get their way in this case. They’ve gotten gay marriage. They think they’re gonna get gun control. They’ve got the government running health care now (although that’s gonna implode). Everything they end up getting and wanting is destructive, because it never works.

A couple of audio sound bites. I want you to hear Mark O’Mara. I’ll tell you, these defense lawyers… The guy named West on Saturday night, the bald-headed defense lawyer? When this guy got to the microphone, this guy did not hold back. (Was his name Don West?) I mean, this guy was firing both barrels. He called this whole thing a travesty, a miscarriage. He said it should never have happened. He didn’t hold back. He didn’t care about political correctness or anything.

He just fired both barrels.

Now, Mark O’Mara, the defense lawyer, admitted that before he took the case he thought Zimmerman was a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, all these things, because that’s what he had seen in the media. That’s a learned defense lawyer, not some low-information schlub. He’s a member of the bar. Now, many of the trial lawyers out there are abject leftists, but this guy’s in the defense. He’s not the plaintiff’s bar. He’s a defense lawyer. He admitted that he thought Zimmerman was all these horrible, rotten things. And then he got to know him, and found out everything he’d been told was true, was bogus.

So Saturday night, after the verdict came in, O’Mara said a lot of things, but we have here just a half a minute of something I want you to hear.

O’MARA: Two systems went against George Zimmerman that he can’t understand: You guys, the media. He was like a patient on an operating table where mad scientists were committing experiments on him and he had no anesthesia. He didn’t know why he was turned into this monster. But quite honestly, you guys had a lot to do with it. You just did, because you took a story that was fed to you and you ran with it, and you ran right over him. And that was horrid to him.

RUSH: He wasn’t even a human being to them. He was an opportunity. He was just “a pawn in the game of life,” like Mongo in Blazing Saddles. He was just a nonentity. He was a pudgy kid that they could concoct stories about. He said like Frankenstein, they could make him anything they wanted: A “white Hispanic,” racist thug. And they did. And they didn’t care whose lives they destroy when they did this. They don’t give a rat’s rectum whose lives they destroy.

In fact, they might even relish it. My friend Andy McCarthy was on Fox News. Question: “The Justice Department doesn’t bring cases that it cannot win. The question here is you have the president of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, saying that he might have some people on the record who will say that George Zimmerman, in fact, was racist and profiled people in that area before. Would that give you a chance to re-look at this case?”

MCCARTHY: There’s no federal connection here. If it’s possible, there’s even less evidence of a federal jurisdictional nexus than there was evidence that he had the state of mind to commit depraved indifference murder which is what he was charged with and what the jury rejected down in Florida. There is no evidence, after all the searching, that racism played into what happened in this altercation at all. If it’s possible, a federal case here would be even more frivolous than the state case was.

RUSH: Exactly.

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