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RUSH: Folks, I need to warn you of something. This is the last time you will hear Rachel Jeantel speak this way. She will not repeat this. The next time… If there is one. The next time that Rachel appears on TV, she won’t say this this way again. Steps will be taken to ensure that she doesn’t say this this way again. (interruption) Oh, that won’t be hard. That won’t be hard. Snerdley said, “How are they gonna control what comes out of her?” That won’t be hard. Fear, any number of things. It won’t be hard.

Here’s Fred in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Hi, Fred. Great to have you up first on the program today. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. I just had a couple of questions for you. One: Okay, is it against the law to walk from the store to your parents’ house at night in the rain?


CALLER: It’s not, right? Okay. Second: All right, if somebody approaching you had not identified themselves or what — what — you know, they were, what would you do?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know ’til it happens.


RUSH: You’re asking me a bunch of hypotheticals. I don’t know what I would do.

CALLER: Okay. Those two things out of the way. I been listening to your show, by the way. But yesterday you said, “Well, uh, Trayvon this, Trayvon that. He smoked marijuana. He did all this stuff. He got in trouble in school,” stuff like that. Did George Zimmerman know all that when he approached this young man, the 16-year old —

RUSH: No! You know, I —

CALLER: — 16-years-and-21-day-old man? He did not know anything about that.

RUSH: Fred, I’m gonna be very honest with you here: People like you are a problem. Everything I said yesterday is a fact, and you’re taking it out of the context. I don’t know the way you hear things. You might have heard it out of context. Everything I said yesterday was a fact. I was sharing with you, in fact, not even my opinion. It was the opinion of a man named Robert Stacy McCain of what happened to Trayvon when he was down at the high school in Florida.

It was how, if they had punished him properly, this all might nota happened. Everybody has their opinions on this. I shared with you one man’s, and he detailed the problems that Trayvon had gotten into. I didn’t utter those problems as justification for Zimmerman to do what he did! I didn’t get anywhere near there. You just heard it that way because that’s what you thought I was doing. I didn’t do anything but utter facts. I didn’t do anything today but utter facts.

Zimmerman was a member of the Neighborhood Watch.

That’s what Neighborhood Watch people do!

This neighborhood had experienced a lot of robberies. They’re barely holding on to what they’ve got. Zimmerman was out trying to do whatever he could to make sure there weren’t any more robberies. Pure and simple. You can get mad at me because I’m pointing things out, but you’re just getting mad at fact, and you’re making extrapolations or interpretations that I didn’t make nor intend. I’m not trying to distract anybody. I’m the mayor of Realville — and what I mean by that is, I live in the world of reality.

The truth is all I care about.

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